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Welcome to Class 2.


Welcome to the Class 2 page. Here you will find information about what we have learning! We hope you enjoy reading it. The children tell me what to write so you might here

23rd June 2017

What a beautiful start to the week sunny weather and an outside p.e. lesson. The most exciting task was to throw a quoit as far as we could. Our teacher challenged us to throw it as far as the juniors! We didn’t think any of them would reach there but some did land far away from the juniors but then carried on rolling until they touched the junior wall!!







Later in the week we made and tasted ginger beer. Mrs Byrom was amazed at how many children did actually drink it! We did have lots of smiles but also a couple of  “ooh” that is rather spicy!! Here we are being creative ginger beer makers.IMG_0862[1]






What a healthy week we had learning about vegetables and which part of a plant we actually eat. Did you know that carrots are actually the roots of a plant?







We worked really hard on maths problems all week, especially learning how to subtract and solve money problems through games.












To end the week we had Mr Kerry tell us all about swimming in competitions for England and for Britain. He even showed us all the medals he had collected over many years. He taught us about how to keep trying and trying and then we can do anything!IMG_0874[1]


16th June 2017

This week, we have been learning about fractions in our maths lessons. It was a little bit tricky to start with, but we were able to work these out using our multilink cubes. The children said, “They found it fun because they liked halving” and “They liked sharing cubes in teams”.

Yesterday, we also made father’s day cards. The children loved creating the bunting design and drawing little patterns. They are all very excited to give these to their grown-ups.

– Class 2 and Miss Charnock


12th June 2017

Welcome back everyone! I hope you’ve all had a brilliant break and are ready for our last exciting half term. I can’t believe how fast the school year has gone.

As usual we’ve started the week with Premier Sports. Getting back into exercise woke us up!! Here we are in action.

image image













Our photos from Race for Life. Thank you so much for your help – all the mummy and daddy’s helpers!



IMG_0851 IMG_0853 IMG_0854 IMG_0856 IMG_0858





























22nd May 2017

Yesterday we made butterfly houses and had to collect leaves first from the play garden. Thank you to all the mummy’s and daddy’s who help us collect leaves and twigs at home. We will be bringing them home to put in our own gardens tomorrow!

In English we have been writing letters to you to talk about what we would like to do in the holidays!!! Suggestions have been …. going to the park, going swimming, camping, going on adventures, the beach, finding seashells etc etc


We started the week with Premier sports but due to the lovely weather we were able to do it outside!  Our task was to draw diagrams of the markings on the playground…. why? To make a map and then use it to find our destination, it was all about listening and following directions.




15th May 2017

Tuesday was violin day,  here we are learning to hold the bow correctedly!

IMG_0815 IMG_0816


















Monday morning started with our friendship groups. This is where we get into small groups with children from every class. We were talking about what we did to keep fit and healthy, so what a great way to start with our Premier sport lesson. This time it was all about memory games including Skunk and Do as I Do which became very interesting when it was Do the opposite of what I do!!

Then follow my directions!






8th May 2017

What a beautiful sunny day to start the week! We have started to gather ideas together in preparation for writing our super hero stories, I’m sure you can guess where the children are got their ideas from!

To end the day we had a very exciting assembly about judo, please see letters in book bags.

IMG_0783 IMG_0784 IMG_0785 IMG_0786

























2nd May2017

A really  busy and exciting week! Of course the children were counting down the days until SUPER HERO DAY! Here we are waiting…….















Keep looking for pictures of USC actually meeting the real super heroes!

IMG_0727 IMG_0737 IMG_0738 IMG_0739 IMG_0746 IMG_0749 IMG_0750 IMG_0752 IMG_0753























and to finish the most spectacular week our grandparents came to listen to us singing outside! I was so proud of all the year 2 children who sang their hearts out. They had learnt so many words and actions. Thank you to all of you for making the journey to school the children loved seeing you all there.


27th April 2017

Another busy week – learning the violin! We started off  gettig to know our teacher and then warming up our voices. Of course the most exciting part was opening our cases and holding our very own violin! I am sure all the mums and dads can’t wait to hear us play! I have heard a few parents have had a go too!

We also had another visitor, a baby frog. Miss Charnock brought it in to enhance her Science lesson. It caused great interest and produced a lot of scientific questioning.

.18th April 2017

I hope you all had a fabulous Easter holiday and enjoyed spending time with your children! They certainly had fun from the news they shared, mostly round chocolate!!

Well the half term started with us officially celebrating becoming Urmston Primary School! The children were very excited when

Hayley from Newsround arrived in our classrooms with chocolate crossiants.

We then all went outside to make a human chain from one school building to the other. Then one of the most exciting parts for the children we had a special joint playtime where we could go and play with our brothers, sisters and friends from  the Juniors! Here we are! ( apologies for the quality of photos it was extremely sunny!!)





Picnic time as we mark the end of an era as Urmston Infants but excitedly look forward to being part of Urmston Primary School!

IMG_0658 IMG_0650 IMG_0652

3rd April 2017

I can’t believe we’re on the last few days of this half term. When I look back and realise how much effort and hard work the children have put into their work it makes me feel really proud of them! I’m certain you are too.

As you know tomorrow is the  Easter Bonnet parade, we hope the weather will shine! The children have learnt lots of songs to sing to you. There is also a cake sale going on too, thank you for your kind donations.

Keep checking the web site as I will be uploading our bonnet parade photos!!

Here are some of our best moments this half term!












27th March 2017

We started the week with our friendship groups and of course everyone was really keen to share what they did on Mother’s Day! I hope you all loved your handmade bags, the children worked so hard on them! I’ll be looking out for them in the playground!!! We also spoke about how we will be changing into Urmston Primary School and discussed any questions we had. They are all looking forward to our picnic next week, fingers crossed this wonderful weather lasts.

Mrs Jones worked with us on Wednesday and we planted our potatoes…we are hoping for a good crop!












The children thought one of the most exciting things this week was making our Easter Gardens. First of all we had to think about what Easter meant to us, then we looked at what Easter means to Christians. The children worked in groups to discuss what it meant to them. You will be amazed at how good they are now at taking turns and really considering what others believe in. Then it was question and answer time!!! They chose a question to read out to the class and then the others gave their answers. Finally the moment we had all been waiting for….. making our gardens! Here we are in action…

IMG_0631 IMG_0632 IMG_0633


Monday 20th March 2017

Well last week was a very busy week and this one has seemed the same even though we are only into day two!

Last week Miss Charnock joined our class. She is a PGCE student who will be with us until late June time.

Below are some pictures of the children working on the maths topic of time. Firstly we shut our eyes and tried to estimate the length of a minute. We had some very varied answers, some children put their hands up after just 10 seconds and others after a minute and a half. After this initial estimating the children carried out several tasks including – how many times can you write your name in a minute, how many times can you throw and catch a bean bag and how many jumps could you do. During ongoing discussion the children were beginning to get a more realisatic perception of the length of a minute. When we finally retested our skills of estimating the passing of a minute the children found they were  more accurate.

IMG_0594 IMG_0595 IMG_0596 IMG_0597 IMG_0598 IMG_0599


































This week we will be revisting some mathematical concepts we learnt last week including multiplication. The children will also be looking at the connections between division and multiplication. Here we are making arrays.image image image











In art we will be finishing our pictures which we are very excited to say will be displayed at Urmston library very soon! Details to follow!!

Monday 6th March 2017

In maths this week we are looking at multiplication, in particular numbers that occur in several times tables e.g. 40 is a factor in the 2, 5 & 10 times tables. At all times we are encouraging the children to ‘apply’ their knowledge to problem solve. Please ask your child some multiplication facts this week, it will really develop their mental skills and just as importantly develop their confidence when working with numbers.

Premier sports taught us to look and listen to different dance and music clips and find out what they’d were depicting. We then could go on to developing our own dance sequences which would tell a ‘story’. At first this was a little tricky as we all had our own ideas and at times needed to compromise. I’m so pleased to say we all came up with someone fabulous sequences by the end of the lesson!






It stared with a visit from the juniors, then a parade and then lots of Book Day activities including……… designing your own chocolate factory, as our book for the hall display was ….. you guessed it… Charlie and the Choclate Factory!! We did our designing with chocolate in piles on our tables so we could create the sensation of being in a real factory! Oh course we took the choclate home to eat!!! At the end of the day we were very lucky to have one of our governors in to read us some stories. Thank you Mrs Needham for coming in we really enjoyed your stories!

Here we are enjoying our day!

Thank you so much to all the Mums, Dads who helped create such wonderful costumes and of course Grandmas and Grandads too.

















27th March 2017

The week started with us learning how to double numbers. Some children found it easiest to use their fingers, showing two amounts exactly the same. Others quickly saw th link with the two times table. I explained all these strategies are great ways to solve problems. The more ways they know the better! We then went on to challenge ourselves with finding a connection between doubles and halves. Initially it was a little tricky but after a lot  of determination we are now feeling more confident. It just goes to show how being prepared to keep trying will benefit our learning! 

In PE we travelled back to the future – we went back to the 1900’s. The task was to say ‘good morning’ in the appropriate way from that era!

We spun back into that era and then thought about linking movements to depict saying ‘good morning’. It was interesting to see their interpretations. We then went back to present day…….where will will end up next week?

Our next task was to get to standing whilst facing backing to back…….this took team work……we then challenged ourselves to doing it in groups of four. Which was surprisingly easier.








Here we are discussing our next dance sequences, building on our work from last week. ‘Never smile at a crocodile’.







20th March 2017

It was lovely to welcome back the children to school and hear all their exciting holiday news. They were so pleased to see each other.

it’s been a busy week and they have covered an amazing amount of work in these last five days! We had a visitor, called Leon, who discussed and taught us all about internet safety in a fun way which was easy to remember. The children were also made aware of the ages they had to be to go on certain social media websites and games. I hope you were able to attend the meeting for parents as we as adults certainly learnt some new things.




















This week in English we learnt about the features of instructions/commands – headings, subheadings, bossy verbs and time words. Of course I am sure the actual highlight of the week was following our own instructions to make our pancake faces!!!


IMG_0497 IMG_0498 IMG_0499 IMG_0501 IMG_0502 IMG_0503 IMG_0504 IMG_0505 IMG_0506 IMG_0507

All that’s left to say is have a brilliant holiday your children all deserve a rest as they’ve been amazing and put such a lot of effort into their learning. Once again a big thank you to all mums and dads and carers for your continuing support! See you soon!

We’ve decided to put some pictures of this week but also some of our highlights of this half term. We hope you enjoy them!

IMG_0420 IMG_0427 IMG_0298 IMG_0326 IMG_0330 IMG_0305 IMG_0435 IMG_0436 IMG_0439


Computer time programming our lego models to move!





Story telling week, we loved coming in our nightclothes but it did make us feel sleepy when we got our pillows out for a story!




“I really know how to use these bead strings  to help with my calculations”.





“Wow! It’s actually moving!”




Great team work – after weeks of preparation the girls got a moving animal, well done the smiles on your faces were fantastic. It showed us all that putting lots of effort into our learning helps us achieve our goals!



‘ Sometimes it just takes lots and lots of thinking to solve these challenges we’re given’




Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be stuck in a snow globe? We wrote our thoughts down about how we’d feel. Please ask your child what they wrote.









Our final lesson with the United coaches we played lots of matches…..

“It was amazing!”

“I’ve loved it”

“I think I’ve learnt loads!”





“We made a moving monkey” As you can see we were very pleased with the results!





Please keep watching for more details of our week!

6th February 2017

Monday morning and time for a warm up! Here we go!

Don’t forget to get those legs up high to warm your muscles!





















“Yes we can fly, look at us Mrs Byrom!”

Now for our sequences….



3rd February 2017

NEXT WEEK – the children are invited to wear pyjamas on Wednesday please please take a look in their book bags for more information!

It’s been a very busy week again!

Of course there was great excitement when the bouncy castles were set up on the playground. The children were watching the clock all morning for our time to come up – which was really good as our topic in maths was time and geometry this week!! Look how high we are jumping!! A big thank you to the Friends of Urmston who organised the event and stood outside in the cold, we really had a ‘bouncing’ time!!

IMG_0404 IMG_0405 IMG_0406 IMG_0408 IMG_0411 IMG_0412


































As it was story telling week we spent time planning stories, listening to stories and writing our own. Every good story must start off with a plan so that is what we did. The children decided to work in small groups to get more ideas to work with the next day. Here we are in the planning stages.

IMG_0401 IMG_0402

23rd January 2017

Thursday afternoon was greatly anticipated by the whole class… was to be to be the day we tested out our school models. Would they be able to survive wind, rain and falling trees?Here we are testing them.














They survived! The children were full of ideas about how they could improve their buildings and what had been a success. Please ask them about their models!















Wednesday afternoon I set the children a challenge! Oh how they love challenges!!!


Using the tray of materials provided build a model of our school.

You must work as a team and listen to everyone.

It was an absolute delight to watch the children discuss and come up with different strategies to get their models standing!There was clear evidence of mathematical strategies being used alongside compromise when ideas didn’t turn out as expected! Here are some pictures showing us developing our designs.




























What an exciting beginning to the week! The children always look forward to our Premier Sport lessons – especially the warm ups!









Today we also learnt a new game called Bulldog, ask your child about it, does it being back memories of your school days? Maybe you could have a game in the park when the weather improves.

Working in small groups we learnt what an arch shape, dish shape, back support and front support was. Here we are trying them out.































Friday 13th  January 2017

This week we have been learning about The Great Fire of London.

“I liked cutting out the houses and other buildings to go on my pastel background!”

“I loved the videos we watched about the Fire of London – we learnt some new facts and I’d like to visit the Museum of London to see the Fire Fire video”.

In Maths we have learnt how to add and subtract 9 and 11 from a given number. It was really tricky at first but now we are beginning to learn different ways of working it out.

“I liked working out questions to do with place value – we used place value cards and the bead strings to help us. I feel really proud of myself because I found out different ways to solve the problem!!”













Another exciting lesson was with the Man Utd. coaches. Here we are in action, playing lots of games of football using our new skills.







We had another lesson with our Premier Sports coach and ….

“I loved it because there’s lots of running”

“I thought ‘Shuffle Tig’ was really exciting, we had to race around the room on our bottoms really quickly before someone tapped us and we were caught!”.

IMG_0296[1] IMG_0297[1]


6th January 2016 Welcome back. I hope you all had a fabulous holiday with your families. I know speaking to the children they all had a wonderful time! Well here we are in the Spring Term. The children had a new newsletter sent home yesterday detailing all the topics and upcoming events, please take a look. This week the children have settled back in to our routines really well. We have started our History topic about the Great Fire of London. This seems to have caused a lot of excitement, with children bringing in their own research already! In P.E. we have been lucky enough to have Manchester United trainers come to coach us. For some of the class this has been a dream come true. I am amazed the new skills the children have learnt in just one session. See if your child can demonstrate some of these skills at home. Here are some pictures of our training session. IMG_0284[1] IMG_0282[1] IMG_0281[1]

16th December 2016 This week has  been a very busy and exciting week. We started off with a visit to the panto to see Peter Pan. Oh how we enjoyed getting soaking wet when two of the characters decided to spray us with water!! We ended up almost loosing our voices joining in with all the ‘oh no he isn’t’ and all the ‘oh yes he is!’. There were screams of delight heard continuously. How could we make the week any better after that start? I am sure you will agree that we certainly did with our fantastic performance of LIGHTS CAMEL ACTION! Wow I was so impressed with the children as I am sure you were too! I know they are all ready for a rest this weekend!……. BUT next week is going to be another amazing week with trips to Playworks for choir and a trip to Manorhey Care Home for our whole class. If that wasn’t enough excitement we have our parties to look forward to also!!! Here are some photos of our week. IMG_0213IMG_0209IMG_0159IMG_0157IMG_0188IMG_0180IMG_0170IMG_0204

9th December 2016 Well as Christmas gets closer the more excited we get!! This week we have been learning our lines for the show and also having our Christmas Dinner altogether. The children have been telling me what they like about the play the most… “I like doing the dance with my friend but I can’t tell you about it yet!!!” “I like dancing the line dance”. “My first favourite part is saying my words and my second favourite part is watching the dancing”. “I’ve got a very loud voice which is important when you are saying your words”. “My job is turning something that glitters on……..will you be able to guess what it is when you come to the play?”. “Guess which song is my favourite after the play!” Will it be the same as yours? As you can see the children are getting really excited and can’t wait until you all come and see it! Here are some pictures of us practicing and also eating our Christmas Dinners!IMG_0134[1] IMG_0133[1] IMG_0131[1]

2nd December 2016 In PE, on Monday, we were put in to groups and asked to come up with balances using a ball. As you can see we were very imaginative. Some of us even managed to balance the ball on our backs! IMG_0068[1]           We said a big Happy Birthday to our school on Monday too. Can you guess how old we are? Well it is a grand 120 years since we opened! The children discussed and researched how school life was very different then. The children agreed life at school is much nicer now! Walking around school and finding parts of the building that have been here from the very beginning was exciting!  Can you find, on Wycliffe Road, something that tells you who opened our school all those years ago? IMG_0070[1]IMG_0072[1]                     Another exciting thing that happened this week was a ‘trip’ over to the Junior hall. Inside we found a ‘Mad Scientist!’ She taught us about gravity and sound. Two of our class were asked to demonstrate how sound travelled. See below to see them in action! IMG_0078[1]           Well all that is left to say now is we hope to see you at the Christmas Fair and please remember to come and see our super singers outside in the playground at 3.45pm. We don’t mind if you join in too!!!!!

18th November 2016. Well we have had a very exciting week – Anti bullying Day and Children in Need too!Thank you so much for getting involved and helping your children to get dressed up! Below you will see lots of pictures of our exciting days – including learning about what anti bullying means in an assembly and how we deal with different situations. The children were amazing at recording their thoughts on a ‘person’ they had drawn. The children have asked me to remind  the grown ups that have children in choir that we are meeting at 5.15pm this Friday (18th) outside the Italian job for our Light Switch On performance. Please wrap up warm. I am sure you will be amazed at their singing!! For the first time we played Shuffle Ball in our P.E. lesson! Wow it was fun! see if your child can explain how to play it! This week in maths we have been learning about measurement, non just standard measure but also non standard measurement. many exciting activities were explored to help us with this concept. Please help your children to think about what is at least a metre in length and what we would estimate could be less than a metre long.IMG_0057[1] IMG_0055[1] IMG_0054[1] IMG_0050[1] IMG_0049[1] IMG_0058[1]IMG_0055[1]         IMG_0054[1]IMG_0050[1]IMG_0049[1]IMG_0058[1]

11th November 2016 What a busy and exciting week we have had! “It’s been a lovely week!” “I really enjoyed showing everyone my beautiful dress and jewel on my head”. We were very lucky to have one of the children tell us all about the festival of Diwali. To celebrate the day we had a lady in to teach us Indian dancing and we also made patterns using rice to look like Rangoli patterns.  Another little girl in our class     taught us about Mendi patterns she has on  her hands. Thank you so much for helping to dress your children in bright coloured clothes for the day. They really looked the part when it came to the dancing. On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month the whole of Year 2 put on a fantastic assembly to teach the rest of the school all about Remembrance Day and the celebrations connected to it. All the year 2 teachers were extremely proud of how clearly they spoke and the fantastic poems they wrote for the occasion. Here are some of the photographs we took during the week. We hope you enjoy looking at them with your children. IMG_0010[1]IMG_0014[1]IMG_0013[1]IMG_0027[1]IMG_0021[1]IMG_0027[1]IMG_0026[1]IMG_0046[1]

31st October 2016 I hope you all had a fantastic week off and are now ready for all the exciting things we’ll be doing this term! We started off the week with our Premier Sport lesson which required lots of team work. Ewan was awarded the trophy this week for excellent P.E. learning. We also started learning about place value in maths and after lots of learning, during the week, we were able to add 10 and takeaway 10 without adding!!!!! Please ask your child what this means! We think it’s magic. In Science we went on a ‘material’ search around school We found out that the building is made from many materials. The most exciting find was Labaina noticing that the front window sills are actually made of wood and not stone as we first predicted. After our investigations we had a quiz to identify the properties of a selection of materials. We found some of them tricky to answer but with help from our friends we solved the mysteries! We have looked at a quote Carol Dweck wrote: What did you learn today? What mistake did you make that taught you something? What did you try hard at today? The children have really enjoyed discussing it at the end of our school day and it has helped us to grow in confidence when tackling new learning. I think the children are really ready for a rest this weekend after all their hard work! IMG_3054[1] IMG_3053[1] IMG_3051[1]IMG_3055[1]IMG_3064[1]IMG_3063[1]IMG_3062[1]IMG_3061[1]


21st October I can’t believe it is the half term holiday already, how time has flown! The children have all worked so hard and learnt so much over these last few weeks. It is amazing what the children know about ‘natural’ and ‘manmade’ around the seaside. Please ask your children what they know. We now know what a verb, noun, conjunction and adjective is. Mrs Byrom was very pleased when she read our ‘On The Way To School’ stories. Mrs Byrom said “she was really glad she was sitting down when she read them as there were lots of fantastic surprises including adjectives” For a lot of the children one of our best events was the Harvest Festival. I am sure you will agree with me that their singing and speaking was exceptional. Thank you for coming to support your children and sending in your generous gifts. It means so much to them. IMG_7656         IMG_7658           IMG_7676           I hope you all have a lovely holiday!

14th October 2016 Another busy week. Two gentlemen from the RNLI came to visit us this week. They were telling us how to keep safe around water, NOT just at the seaside but near rivers and canals too. IMG_3017[1] “If you see a black and white flag it means you can NOT go between them because surfers will be there”. “The red flags mean that you can not swim there”. “The lifeguards wear red and yellow so if you see a flag with these colours it means life guards are on duty”. They taught the children about how important it is to RESPECT the water. IMG_7597             The gentlemen told us there are many lifeboat stations all around our country. The lifeboat staff even help in the middle of our country. This week we were challenged to find out scientifically if is it true….. “taller children have bigger feet than smaller children!” Much to our amazement we found out this statement was not true. We carried out various test to find out the measurements of all the children in the class. Please ask your child what they found out. IMG_3020[1]           IMG_3021[1]           IMG_3022[1]           Lastly I would like to say a massive ‘Thank you’ to all the grownups who came to see me on the Parent Conference nights. It was lovely to meet lots of new faces and also to say hello to some familiar faces. Thank you for taking such an interest in how your children have settled into Year 2.

4th October 2016 Today was a very exciting day. Mr And Mrs Crawford came to visit Year 2 to tell us all about teeth! We have been learning about how to keep our bodies healthy in our Science topic. We learnt all about enamel, dentine and pulp! Please ask your children what these words mean. Here are some of our pictures of the talk we were given. We all know how to clean our teeth properly now and what foods will help our teeth to stay strong. IMG_2990[1]IMG_2998[1]IMG_2996[1]IMG_2995[1]IMG_2994[1]

30th September 2016 Another exciting week! We are really enjoying learning about the seaside in our Geography topic. We have started to make seaside pictures in Art. So far we have learnt how to do paint washes as background and today we are making individual pictures of things we see on the beach to go on top. We have been learning how to find out answers from books and spent a lot of time, this week, asking questions about characters in books we have read. Here we are busy at work! IMG_2983[1] IMG_2986[1]         IMG_2985[1]         IMG_2984[1]           IMG_2982[1]             16.9.16 I have been chatting with the children about what they have enjoyed this week… so the children are now going to tell me what to type!! We have being learning all about the Human Life Cycle in Science this week! We compared the different things we can do now that we couldn’t when we were babies! Please ask us about what we have learnt at home, to see if we can amaze you with our knowledge! We also looked at improving our handwriting .Then  we marked the work ourselves so we knew what to improve on! In English we are now using conjunctions and adjectives in our sentences! Please ask me at home what these are! I might even be able to say a sentence with these in!!! Mrs Byrom is really impressed with us all and how hard we have worked all week. She needed to give out lots of stickers!!

12.9.16 We have had great fun celebrating Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday. We love Roald Dahl books in Class 2 and we brought in our favourite books and some of us dressed up as our favourite characters. We joined with the rest of the school and the country in taking part in a live Roald Dahl event to celebrate his birthday, where we even got to draw along with Quentin Blake. IMG_3593[1]             5.9.16 Welcome back to all of our boys in girls in Class 2. We are all looking forward to such an exciting year ahead. This week we have been getting to know our new classroom and have already begun to create some beautiful artwork for our Reading display and our Seaside display. We have created some posters to tell our teacher some interesting facts about us as well as reading the BFG and doing PE with Mr Irakose in the hall. IMG_3579[1] IMG_3580[1] IMG_3583[1]