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Welcome to Class 1’s page. My name is Mrs Wormald and I hope you enjoy reading about some of the exciting things we do in our class. 0661

Monday 8th May

Today we enjoyed a special Judo assembly. We watched the boys and girls take part in Judo

style activities. Enjoy the photos below!

IMG_1532 IMG_1534 IMG_1535 IMG_1542














week beginning 18.4.17

Welcome back to Urmston Primary School! A very exciting week in our school’s history!

We began our first day as our new school with a celebration breakfast in our classroom. Miss Bee and Hayley Cutts ( a news reporter for BBC Newsround) brought round our breakfast of pastries and a drink. We then joined the whole of our new school for an assembly outside in the sunshine!

IMG_0790[1] IMG_0791[1] IMG_0795[1] IMG_0797[1] IMG_0798[1] IMG_0799[1] IMG_0800[1] IMG_0805[1]














































We followed this by pretending to be News Reporters ourselves, reporting on the new Primary School in Urmston. Year 1 children worked with a partner and pretended to interview a child from Urmston Primary School whilst the Year 2 children wrote a report for a newspaper.

IMG_0824[1] IMG_0825[1] IMG_0827[1] IMG_0828[1] IMG_0829[1]





























week beginning 3.4.17

Despite beginning a short week, it has been very busy! We have made some Easter plate chicks using our threading and sewing skills as well as enjoying our Easter Hat Parade and singing some Spring songs in the playground. If you were able to attend, I’m sure you will agree what a super parade it was! Thank you so much for the lovely hat creations; the children looked amazing!

As the Spring Term has come to an end, so too has Urmston Infant School as our amalgamation with the Junior School takes place and we return as Urmston Primary School. We are looking forward excitedly  to the new opportunities ahead! To celebrate the end of an era, the children enjoyed a picnic lunch in the playground. Picnic blankets, balloons and jelly and ice-cream made it a very special lunch time!

Enjoy the Easter break and thank you for all your support; it is much appreciated!

IMG_0754[1] IMG_0757[1]



























week beginning 27th March

Thank you everyone for supporting your child with their ‘show and tell’ as all of Class 1 have now had a turn. We have had such interesting talks to listen to! The children have voted unanimously to have another turn during the Summer term so watch out for a date in bookbags!

If you were able to attend the Year1 ukulele concert, I hope you will agree what a super concert it was ! The children enjoyed sharing some of the songs with actions and their ukulele pieces they had practised during the last few weeks. Well done, Year 1’s!

Premier sport lessons this half term have been based around the children watching a short film clip and then working together in a group to share ideas and put together a sequence of dance movements. We are getting better at working in a group!





















week beginning 20.3.17

In Science this week, Y1 children sorted animals into wild and not wild animals.  It led to some interesting discussion! Y2  children researched dinosaurs and shared some of their information with the Y1 children.

In English, the class enjoyed finding out about animals which live in hot countries and used headings and subheadings to write down their facts.

In Maths, Y2 children have been looking at word problems using multiplication and division. Y1 children have worked practically to explore number bonds and subtraction.

Thank you for supporting Red Nose Day in school on Friday. We shared our jokes in the classroom and started the day with a few smiles! In our Good News Assembly on Friday afternoon, some jokes were shared with the whole school. What a fun assembly!


IMG_0704[1] IMG_0705[1] IMG_0707[1] IMG_0711[1] IMG_0712[1] IMG_0714[1] IMG_0716[1]







































week beginning 13.3.17

This week we welcomed Miss Sidyot to Class 1. She is on a 12 week teaching placement from Manchester Metropolitan University and has already been teaching the children!








In our Maths lessons at the start of the week, we have been learning about capacity. Y2 children have learned about litres and have been measuring  more than and less than a litre and more than and less than half a litre and a quarter of a litre. Y1 children have been estimating and measuring which of several containers holds the most and the least. We then worked on data collection and made a pictogram of our favourite playtime fruit out in the playground. (apples are our favourite, closely followed by bananas!) Back in the classroom, Y1 children then made their own pictogram to show this information and Y2 children created a block graph.

IMG_0690[1] IMG_0692[1] IMG_0693[1]


















week beginning 6.3.17

Thank you to everyone who attended our Parent Conferences during the last couple of weeks. I hope you found our meeting useful! As always, you are welcome to have a chat with me if you have any concerns.

As part of our Geography work finding about animals in hot and cold countries, this week the children enjoyed researching using maps and atlases. The Y1 children worked in groups of 2’s and 3’s and created their own thought showers showing ‘Animals in hot countries.’ Y2 children were discovering the names of the continents and oceans. Everybody was very busy!

IMG_0653[1] IMG_0655[1] IMG_0656[1] IMG_0659[1] IMG_0660[1] IMG_0662[1] IMG_0665[1] IMG_0669[1]














































On Friday, the children helped each other with their spellings of frequently used words.  One person had to be the ‘teacher’ and  other children in the group wrote down the word. Everyone enjoyed being ‘the teacher!’

IMG_0681[1] IMG_0683[1] IMG_0684[1] IMG_0686[1] IMG_0687[1]





























week beginning 27.2.17

What an exciting week we have had in Class 1! On Tuesday (Pancake Day) we decorated pancakes with fruit faces and then enjoyed eating them! We had happy faces, sad faces and some animal faces too! Then we wrote instructions, remembering the steps we followed to make them.

IMG_0533[1] IMG_0550[1] IMG_0542[1] IMG_0551[1] IMG_0552[1] IMG_0553[1]



































In our Maths lessons, the Year 1 children have been learning about place value (tens and units). We used some different practical resources to help introduce the children to this topic.

IMG_0567[1] IMG_0568[1] IMG_0569[1]


















On World Book Day, we celebrated the wonderful world of books! We had a parade, shared some of our favourite stories and heard stories from some of the Junior children and Mrs Knights, a governor. Thank you for all your hard work in ensuring your child had a great costume to wear. Here we are in front of the newly decorated screens in the hall showing off our great costumes! Class 1 decorated the screen showing ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’ and Matilda even came dressed as Plop the baby owl!

IMG_0641[1] IMG_0643[1] IMG_0645[1] IMG_0646[1]
























week beginning 6.2.17 Its not very often we come to school in our pyjamas but this week we did! On Wednesday, we enjoyed a day full of story-telling activities! We made up stories, told stories we knew and listened to stories! It was especially lovely to welcome some of the Junior children who read some stories to our class. Jackson and Isabelle were thrilled to see their older brother and sister! IMG_0388[1] IMG_0392[1] IMG_0398[1] IMG_0414[1] IMG_0415[1] IMG_0421[1] IMG_0416[1]








































Our PE lesson with Premier Sport ended with the children putting together a routine using some of the different gymnastic skills they had learned during this half term Well done, everyone! Have a lovely half term break and a rest! IMG_0385[1] IMG_0384[1]












week beginning 30.1.17 Thank you so much for supporting our ‘bouncy castle’ sponsored bounce! The children had such a fun time! IMG_0282[1] IMG_0283[1]













As part of our maths work this week, we have been learning to tell the time. Here are some photos of us enjoying some ‘telling the time’ games.IMG_0345[1] IMG_0340[1] IMG_0330[1] IMG_0306[1] IMG_0305[1] IMG_0303[1] IMG_0285[1]








































Our ‘Fire of London’ artwork is taking shape!  The empty boxes you sent in have been turned into houses from the time of the Great Fire! Y2 children have  also enjoyed their artwork. IMG_0299[1] IMG_0300[1] IMG_0313[1] IMG_0327[1] IMG_0328[1]




























week beginning 23.1.17 Some of our Year 2 children have shared their ‘Show and Tells’ with great enthusiasm so a big thank you for preparing a talk at home and remembering them on the correct day! Year 1 children will start after the half term holiday so watch out for a letter in bookbags! Everyone in our class enjoyed Golden Time with their own toys this week as a reward for good behaviour. It’s lovely to watch the children sharing their toys with other children! Well done, Class 1! IMG_0256[1] IMG_0257[1] IMG_0261[1] IMG_0262[1] IMG_0263[1] IMG_0264[1]

































week beginning 16.1.17 The Year 1 children have enjoyed listening to and discussing traditional stories this  week. We talked about characters, the setting and what happens in the stories. Today we finished our week with our English lesson in the hall. The  children worked in small groups and our Year 2 children read different traditional stories and the Year 1 children acted out the stories with puppets! IMG_0225[1] IMG_0228[1] IMG_0230[1] IMG_0233[1] IMG_0234[1]                                                                     In Maths, the Year 1 children have been adding 3 numbers. They used different activities to practise their skills! Year 2 children have counted in multiples of 5 and 10 and have been adding and subtracting on a number line. IMG_0223[1]               IMG_0224[1]               IMG_0221[1]               week beginning 9.1.17 In our Science lesson this week, the Year 2 children enjoyed constructing a ‘school building’ from different materials. They worked in groups of 3 and had to think about walls, roofs and corners. Next week, we will test the buildings to see if they can withstand wind and rain!! Year 1 children really enjoyed their first lesson learning to play the ukulele. They learned how to hold the ukulele and the names of the different parts of the instrument. Miss Shipway even showed them how to ‘strum!’ Hopefully, the children will be able to bring their ukuleles home next week to practice! In Maths, Year 1 children were finding 1 more and 1 less than a number and 10 more and 10 less than a number. Year 2 children learned 2 new symbols (< and >) and were using them to find smaller than and greater than a number. They were also learning to round a number to the nearest 10. IMG_0195[1] IMG_0193[1] IMG_0181[1] IMG_0196[1] IMG_0197[1]                                                         week beginning 5.1.17 Happy New Year! Welcome back to school and I hope you enjoyed a lovely Christmas break with your families. We have already had a busy couple of days in school and have all painted a winter picture for our classroom. The children should have brought home a thank you letter which they wrote to a family member on Friday. Please keep them at home and send/give them to your relative if you wish! I will be shortly sending home a newsletter outlining our curriculum for the new half term but can tell you that in History we will be learning about The Great Fire of London. In Science, we will complete our topic on Materials during the next couple of weeks. We will also be thinking about Winter. Further details to follow in the newsletter!   week beginning 5.12.16 We have already started enjoying some Christmas festivities this week. Wednesday was Christmas Dinner for everyone and on Friday we all wore Christmas jumpers to school. We have been busy practising our play and hope you can make it to watch Lights, Camel, Action; a real treat in store! IMG_0112[1] IMG_0114[1] IMG_0115[1] IMG_0118[1]                                               week beginning 28.11.16 This week Ethan kindly brought in a family heirloom which we took great care of! It was a special plate, made to remember Neil Armstrong’s landing on the moon. Ethan told us all about it! Thank you Ethan! IMG_0077[1]           Some of the Year 2 children shared their homework finding out about Christopher Columbus with the class. Then we worked in pairs to think about questions we might like to ask Christopher Columbus if he was in the classroom. Thank you Year 2’s for all the interesting facts you found out! IMG_0079[1]             This afternoon, we decorated our class Christmas tree. Everyone added a decoration and it looks very festive. We will be enjoying some Christmas stories by the tree during the next couple of weeks! IMG_0099[1]             week beginning 21.11.16 A big thank you to Year 2 parents who attended our Parents Information Evening on Thursday. We hope you found it informative and enjoyed having a look round the classrooms! The children are especially enjoying their Science lessons at the moment as we are finding out about Materials with lots of investigations and testing! Here are some photos of the Year 2 children testing materials which can be changed by stretching or bending. Year 1 children have been finding out which material made the strongest house for the Three Little Pigs! IMG_0069[1] IMG_0067[1] IMG_0021[1] IMG_0022[1] IMG_0024[1] IMG_0027[1]                                                             Week beginning 14.11.16 Thank you for supporting two different days in school this week as we joined in activities to support Anti-bullying Day and Children in Need. I think the children really enjoyed both days! IMG_0042[1] IMG_0044[1] IMG_0046[1] IMG_0048[1]                                               In Maths this week, Year 2 children sorted shapes into shapes with a right angle and those without a right angle. They then came up with their own criteria to sort shapes. Year 1 children practically sorted curved letters and letters with straight sides and went on to sort shapes in their maths books. IMG_0050[1] IMG_0052[1] IMG_0058[1] IMG_0063[1] IMG_0065[1] IMG_0066[1]                                                                     week beginning 7.11.16 We have had a very inspirational start to our week as today we welcomed a Paralympic athlete into school. Jordanna is a member of the Womens wheelchair basketball team and competed in the Olympics in Rio this summer. She spoke to the children and answered so many questions from them. Here are some of the comments the children made after Jordanna’s visit; ” I didn’t know you could play basketball in a wheelchair.”       Cora “I think it was amazing she had visited 32 different countries.”   Keko. ” I didn’t know there were different medals.”   Daisy “I didn’t know you could do any sports in a wheelchair.”   Vivienne On Tuesday, we celebrated the festival of Divali in school. In Class 1, we made diva lamps, coloured rangoli patterns and found out information about the festival. The highlight of the day was most definitely when we learned a dance in true Bollywood style with a lovely visiting dancer called Alice! Here are some comments made by the children; “I loved it!”    Lyra “It was quite hard!”   Lydia “I liked it when we spun around.”   Ewan “I found it hard to concentrate on moving my hand and foot at the same time.” Rory “It was fun because I could do things at the end I couldn’t do at the start.” Sapa “I liked making Indian fingers!” Sam IMG_0003[1]           IMG_0001[1]           IMG_0006[1]               week beginning 31.10.16 Welcome back after the half term break. The children have come back refreshed and ready to start our new topics. (See the C1 Curriculum newsletter in your child’s book bag.) In English lessons this week, we have been learning about the Gunpowder Plot and have finished today by writing a list of bonfire safety rules. Y2 children  looked at the layout of a newspaper article and then wrote their own with some great ideas! Y1 children made some super ‘Wanted’ posters for Guy Fawkes. IMG_3334[1] IMG_3330[1] IMG_3332[1] IMG_3333[1]                                               In Maths, we learned fractions of shapes. Year 1 children found  half of different shapes. Y2 children cut out a selection of regular and irregular shapes and folded them into halves and quarters. Everyone has worked really hard this week. Well done to you all! IMG_3341[1] IMG_3345[1] IMG_3346[1] IMG_3339[1] IMG_3335[1] IMG_3337[1] IMG_3344[1]                                                                             Week beginning 21.10.16 This week we have linked our English, Science and PE by sharing a book written by Mo Farah called Ready, Steady, Mo! The children have written their own books based on the theme of ‘Running’ and have discussed the importance of keeping healthy through exercise. We can all do the ‘Mobot’ too now! Thanks to Urmston Book Shop for letting us borrow ‘Mo’ for our classroom! IMG_3319[1]             week beginning 10.10.16 Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who attended our Parent Conferences during the last 2 weeks. It was lovely to meet you all and share information about your child with you. In our English work, we have been thinking about describing words (adjectives) to describe fruit and vegetables. The Year 2 children wrote their own acrostic poem and some will be shared at our Harvest Festival next week. In Maths, the Year 1 children were counting forwards and backwards from a number. The Year 2 children were completing addition sums with missing numbers. e.g. 37 + _ = 40, 62+_= 70. We were lucky enough to have a visit from 2 Volunteers from the RNLI this week who made our Geography lesson very informative! The children learned about water safety and beach safety, including the meaning of different flags at the seaside. IMG_3312[1] IMG_3308[1]                         week beginning 3.10.16 We have had some interesting Science lessons this week! Whilst learning about our senses, the Year 1 children used their sense of smell to guess what was in the different pots (vinegar, lemon, perfume, onion and coffee!)Then each child completed a chart to show what they thought. There were some interesting answers! Year 2 children joined  Classes 2 and 3 in the Hall for an interesting talk from Mr and Mrs Crawford about taking care of our teeth. The children learned such a lot from a real Dentist! IMG_3295[1] IMG_3296[1]                         In our Maths lessons, Year 2 children were measuring shells using centimetres and Year 1 children were measuring different objects around the classroom using cubes. We were all learning to make a sensible estimate before we measured. IMG_3297[1] IMG_3298[1] IMG_3299[1]                                 week beginning 26.9.16 We  have had such a busy week in our maths lessons! We have been doing some work on money and also telling the time. The Year 2 children have been adding amounts together and finding change from 20p. Year 1 children have been learning to recognise different coins and making amounts such as 6p, 7p, 8p and 10p. Year 2 children were recapping telling the time to the hour and half past whilst learning quarter past. Year 1 children made a paper plate clock and were learning to tell the time to the hour and half past. Any extra help you can give at home with money and telling the time is appreciated! IMG_3261[1] IMG_3263[1] IMG_3266[1] IMG_3267[1] IMG_3268[1] IMG_3280[1] IMG_3283[1]                                                                               We finished our 3D seaside map this week and some of the children have enjoyed using it to make up their own seaside stories! IMG_3291[1]             In Premier Sport lessons, Mr Irecosi is awarding a ‘Star of the week’ trophy to someone who has worked really hard in the PE lesson. This week, Solomon was the winner and last week it was awarded to Lyra. Well done, Solomon and Lyra! IMG_3270[1] IMG_3277[1]                         Week beginning 19.9.16 What a busy week we have had in Class 1! As well as thinking about things we might see at the seaside, the children have also helped to make a 3D map of the seaside. Our map has cliffs, rocks, sand and sea and next we week we are hoping to add some beach huts and boats! The Year 2 children have linked this to their work on natural and manmade/physical geographical features. IMG_3236[1]IMG_3232[1]                         IMG_3234[1]           IMG_3241[1]               Mrs Jones has worked with groups of children in the Friendship Garden this week and last week. As you can see, the children have been busy planting and watering! IMG_3244[1] IMG_3248[1] IMG_3250[1]                                     13.9.16  Roald Dahl 100! We had an interesting day in school today with all of our lessons linked to Roald Dahl and celebrating what would have been his 100th birthday. Everyone collaged a ‘Mr Twits beard’ with a variety of different materials! We all wrote our own list of what we would put in our own Marvellous Medicine like George made and designed a medicine bottle. In the afternoon, all the KS1 classes went into the hall for a linkup with schools across the country and joined in with different activities. Thank you everyone for helping your child with a costume, a book or a ‘prop’ related to Roald Dahl. I hope you enjoy looking at the photos! IMG_3205[1] IMG_3206[1] IMG_3208[1] IMG_3210[1] IMG_3212[1]                                                         IMG_3216[1] IMG_3219[1]                         week beginning 5.9.16 Welcome to Class 1! We have had such a busy week getting to know each other and finding our way round our new classroom. We have enjoyed choosing our first shared reading book and sharing activities such as jigsaws to help us make new friends. IMG_3184[1] IMG_3186[1] IMG_3189[1] IMG_3193[1] IMG_3200[1] IMG_3201[1] IMG_3203[1]