Class 1 2014-16 Archive

Week beginning 25.7.16

I can’t believe this year has almost come to an end. Thank you so much for your support throughout the year and I would like to wish you all a wonderful Summer holiday.

We finished the year with a super Urmstons Got Talent show on Monday. Well done to the Year 2’s in Class 1 who took part. You were all amazing and I felt so proud of you all!

























On Tuesday 26th July, all our school went into the playground for a picnic! Everyone had their own picnic bag with their lunch inside and sat on a picnic rug with their friends. I heard some children exclaiming “It’s the best day ever!” and “This is better than disco!” What a wonderful way to finish the year!

























Week beginning 18.7.16

What an unbelievably warm week we have enjoyed! The children have all coped so well in the heat. It made a real change to have sports day on a dry day! The rocket lollies were very welcome after sports day and you can see  the children counting down from 10 and then ‘blast off’!








Whilst the Year 2 children were busy practising for Urmston’s Got Talent, the Year 1 children enjoyed some maths games.

Looking forward to seeing some of the Year 2 parents at the show on Monday.






































Week beginning 11.7.16

Our Year 2 children have had a super exciting week as they showed off their violin skills to their families on Tuesday and attended an amazing concert on Thursday at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester! The children enjoyed singing, listening and playing along to different styles of music. Their playing and behaviour were excellent and I felt so proud of all the Y2 children in Class 1.




























We sadly said ‘goodbye’ to Miss  Broad, our student teacher, who has been on placement with us since March. We wish her the very best of luck in her future teaching career!

Looking forward to seeing you at Sports Day on Thursday. Fingers crossed for a dry day!









Week beginning 27.6.16

We had another fun start to our week on Monday when we decorated African masks. We used special paints to decorate a mask with patterns using dots. You will hopefully get to see them very soon!!??





















We have continued learning to tell the time in some of our Maths lessons. Please continue to help your child at home too!















In our English work, we have been writing our own poems linked to the different fruits in Handa’s Surprise. To help our poetry writing, we touched,  smelled and tasted the fruits to gather some useful adjectives for describing them.





















Week beginning 20.6.16

What a fun start we had to our week when Peter came in to teach the children some African drumming! All the children had big smiles on their faces as they played drums and a variety of African instruments to different beats.



































Class 1 also had a fun PE lesson with Premier Sport on Wednesday. The children enjoyed playing games with a partner and as part of the whole class.














Week beginning 14.6.16

Class 1 Y2 Summer 2 2016

C1 Y1 Summer 2 2016

Welcome back to our last half-term in Class 1! I hope you enjoyed the holiday!

Even though we have only had four days in school, we have been very busy! The Year 1 children have been enjoying lots of phonic activities including games. Year 2 children have worked on writing their own ending to a story and have also improved and edited their own writing. In Maths, Year 1 children have worked on addition and subtraction, trying to work out answers mentally. The Year 2 children have developed their skills in multiplication and division.

Year 1 children are now enjoying some football sessions with a coach from Manchester United on a Thursday morning.


















Week beginning 16.5.16

Our Year 2 children have been working really hard during the last couple of weeks. Well done to you all!

The Year One children have enjoyed some Maths games to help consolidate their learning of number bonds to 10 and 20.














At lunchtimes if you pop into Class 1, you will usually see some Guided Reading taking place. We enjoy sharing a book together in our groups and then discussing it!














Week beginning 9.5.16

In Science this week, the Year 2 children have been considering different conditions needed for plant growth. This has included plants with/without water, with/without soil and plants grown in the light or dark. They had plenty to talk about!








In Year One Science, the children have learned the names of some common garden birds and have also labelled different parts of a bird such as wings, claws and beak. The children used their previous week’s homework to share the different birds they had found out about.















In English, we were all very excited to write a story about who might have flown into our classroom leaving a trail of footprints which led around the classroom and through the open window! We thought about the character and built a story plan. Finally, on Friday, we wrote some super stories!















Week beginning 2.5.16

Even though we have had a shorter week in school, lots of learning has been taking place! In Maths, the children have been solving different problems using words like ‘find the difference between ‘ and ‘how many more……?’ Working with Miss Broad, the children played a ‘pass the parcel’ game and each layer of paper contained a maths problem! Everyone was keen to have a turn!





















Some of the Year 2 children had a turn at working in the Friendship Garden with Mrs Jones; they were busy planting, tidying and discovering!






















Week beginning 25.4.16

Farm Day!

30 ‘Farmers’ arrived in school on Wednesday morning, all excited to meet the animals from our visiting farm! They were not disappointed; goats, sheep, hens, ducks and 2 alpacas were to be seen in our playground!

Farmer David gave Harvey a chance to hold a duck and take it to round for everyone to stroke!




















Albert the alpaca came to meet us and Zena got chance to take him for a walk!








Farmer David put some dry food on Sam’s hat for Albert to nibble!

Everyone got chance to touch the animals and stroke them gently! We even saw a newly laid egg!


































Week beginning 18.4.16

We have had another lovely week at school! The sun shone as we sang our songs and read a poem to our Grandparents! Thank you if you were able to visit and we hope you enjoyed your afternoon.


We have been creating some Spring flower collages this week.


























week beginning 11.4.16

Welcome back after the Easter holidays! We have already started the Summer term with a busy week. We have been painting Spring flowers, learning about Baptism and making amounts of money in our Maths work.


















































Week beginning 14.3.16

Thank you to everyone who attended our Parent Conferences during the last 2 weeks. It was lovely to share your child’s achievements and targets with you!

This week we welcomed Miss Broad to Class 1. Miss Broad is on a student Teacher placement with us from Chester University until July.









In our History work this week, Y2 children researched the Royal Family Tree and everyone had a go at drawing their own family tree.




























The Year One children joined the other Year One children for a practice for the ukulele concert next week. You are in for a treat if you can attend!
















Week beginning 7th March 2016

In our Maths lessons this week, Year one children have used a game with dice and multilink cubes to help them find half of a number.















In English lessons, we have enjoyed reading stories and poems with some rhyming words. We also wrote a book review together about a story called ‘Room on the Broom’ by Julia Donaldson. The following day, we wrote our own book review about another book by Julia Donaldson; ‘The Smartest Giant in Town.’






















World Book Day

The children looked absolutely amazing dressed as their favourite book characters this morning. Thank you for putting together their costumes!

In class, they looked at some new comic books and designed their own comics on the laptops. You might notice the wonderful new classroom furniture we have. The Year 1 children have purple tables and chairs  and the Year 2 children have pistachio green!  We feel very lucky!













































Week beginning 26.2.16

In our Science work this week, the Year 2 children looked around the playgarden as we used the local environment to find habitats for plants and animals. There was great excitement when we spotted a nest in the tree!






















The Year One children continue to enjoy their ukulele lessons and are practising for their concert in a couple of weeks!





















Week beginning 1.2.16

What a lucky teacher I have been this week! I was able to accompany the Year 2 children from our class with Class 2 and Class 3 on Tuesday to the Lowry Gallery at Salford Quays. Then on Friday, I accompanied our Year 1 children with Class 4 and Class 5! Both visits were super! The children were so interested to see Lowry’s paintings and you can see the concentration on their faces in the photos as they attempted to sketch some of his work. We looked across through huge glass windows to Media City and the children drew some of the modern buildings.

I was very proud when a member of the public commented on the delightful children and their excellent behaviour!

A huge thank you to Mums and Dads who gave up their time to help supervise the children at the Gallery. Your help was really appreciated!











































































Week beginning 25.1.16

Year 1 children enjoyed an extra afternoon of phonic activities in the hall this week. Two representatives from Explore Learning provided some entertaining phonic games which encouraged the children to work as a team.















In our Maths lessons this week we have thought about position and direction. We used the hall to move forwards, backward, right and left. We talked about clockwise and anti-clockwise. Year 2 children also learned the compass points, North, South, East and West. We are very much looking forward to our visits to the Lowry Gallery next week to see the paintings and sketches by L.S Lowry.















Week beginning 18.1.16

I have been so proud of all our class this week! Everyone showed our special visitor to school how well we follow our Golden Rules; we are caring, sharing, polite, kind and honest. Well done, Class 1!

In our English lessons, we thought about what we might see, hear and touch if we walked in a wood like Little Red Riding Hood. We drafted our sentences on whiteboards and then tried to improve our writing.






















Week beginning 11.1.16

Our Year One children began their ukulele lessons this week. They learned how to hold their instruments and have already learned the names of the strings! The children are hoping to bring home their ukuleles next week. Year Two children will hopefully have exciting news about learning an instrument in the Summer Term.















In our English lessons, we are learning about traditional stories and fairy tales. We began by thinking how many different stories we know. We ended the week by using some puppets to act out some of the different stories.


































Week beginning 4.1.16

Happy New Year and welcome back everyone! I hope you enjoyed the Christmas break and enjoyed some family time.

The children wrote a ‘thank you’ letter for a present they received which they have brought home for you to send or give if you would like to.

We have been very busy learning new things already this week. We began our History/ Art topic by looking at some paintings by L.S.Lowry and finding out about the famous artist. The children are very keen to find out more!



























The Year One children were busy finding out which material would make the best rain hat for a toy dog! We used words like waterproof and absorbent. The children carried out an experiment to test their ideas. Then we looked at some of the children’s coats and talked about why some of the materials have been used for their coats.






















Week beginning 14.12.15

What an exciting week we have enjoyed in Class 1 this week! The Year 2 children enjoyed a visit to the panto at Stockport Plaza on Monday and the Year 1 children are looking forward to their turn next year!

Before enjoying our Christmas Dinner on Tuesday, we  learned about Tim Peake, the first British astronaut to blast  off to the International Space Station. He has a special dried Christmas Dinner to eat on Christmas Day! I wonder if he has Christmas tree shaped ice-cream like we did?
















On Thursday, we enjoyed a super party with food and games in the classroom and hall and even a visit from Father Christmas!



































Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy 2016!


Week beginning 7.12.15

As well as performing our wonderful play this week, we also tried to help Father Christmas who had got into a muddle! We helped him weigh different parcels so he could balance his sleigh carefully! We helped him sort envelopes whilst making pairs of numbers to 10 and 20 and even helped him find the longest and shortest envelopes to fit in his sack!

Thank you for coming to watch our Christmas play this week! I was so proud of the children for taking part and singing/acting/playing instruments/speaking! Well done, everyone!



















Week beginning 30.11.15

Whilst the Year Two children were busy investigating  materials which could be stretched and twisted, the Year One children were making homes from different materials for The Three Little Pigs. The children worked in their group to see who could build the strongest house and there were some really interesting ideas! We especially enjoyed testing which house could stand up to the “huff and puff!” (from a hairdryer!) The Year 2 children helped to explain how we could make it a fair test.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our Christmas Play next week! Hope you can make it!





















Week beginning 23.11.15

Thank you to Year Two parents who attended our Year Two Information evening this week. I hope you enjoyed looking round your child’s classroom and found the evening informative and interesting!

We have had a real ‘working together’ week!  In Premier Sport, the children worked in a group to think of different ways to balance a ball. I was very impressed by their ideas!


































In our Geography work, the children thought about different jobs that there might be in Struay. They worked in their groups to produce a thought shower.






















Our Golden Time activity on Friday afternoon was ‘jigsaws’. It was lovely to see the children still working together to complete their jigsaws!








Week beginning 16.11.15

Thank you to everyone who attended our Year One Parents Information evening this week. I think you especially enjoyed a look around your child’s classroom! I look forward to welcoming parents of Year Two children at our Year Two Information evening on Thursday 26th November.

In Maths this week, we have been learning about capacity using practical equipment in our water tray. The Year 2 children have been measuring using millilitres and litres whilst the Year 1 children have been measuring how many cups of water will fill different sized containers.








In English, we have enjoyed some stories about Katie Morag and her life on the Isle of Struay. The children enjoyed developing their speaking and listening skills by taking on the character of Katie Morag and answering questions from their classmates.






















Week beginning 9.11.15

Our Year 2 children held a special Remembrance Assembly for the rest of the school on Wednesday, 11th November this week. They shared some interesting facts about why we wear poppies and some children read their own thoughts about why we remember this date every year.














In our English lessons, we have  been learning how to make a singular word plural by adding ‘s’, or ‘es’  to a word. As you can see, everyone was taking an active part in learning and sharing their answers on individual whiteboards.















Week beginning 2.11.15

Welcome back to school and I hope you enjoyed the half term break. We have got off to a flying start and have enjoyed a very creative week! Linked to Bonfire Night, the children enjoyed making sounds using a variety of instruments to represent  different fireworks.  In Art, we drew bonfires and fireworks using pastel crayons on black paper and also painted some imaginative firework pictures.(We even managed to get out the glitter!)

In English, we read some poems and wrote our own verse using the structure of the poem to help us. Then we shared our work with the class.

We have also been learning to tell the time and have started our new Science topic finding out about different materials around us.  In Geography, we looked at a map of the U.K. and found Scotland and the Isle of Coll. We will continue this work over the next few weeks as we learn about Katie Morag and her life on an island.  Phew!!! What a busy week!








































Week beginning 19.10.15

It’s hard to believe that we have reached the end of our first half term already! It’s been a busy few weeks as the children have become used to their new classes. Well done and thank you, Class 1!  I hope you enjoy a well-deserved half term break!

This week we enjoyed watching our friends in Reception and Nursery take part in their Harvest Festival. We enjoyed performing our Harvest Festival to the grown ups of our Year 2 children. Our theme this year was giving thanks for our food and especially for water. It was a great opportunity for the children to practice their speaking and listening skills and perform in front of an audience.

We had an exciting end to our week as we enjoyed a sponsored bouncy castle in the playground to raise money for school funds. Thank you to everyone who sent in a donation.





















Week beginning 12.10.15

Thank you to everyone who attended our second Parent Conference evening this week. It was a pleasure to meet everyone.

In our Maths work this week, the Year 2 children tasted a variety of different fruit juices and then we discussed different ways to record  information. We made tally charts and block charts and answered questions about our data.

Reverend Smith from Greenfield Church visited us this week to give an interesting assembly about the importance of water and rain to our health and well being. The assembly certainly made us think how lucky we are!















Week Beginning 5.10.15

It was lovely to meet many of you on the first evening of our Parent Conferences this week! Thank you for attending!

We really enjoyed looking at some old toys this week! The children have been quite fascinated and have had so much fun playing with some old wooden toys. A big thank you also to everyone who has sent in old toys or has asked older family members and friends about the toys they used to play with. Not an I-pad or Playstation in sight!

We had an exciting visit from a real life author as well this week. Tom Percival talked to everyone and read his new book to the children. We even got to make up a new adventure story with the help of Tom’s interactive screen!

The Year 2 children were also busy following instructions to make some old fashioned peg dolls. We followed instructions and used scraps of material and pipe cleaners to make the dolls. They are now displayed in our classroom Toy Museum!
































Week Beginning 28.9.15

What a busy Science week we have had! Whilst the Year One children were using their sense of smell to identify different fragrances, the Year 2 children enjoyed a visit from Mrs Varga, a vet. She talked to the children about looking after different pets and raised their awareness of what pets need to survive! The Year One children also worked with Mrs Jones in our Friendship Garden this week and were busy sweeping and tidying! They looked at some of the plants which have grown and were thrilled to find some tomatoes! Mrs Jones has also very kindly given us a bird table to attract birds (and I expect the squirrels!) outside our classroom window!



Week Beginning 21.9.15

In our History work this week, the Year 2 children considered the question ‘ Is the I-pad more fun than Grandma and Grandad’s old toys?’ and wrote their own ideas about this! The Year 1 children looked at some photographs of toys children used to play with and toys they play with now and sorted them. I think they were surprised that some toys fit into both groups!

We are all practising our sentence writing, remembering to start a sentence with a capital letter and end with a full stop. The children wrote some super sentences about Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story! Well done, Class 1!IMG_1264[1]

Week beginning 14.9.15

As part of our Science work learning about ourselves, the Year One children named different parts of our bodies. We added labels to a picture of Woody from Toy Story!


For Golden time this week, we enjoyed bringing in our own toys! Well done everyone for staying on the sunshine.

Week beginning 7.9.15

A big welcome to all of the families with children who have started in Class 1! We have been busy getting to know our new friends in the class. We have enjoyed playing circle games in the hall and have been excited to use our brand new climbing wall and stage in the playground!







Week beginning 13.7.15

Our Year 2 children have had a busy week! On Tuesday, they showed their amazing musical talents in a violin concert for their families in the school hall. On Wednesday, they played their violins alongside hundreds of other children from Trafford schools at Event City. The children were also excited to hear the full orchestra of Manchester Camerata  play and  were enthralled to listen to the different instruments! IMG_1079[1]IMG_1073[1]  IMG_1066[1]           IMG_1065[1]

Back in the classroom, the Year 1 children shared their homework thinking about what they had especially enjoyed in Year 1 and what they are looking forward to in Year 2! It was a real treat to be reminded of many of the lessons we have enjoyed this year including learning about Christopher Columbus, Paddington Bear and Science Week!   IMG_1080[1]


Week beginning 6.7.15

This week we said’ goodbye and good luck’ to Miss Laverty who leaves us after her PGCE placement from Chester University. We made her a card and gave her a present! We wish her well for her future teaching career and I know we are going to miss her!


Week beginning 29.6.15

It’s hard to believe we’ve come to the end of another busy week! We were especially looking forward to Friday this week as our Golden Time was Computing! The children were so excited to get the I-pads out and enjoyed choosing their own program!    IMG_1002[1]IMG_1010[1]IMG_1011[1]IMG_1014[1]I would also like to say a huge ‘Thank you’ to all the Mums, Dads, Grandmas, brothers, sisters and Aunties who visited our classroom on Open Day. It was lovely to welcome you all and the children were so proud to show you round! I hope you enjoyed the Art exhibition in the hall and were impressed by our Dancing Daisies and Alluring Alliums! 


Week beginning 22.6.15

One of our Maths lessons was taken outside this week as we thought about directions. The children moved right, left, forwards and backwards. Then we moved North, East , South and West. We taught the children ‘Never Eat Shredded Wheat’ to help them remember which order the directions are in! However, one of the children taught us ‘Never Ever Support Wigan!’ I won’t reveal who said that!!

IMG_0993[1] IMG_0997[1]

Week beginning 15.6.15

Premier Sports are now taking our PE lessons on a Monday morning for the next few weeks and we had our first dance lesson in the playground today. The children had to move like different animals by themselves and then working with a partner. Finally, the children came up with a routine which was set to music! I think we have some super dancers in the making! IMG_0907[1]



Week beginning 9.6.15

On most days, the children get chance to change their shared reading books themselves. They can choose from a wide range of fiction and non fiction books which are available in the classroom. The children enjoy a quiet few minutes choosing and reading a book of their choice!

IMG_0795[1]    IMG_0800[1]

Week beginning 11.5.15

The children enjoyed a visit from a ‘wizard‘ (aka Miss Laverty!) in our classroom this week! To help the children learn about capacity, they made magic potions from frogs’ breath and  bats blood! They measured and listened carefully, making sure Miss Laverty didn’t need to turn anyone into a frog!


Some of the Year 2 children have already started exploring and researching  Dinosaurs in our Dinosaur Den! Where did that T Rex come from? IMG_0794[1]               IMG_0788[1]

Week beginning 4.5.15

Despite having a shorter week in school this week, we have still been very busy! The Year 2 are learning how to hold and pluck the strings on their violins. I hope they have been showing off their skills at home! IMG_0701[1]    IMG_0704[1]

We have all been learning how to make different amounts of money using coins in our Maths work this week.       IMG_0694[1]

Week beginning 27.4.15

Following on from our Science week last week, we still had some learning to do! Thomas and Emily made a log pile in the playgarden for any visiting minibeasts! In the classroom, through Guided Reading, the Y2 children learned about the life cycle of a dragonfly.  They then sequenced pictures to show the life cycle and added their own captions. The Y1 children learned about the life cycle of a butterfly through the story of The Hungry Caterpillar and used information books to find out more! They ordered pictures and added their own information.

IMG_0649 IMG_0647[1] IMG_0644[1]


We have had such a super first week back after the Easter break! The children have really enjoyed their Science week and the beautiful sunshine made all our outdoor work such fun! If you look in our playgarden now, you might see bird feeders, bee hotels, log piles and ladybird homes all made by recycling many of the materials you sent in from home. We also did lots of research in the classroom using the computers and books. Ask your child to tell you what they made!

IMG_0603[1] IMG_0612[1]

IMG_0623[1] IMG_0625[1]




What a lovely Easter bonnet parade we had today in the sunshine!! Thank you for all the lovely hats you helped the children to make; all of Class 1 looked amazing in their Easter hats! .



Our Year 2 children enjoyed a dance session too with some visiting dance teachers. I wonder if your child can show you any of the moves they learned?



Class 1 have been doing lots of exciting work in our Computing lessons. Year 1 have been using Tux Paint to create illustrations for Jack and the Beanstalk. Year 2 have been using Picasa to edit photographs that they took on the iPads.



We all enjoyed having a turn on the bouncy castle in our playground this week. Lots of fun and raising money for our school fund too! Thank you for your generous donations.


The children in Class 1 worked hard to make their Mothers Day cards and purses! I hope you enjoyed receiving your card and gift on Sunday! Thank you for sending in jogging bottoms for our PE lessons. We had our first outdoor lesson on Wednesday and enjoyed having the extra space to play team-building games. 


Week beginning 3.3.15

We have enjoyed planting bean and pumpkin seeds this week. Lets hope they grow! IMG_0438[1]IMG_0441[1]IMG_0444[1]IMG_0447[1]We had a wonderful day dressed as our favourite book characters on World Book Day. Thank you for all your support in sending the children dressed as so many different characters! IMG_0450[1]IMG_0454[1]IMG_0455[1]IMG_0457[1]IMG_0461[1]27.2.15 What an exciting visit we had from the RNLI! We learned such a lot about beach safety whilst having fun and all joining in! IMG_0426[1]IMG_0429[1]IMG_0430[1]Year One children enjoyed collecting a variety of leaves and twigs in the playgarden to begin our new Science topic on plants.