Class 2 Archive 2014-16

22nd July 2016

What an exciting week we have had, yet again!! The highlight for the children was being outside on Sports Day. Thank you so much for coming to support your children and in some cases joining in too!! Here are some photographs of our day!


27th June 2016

We couldn’t wait until Friday to tell you what we have been doing today! We arrived in the hall to see tables full of African masks. Milly introduced herself and explained what our task was to be. We used a piece of dowling to make dots to create patterns. Each colour has a meaning –

red/orange = blood and warfare

blue = innocence

green = earth

white = spirit

gold = fortune.

The finished masks were amazing…….maybe sometime in the future you will see them!!!!!

Here we are in action..IMG_2824[1]IMG_2823[1]


24th June 2016

Another busy week. We were very lucky to have a visitor come to school this week to teach us how to play African musical instruments. The teacher explained how the instruments were made and what materials were used. Lots of the instruments had very unusual names which the children found very interesting!

This week also gave us the opportunity to have our P.E. lesson in the classroom!! How can you have P.E. in the classroom I hear you ask! Well you can!! We played ‘Human Bingo’ and ‘Scooby Doo’. Please ask your children to explain these games to you!!

I am sure you already know that the children visited the Junior School this week for an assembly. They were extremely excited about going and even more excited on the way back!! They are all feeling much more confident about going there now!

Just a little reminder for next week – please remember to have your P.E. kit, water bottle and raincoat in school every day. Thank you!

Here we are working hard!



17th June 2016

Welcome back! I can’t believe it is the last 1/2 term, soon I shall have to say goodbye to my Class!!!

The children have come back to school with a fantastic attitude – working hard and remembering to be kind to each other too.

Just a quick reminder if your child would like to sing at the Summer Fair please hand in your slips as soon as possible. The children will be singing from 12.45 for approximately half an hour. We are hoping to get a lot of the children together as this will be one of our last times performing to an audience.

This week we have been re-visiting multiplication and division.  The children were very excited when Mr Jones introduced the Euro 2016 ‘Maths of the Day!’ We really challenged ourselves with these topics. Here we are hard at work.





27th May 2016
After many weeks of working so hard the children are all looking forward to a rest! We are so proud of how they have tackled all the work, we have challenged them with, over this last half term.

Mrs Byrom, Mrs Strickland, Mrs Czarnopis, Miss Dunraven and Mr Jones wish you all a happy and relaxing holiday!

Here are some happy moments from Golden Time!


We have been excited all week as today for Golden Time we are having a DISCO!!

Here are the children trying out their moves!!!IMG_2767[1]IMG_2766[1]IMG_2765[1]

20th May 2016

Another really busy week! The children really enjoyed learning to use their bows on their violins. They managed to make some really lovely sounds with them, I am sure you will hear more of these when they play to you at home!!

The football coaches, from Manchester United, came to teach us more football skills. We actually took part in matches this week. We really challenged ourselves to improve – this included working as a team and remembering to pass the ball to each other. If it was a draw then we solved it with a game of rock, paper and scissors!

We have been very lucky to receive a big box of new reading books for our shared reading. We will be letting the children take them home very soon but they have decided they would like to share them together for a few days first.

A big thank you must go to all the children for working so so so hard this week! Well done boys and girls, Mrs Byrom, Mrs Strickland, Mrs Czarnopis and Mr Jones are all very proud of you!


13th May 2016

I hope you are all enjoying the sunny weather! Please remember to send your children in with water bottles, sun cream and a hat every day. Also can you please remember to send in a coat as well just in case it starts raining.

We had an exciting day writing pirate stories all by ourselves. The spellings the children challenged themselves with were amazing e.g. defeated, treasure chest, battled, wavy, fantastic, ultimate and many more!! The children were trying to use joined writing as well!

With Mr Jones we started to make a map of Africa using art materials. Here we are starting our maps.IMG_2582[1]












This week we have an exciting piece of homework – labelling a violin. Will you be able to remember all the different parts from your lesson?!!!!!!


29th April 2016

What an amazing day we had on Wednesday – I am sure you have already heard all about it!! The pictures below show our enthusiasm and excitement!












15th April 2016

Welcome back to school. We are looking forward to learning lots of new things including a topic on Africa, How to grow your own salad and lots of new exciting things.

On Monday we sent home our new Curriculum newsletter and today, Friday there will be a letter telling you about the spellings you will receive next week. Please look out for these in book bags.

Watch this space over the next few weeks to find out more………….

Here’s a little hint …..we shall be making music!!!!!



23rd March 2016

Thank you all for your hard work in making our Easter Bonnet Parade such a colourful event. The children thoroughly enjoyed singing the Spring songs to you.

We welcomed Mr Jones, (PGCE student) to our class this week and look forward to working together over the Summer term.







We  also had a trip to Greenfield Church. Reverend Smith invited us to go and find out all about the Christian faith. We had been learning about it in our R.E. lessons. What a fabulous trip it was. We were very lucky to have some Mummy helpers walking with us. All the classes, in Year 2, were given a sheet to fill in, looking for objects around the church. One of the children even learnt how to get christened.

Here are some of the pictures of our visit.






18th March 2016

First another big thank you for coming to our Parent Conference evening. It was lovely to meet you all again and to be able to share all the good news and achievements your children have made!

This week we have been thinking about Super heroes in our English work. We spent four days planning our stories. We were thinking about adjectives, conjunctions and punctuation. Please ask your children what these words mean! I am sure you will be amazed with their knowledge. The end result was fabulous with a variety of Super heroes with amazing powers.

In P.E. we were learning about different dance styles and how the rhythm of the music impacts on our routines. Here we are performing our ‘moves!!!’







11th March 2016

Another week full of hard work and fun! It was lovely to meet so many of you for the Parent Conferences and I look forward to seeing more of you next week.

We had a Judo instructor visit us and some of our children were lucky enough to be asked to join in the demonstration.





Weeks 22nd February and 29th February 2016

The first week back was an exciting one where we caught up with all the wonderful things you had been doing over the holidays.

Of course this week we had World Book Day! Thank you so much for helping them dress up in wonderful costumes! Here they are.
















The children quickly got back into our routine and another of the highlights was going into the Play Garden to look at plants, animals and mini beasts that live there. We took photographs of our findings and were especially thrilled to find some snail eggs. Here we are at work.




12th February 2016

What a busy 1/2 term we have had, the children have excelled themselves in both behaviour and hard work. I feel so lucky to be their teacher as they absolutely love learning!! Thank you!

I would like to wish you all a fantastic half term.

Here are some of the highlights of our week!








5th February 2016

It finally arrived our trip to The Lowry. Lots of very excited children entered school on Tuesday with packed lunches swinging from their hands!! After organising our groups we left school to meet the bus on Flixton Road. Lots of excited chattering could be heard as we made our way onto the bus. “Will we be sitting up stairs on the bus or downstairs?” The children were thrilled to be sitting upstairs this time.

We arrived at the Lowry and the children had great big smiles on their faces as they saw the water and the signs for the BBC, ITV and Coronation Street!

After dropping our coats and lunches off we made our way up to the main gallery

Here we are in the gallery and finishing our own paintings in the style of Lowry afterwards.


22nd January 2016

This week we started to build a background for our own Lowry pictures. We used the four colours that he used and made different shades of each colour.

We found it quite tricky to start with when we had to use our brushes to create different effects. One girl came up with the idea of using the side of her brush. So we all tried this idea and found it worked really well when creating the smoky sky line. Another child found a really good way of building up the layers of paint by mixing the colours on the actual piece of paper.

Here we are with our masterpieces!!!IMG_2224[1]IMG_2223[1]IMG_2222[1]IMG_2221[1]

15th January 2016

What an exciting week we have had! I think if we asked the children they would say our Science lesson was the best lesson of the week! Why? well …last week we made our own models of the school building and this week we took them outside to test them for how waterproof, wind proof and strong they were.

The results were very surprising, the children expected the biggest to be the strongest! Luckily for us we had several strong gusts of wind the minute we walked outside so this immediately tested the models for their ability to withstand high winds. There were several surprising results.

Here are the children testing their models and also pictures of us mixing the colours Lowry used in his painting in preparation for our masterpieces!!










8th January 2015

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all had a great holiday and enjoyed spending the time with your children.

This half term we have lots of exciting new topics which I am sure you will soon be hearing lots about. Please look inside book bags to hear more about them.

All the children have settled back into the routine very quickly and are enjoying finding out about L.S. Lowry. We are hoping to organise a visit to the Lowry so that we can see some of the actual pictures he painted.

Here are some pictures of us at the beginning of our topic discussing the similarities and difference between some of his paintings.




















18th December 2015

What a busy week we have had! Christmas parties, a visit from Santa, singing at Play Works and a trip to the Pantomine.

Here are some of the photographs recording our exciting week!

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


11th December 2015

I’m sure you’ll agree that this week was certainly an exciting one! The children were absolutely amazing when they performed their Christmas plays!

We had fabulous actors, beautiful singing choirs, large and small and not forgetting the wonderful musicians.

A massive thank you to all the grown ups for sending in the clothes needed, especially for remembering to name the bags, such a help when we’re getting ready.








Here are our stars!!!!IMG_2130[1]

4th December 2015

Wow! our Christmas plays are really coming on, the children have been amazing learning all the songs. I know you will have a fabulous time watching them next week! Please remember to send in their own clothes in a named bag on Monday (7th) or Tuesday (8th).

During our English lessons we have been using dictionaries, to help us with our spellings, and a thesaurus to learn new words.

Letters were written to Santa, after a week learning about how to use a comma in a vertical list or within a sentence.


Here we are at work!!IMG_2055[1]IMG_2053[1]IMG_2052[1]IMG_2051[1]

23rd November 2015

Another exciting week in Class 2. It started off with a visit from the Mad Scientist Atomic Adam. The children joined in experiments and answered some very tricky questions about Space travel.

Here are some of our class helping with the experiments.













In our English lessons we were finding out about fairy tales, looking at main characters and what openers most fairy tales began with.

We then, working in groups, invented our own fairy tales. Later on in the week the children acted out their fairy tales to the rest of the class. Please encourage your child to talk about fairy stories and if possible read a few. As always thank you for your support.


16th November 2015

Here is our class photograph from last week when we were raising funds for Kidneys for Life.








Another busy week with Christmas plays, testing materials and learning geographical words.

We have been concentrating this week on ‘how to work as a team’.

Here we are working together to get jobs done!


9th November 2015

This week we worked on investigations, during our Science lessons, to find out what materials are waterproof. The purpose of the experiment was to find a material that would keep ‘Katie Morag’ dry. Katie is a little girl who lives on the island of Struay in Scotland. Struay is an island we are studying in our Geography topic this half term.








Lots of testing took place with some surprising results –

  •  how quickly the sugar paper absorbed water!
  •  duck tape is waterproof.
  • metallic material can be waterproof.








In Geography the children studied aerial photographs and

maps of the U.K. , in particular Scotland.

Comparisons were made between the fictional island ‘Struay’

and Coll. I was really pleased to hear the children use

geographical terminology  when discussing the island.



IMG_1994[1]Well done children you have worked very hard this week!

6th November 2015

Wow I can’t believe we’ve only been back a week the children have done so much . They all settled back in really well and it has been lovely to see the children now interacting more freely – a sure sign they have grown in confidence.

We have started our new topic researching the materials our school is made of and thinking about their properties.


















In Geography the children have been introduced to Katie Morag and now all know what an island is.

Guy Fawkes and King James paid us a visit and we had a debate about the truth of what happened on the morning of 5th November. Some very unexpected views were voiced!!! Here are some pictures capturing the moment!!














Our Year 2 school choir has started meeting on a Thursday lunch time and have made a terrific start  learning our songs and have even been invited to sing at another event……..all will be revealed at a later date!!!

Please could I give a little reminder about the children always having their P.E. kit in school and wearing a waterproof coat every day, Thank you.

19th October 2015

I can’t believe it’s half term already! Everyone has settled in really well and are working together as a team. They have all worked so hard and learnt so many new things! I am very proud of them.

Here they are….







Information for next half term:-

- Our Geography topic will be  Katie Morag,  a little girl who lives in Scotland. .

 –  In Science we will be studying materials.

–   P.E. is on Monday and Tuesday.

It was lovely to meet you all at the parent conferences and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your continued support.  

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

Mrs Byrom.

12th October 2015

Maisie wants to tell you all about how we collected information on a tally chart this week.

“We asked our friends which pet they liked best and entered the information on a tally chart. We also used charts to find out which fruit juice we preferred in our Science lesson”.

Reverend Smith visited school and told us about Harvest. We were very lucky because he came into our class and helped us with our Harvest prayer writing. Some of these prayers will be read out in our Harvest Festival.


Georgia enjoyed Reverend Smith coming in because “…he told us all about water and how children have to walk miles, in some countries, to get the water they need to drink…”

Owen K “I like Reverend Smith coming in to tell us about prayers”

We are looking forward to seeing you at our Harvest Festival on Tuesday 21st October, we have lots of exciting songs and things to tell you!!!


5th October 2015

This week we have been learning how to use ‘bossy verbs’ in our writing. We wrote instructions with  very clear commands telling an alien, who visited our classroom, how to clean his teeth!!! We are hoping the alien, called Zapper, will come and pick up the instructions this evening!

IMG_1936[1]Instructions for putting your coats on.

We had lots of fun finding out what we called 5,6, 7 and 8 sided shapes ask your child if they can tell you. Here are some pictures of us sorting shapes into a Venn diagram.




21st September and 28th September

Another busy few weeks where the children have worked so hard to improve their writing skills by adding adjectives and using conjunctions.



To help with our understanding of how to look after pets, in our Science lessons, we had Mrs Varga in school. She is a vet and gave a wonderful talk all about how to consider what our pets  need to have happy and healthy lives.

We were also introduced to some very unusual pets we had not come across before!


Trafford Music service came to tell us about the Music sessions they are holding during the October half term. Some of us were very lucky and had the opportunity to try out the instruments.

IMG_1849[1]Maths this week involved lots of measuring. We started off using non standard measures. Next were standard measures. The children quickly came to the conclusion that to be accurate we needed standard measures.

Next week we will be  exploring what fruit juices we prefer and entering our results on tables.

In English we will be looking at instructions and how we must be very accurate to ensure the end result is what we want.

18th September 2015

What a busy week we have had!

The children have settled in amazingly. We are all so proud of them. We have our Friends of Ted representatives who are going to do an amazing job for us too.

Here are some of the activities we have been involved in this week.


Buzz Lightyear visited our class after we had been working on the story all week. We prepared questions beforehand to ask him. Luckily he brought his friend Woody with him too.



Writing our questions.

10th September 2016

Welcome to the new Class 2 of 2015 – 2016!! We will be adding pictures each week to let you know what we have been doing.

To help your children settle in as quickly as possible here are some reminders to help their week go smoothly.

  • P.E. is on Monday and Tuesday.
  • Homework is given out on Friday and handed in on the following Monday.
  • Children can get a new Shared Reading Book every day when they come into school and the yellow book is for them to write a review about that book.
  • Please send in a names water bottle every day.
  • As always please name all their clothing it really helps at the end of the day when we are getting jumpers out of the jumper box!!

Our Science Investigation – Do taller children always have bigger shoes? This caused a lot of discussion and debate before and after the investigation.



Our first Premier Sport lesson of the year!









21st July 2014

Big Footprints were in the sand! An egg on the side…..what was happening in Class  2?

The children very carefully exposed dinosaur bones and fossils hidden within the sand. We then researched what dinosaurs they came from on the Ipads. Here are some of the photographs of our discoveries.



Two of our children celebrated Eid last Friday. They gave a Show and Tell all about their special day and even produced painted pictures of their favourite parts. Thank you girls for sharing this with us, we learnt so much.



17th July 2015

It finally came, the trip  to Event City to play our violins. As the children walked into the fairy light lit room there were gasps of delight.  “It’s like a fairy tale…”

We felt very lucky to be on the front row right next to the orchestra. We joined in with singing, recognising the different sections of the orchestra and playing our violins. It was wonderful, the children were so well behaved and not a word was heard once the first note was played by the orchestra.


10th June 2015

Today we said a fond farewell to Miss Johnston who has been with us for 22 weeks!! The children presented her with gifts to use in her new career. She will be missed and we know the  class of children she has will be very lucky to have her as their teacher.




Next week we have our two violin concerts. The first will be at school, on Tuesday afternoon and the second at Event City near the Trafford Centre, on Wednesday morning. We are very excited!

3rd June 2015

Today was Open Day which included a visit to ‘Urmston Art Gallery’. The children were asking “… is it nearly time yet?” Eventually the door opened and we welcomed our first grown up. There was plenty going on to see, we had dinosaur masterpieces, How many words can you find in a minute?  and Dinosaur Dictionary work! It was lovely to see so many adults joining in and we did even have a few adding to our dinosaur picture.


A big ‘Thank you’ must go to everyone who came and especially to the children for producing the art work which made the day extra special.

26th June 2015

Another busy week including a visit to the Junior school. This time the children went to assembly but most importantly, to them, they had toast!! All the children came back with smiles on their little faces and tales about what it’s like in BIG school.


Miss Johnston, our PGCE student, worked with the children this week creating their own comic strip. The results were fantastic and the children have really improved their skills  using speech in different formats, a wide range of adjectives and exciting punctuation.




19th June 2015

This week was very exciting as we had our first visit to the Juniors.

George said “We sat down, sang some songs and watched some videos on the screen”.

Ava said ” We sat down and listened to the teachers”.

Oscar said “One of our teachers played the guitar and I am really happy I am going to the Juniors”.

Tamsin said ” When we sang You Are Happy And You Know It, we had to say …..UJS!”

Here we are looking excited about going to the Juniors!


12th June 2015

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday! I can’t believe we are in the last half term of the school year – how time has flown. The children are beginning to talk about moving up to the Juniors and we are supporting them by answering any questions they have.

IMG_1488[1] IMG_1486[1]

Due to the beautiful weather we were able to take our P.E. lesson outside. The children were improving their throwing and catching skills, during the warm up.

22nd May 2015.

This week we have continued to study ‘Why a Meerkat can not live in the North Pole?’

Here are our answers to the question.

We are all looking forward to spending time with our families during the holiday! When we come back we will be looking at weather reports in England and other countries around the World. If you have time could you please talk with your child about what the weather was like in other places you have visited.

Happy Holidays from Mrs Byrom, Mrs Strickland, Miss Johnston and all the children in Class 2.

15th May 2015

Again we have been very busy this week.
The children have been looking at maps of the world and labelling the oceans.

“We also found out that there are 7 continents and I recognised Africa from our topic work, when I was in Year 1″.

” I didn’t know there were so many oceans, I would like to see them when I am big”.

We hope you enjoy our pictures.



We went outside this week to develop our understanding of number. The children really enjoyed seeing how quickly they could halve a given number and explain why, if it is an odd number, there will be a remainder.


Each week, we take time to loose ourselves in a book, in a silent classroom. It is wonderful to see the children getting such enjoyment out of reading. They love to ‘magpie’ words and phrases to use in their own writing.


8th May 2015

Our Science topic this term is Dinosaurs. We started off by finding out what the children already knew about them and what they would like to find out.

“I know a lot about the T.Rex dinosaur because it was the most dangerous!!!”

I know what a herbivore is…. because I have read alot about dinosaurs with my Mum and Dad!!”

The children were researIMG_1386[1]ching this week, to answer the questions they wanted to find out. Here we are using computers, discussion and books to research our questions – ready to use for our debating’ session next week when we decide which dinosaur is the strongest!!!



1st May 2015

Class 2 have asked if they could decide what goes on their web page this term so here goes!!!

This week we have been making mini beast books. We needed to think about subheadings and where we put them for each creature. Everyone tried to make glossaries and indexes to put in their books. The whole class were extremely happy and felt fantastic about their work.


24th April 2015

What a fabulous Science Week we’ve had! The children have learnt so much about habitats, caring for mini beasts and other wild life in the garden. I am sure we will have inspired some future scientists!

Well done children, I am so proud of how hard you have worked this week and have throughly enjoyed hearing about your experiences. I know we will really enjoy sharing our Floor Book filled with your memories of all your achievements.

Below are some of the highlights of the week I hope you enjoy looking at these  excited faces!

IMG_1304[1]       IMG_1301[1]

What a challenge we had –  but team work helped us solve the tricky steps of holding the card together whilst wrapping the string around!IMG_1305[1]


Feeling very proud of the finished product.

IMG_1267[1]      IMG_1270[1]

Even digging and weeding is fun with friends!


Look at our Log Pile!


Making Butterfly houses was quite a challenge to get the sticks and leaves stuck onto our juice cartons.


We researched what a dragon fly looked like and then made some using wooden pegs, card and felt tips. Wow! they looked amazing on our camouflage material behind our Science Week display.

23rd April 2015

Grandparents Day!

We walked down the corridor and saw lots and lots of Grandparents waiting to hear us sing.  We felt both excited and nervous. Outside, in the brilliant sunshine, we sang three of our favourite songs. We started with Vegetables and Fruit are Good for You, then I’m Still Singing, which we use the British Sign Language to reinforce the words.  Finally we finished with one, I’m sure you’ve already heard, Let it Go from Disney!!

IMG_1300[1]   IMG_1296[1]

20th April 2015


We made log piles for the mini beasts to hibernate in. We had to find different shapes and sizes of twigs. It was important to have leaves to fill in the gaps so the mini beasts had some where to hide.

IMG_1257[1]IMG_1272[1]   IMG_1279[1] The children used different  computer programmes to find out about mini beasts and their habitats. They found out that wasps can sting and they also chew wood to make their nests.

IMG_1285[1]Dragonflies were made using pegs, card and felt tips. Research was done using a variety of books to find out what a dragonfly looked like and where its wings were on its body.  

2nd April 2015

Spring had arrived when we looked in our friendship garden this week! image

Today was Easter Bonnet Parade Day and I’m sure you’ll you agree the children looked fantastic! Thank you so much for all your hard work helping the children to make them.


26th March 2015

Today the children had a visit from Reverend Smith, from Greenfield Church. he helped us make our Easter Gardens using different symbols of Easter. On Tuesday Reverend Smith will be returning to school for an Easter assembly which the children are really looking forward to after his very exciting Christmas story the Choir experienced,  when we sang in church just before Christmas. IMG_1187IMG_1188IMG_1189IMG_1190IMG_1191

9.3.15 Team work was required when our coaches from Premier Sports asked us to get from one side of the hall to the other on our boats! no feet were allowed in the water and we had to watch out for the sharks!! Initially the children tried to push the mats when they were all standing on them. They soon realized this would not work and came up with very interesting strategies. IMG_1147[1] IMG_1148[1]

5.3.15   We all dressed up as our favourite characters on World Book Day. IMG_1106[1]         IMG_1104[1]

25.2.15 The RNLI came to visit and we had great fun learning all about what they do. 502