Class 3 Archive 2014-16

Week beginning 4th July

This week we took inspiration from Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and worked together to create artwork for display in Urmston Library. We kept them up in class for Open Day so that our grown ups could see them, we hope you liked them! If you didn’t get chance to see them they are now up in the Library for the public to see.

image (2)image














Week beginning 27th June

This week we designed our own African mask. We used dots to create the design and tried hard to make our designs symmetrical. All of the colours that we used on our masks had a meaning. We learned that orange and red symbolized war and blood, green symbolized Earth, gold symbolized fortune, white symbolized spirit and blue symbolized innocence. We look forward to showing you our African masks at our open day on Thursday 7th July.














We have also enjoyed three show and tells. Class three really enjoyed listening to them and were so impressed with Seb’s fantastic slide show.














Week beginning 20th June

This week has been so busy in class three! On Monday we enjoyed learning to play African drums. We tried to keep to the rhythm and really enjoyed making an African rumble!




















On Tuesday we enjoyed practising playing our violins and are getting better and better each week! We cannot wait for the big concert so we can show you how brilliant we are!

On Wednesday we enjoyed a visit to the Junior school to see one of their assemblies. It was really exciting! We also learnt about the European Union and had our own vote in class. Class three voted to remain in the EU.

We enjoyed a day off on Thursday and came to school looking really smart for our class photograph on Friday! We also had two fantastic show and tells. Lois told us all about her holiday where she met rescue dolphins and Emily told us about her fossil collection! Very impressive! Well done girls!










Like I said, it has been very busy!!

Week beginning 14th June

I have been so pleased to hear about all of the exciting things that the children from class three have been getting up to over the holidays. I hope they are rested and ready for a half term full of learning!

This week class three have read Lost and Found, Lazy Lion and The Snail and the Whale. They have looked at the start of each story and have made predictions about what they think would happen next, they have written book reviews, answered questions about these stories and checked their predictions once they had finished reading the stories.

In Maths class three they have been practising their multiplication and division skills. Children even shared methods that other children had never seen before!

Please click on the link below to see the Summer 2 Newsletter

Class 3 Summer 2016 Newsletter

Week beginning 16th May

This week class three have worked incredibly hard and definitely deserved a fantastic golden time. So, we got out play dough, jigsaws, lego and colouring so that people could choose what they wanted to do. I was so impressed with one group of boys who sat so nicely and worked together to complete a fantastic ocean scene jigsaw! Well done to all of class three earning and enjoying your golden time so sensibly!!








Week beginning 2nd May

Class three enjoyed having two days off this week but were horrified to find that during their second day off, there had been an invasion!! Class three was covered in spider infested webs! We think that Spider Man had been in school protecting the building from bad guys. There were lots of possible answers to why he had been in class, how he got into school and how he escaped so we wrote our ideas into our English books. We made sure that we used our knowledge of spelling rules so that our sentences were written in the past tense.










Week beginning 25th April

We have enjoyed the Farm Day!! We got to stroke ducks, alpacas, lambs and goats. We had so much fun and some of us even overcame our nerves so that we could experience touching the animals.
















































Week beginning 18th April 

This week has been very exciting because not only has it been lovely and sunny, our grandparents also visited school. We sang them four songs and told them why we love them so much. We really enjoyed having the chance to tell our grandparents what we appreciate so much and hope they enjoyed seeing us at school!

























Week beginning 11th April

Welcome back! I hope you had a fantastic Easter break and that the children are ready for a busy Summer term!

I have attached the Summer Newsletter.

CLASS 3 Curriculum newsletter SUMMER 2016 doc

Week beginning 22nd February

C3 Curriculum news spring 2 2016 c3 (Click here for a link to the curriculum news letter)

Week beginning 29th February

This week we were all so excited because we knew it was soon going to be World Book Day! When the day finally arrived we all looked brilliant and loved sharing information about the characters we love to read about.








Welcome back, I hope you enjoyed the half term!

We have had another busy week working hard in class three. I was so impressed with everyone’s knowledge of the Queen during our history lesson. I could tell the children had been doing some brilliant research for their homework because they had so many interesting facts to share.

We went exploring in the play garden to find plants and animals. We discussed their habitat and what we thought they liked about their environment. We decided that slugs like damp, dark environments but birds tried to make warm dry nests high in the tree so it is safe from predators.















Week beginning 1st February

This week was SO exciting in class three as we finally got to go to the Lowry Art Gallery! The children behaved brilliantly and were all really interested in the art and the history that they were learning from the trip! They loved walking around the gallery and finding their own information from the signs next to the paintings and they even took inspiration from Lowry and used the scenery around them to sketch their own modern Manchester landscape.








More photos to follow shortly.

Week beginning 11th January

This week we tested our covered buildings to see which materials were best suited for the job. We had some great ideas before the testing even began and the children really enjoyed observing how the materials reacted to water. We even left the ‘buildings’ in the water to see if the materials reacted differently over time. The children decided that there are different forms of materials so even though our wooden building wasn’t waterproof, some buildings that are made of wood and are waterproof.


























Week beginning 4th January

This week we used different materials to cover buildings. We plan to test them with water and wind to see how well they protect the building. We are hoping that at least one material will be waterproof.


Week beginning 14th December

Well it has been another incredibly busy week! All of class three have been working like Santa’s little helpers making Christmas decorations and cards. Although they have worked hard, they have also played hard too. They loved going to the pantomime and having a party but the best bit of the week was when Santa visited school and delivered a present to our class because we have all been good boys and girls. Take a look at our busy week in the pictures below!























































Week beginning 7th December

This week has been so busy as we have been performing our Christmas play “It’s a Cracker!” for our grown ups. Miss Manion and all of the grown ups at school are so proud of us for working so hard and doing such a fantastic job!



































Week Beginning 30th November

This week we were able to write our own Fairy tales after learning all about them! We included princesses, Kings, wicked witches, poisonous potions and so much more! Thankfully they all had “happily ever after” endings!

Week Beginning 16th November

This week we have been thinking about what it would be like to live on an island. We decided that the Isle of Coll would be very cold, windy and rainy because it is in the north. We thought it would be exposed to the weather because it doesn’t have lots of big buildings to get in the way of the wind. Therefore, we decided that Katie Morag should wear warm and waterproof clothing which we designed and put onto our display.








Week Beginning 9th November 

This week we have been learning about Remembrance Day and why we celebrate it every year. We all made our own poppies and now have a wonderful Remembrance Day field of poppies in our own classroom.








Week Beginning 2nd November

This week we have been learning all about the Gunpowder Plot and we were even lucky enough to have a visit from Guy Fawkes and King James I themselves. We were able to ask them lots of questions about what went on all those years ago and were able to understand their reasons for their actions.










Week Beginning 12th October

Class three have been very busy preparing for the Harvest Festival next week. They have been lucky enough to have a visit from Reverend Smith who talked to the children about how lucky they are to have fresh clean water. The children in class three had a chat about where water comes from and have written some wonderful poems describing clouds. They used lots of adjectives in their poems and some children even made their poems rhyme!

Week Beginning 5th October

This week class three have been finishing off their minions to go on the ‘Welcome to Class Three’ display! They look fantastic!! Each one is completely unique! We have a class of budding artists!!


















Week Beginning 21st September

The children met a real life vet this week!! She showed them pictures of the animals that she looks after and shared tips to help the children keep their pets safe and healthy. The children were amazed when the vet explained that she looks after more unusual animals like parrots and monkeys.

Week Beginning 14th September

Class three have had two VERY exciting visitors this week! You may recognise them from a famous and well loved film – Toy Story!! We were so lucky to have the opportunity to ask these famous characters lots of questions to find out new information. Class three definitely made the most of the opportunity and used their knowledge of questioning words to get to know the characters better.


Week Beginning 7th September

The new academic year is already well underway and Class three have been very busy doing lots of fun and exciting things!! We have started to choreograph our very own Magic Toy Shop dance routine which begins with lots of sleeping toys in a dusty old toy shop. Can you tell what type of toys the children are being? (Apologies for the black edges on the pictures, these are screen shots from a video of the children dancing).


Week Beginning 20th July

Class three had a go at being paleontologists on Monday. They used brushes to gently discover fossils and skeletons. They also had a go at making their own dinosaur skeletons on the computers and using straws.



Week beginning 13th July

Class three were thrilled to take part in two concerts this week. First of all they performed for their parents and then at Event city with lots of other schools. They were finally able to show off their musical talents after weeks of practice.



Week beginning 29th June

Urmston Infants opened its doors on Friday afternoon for open day. Class three were incredibly excited to show off their Northern Lights masterpieces! They worked so hard on them and were very proud of what they had achieved… and rightly so!!



Week beginning 22nd June

Class three have been learning about the climate in different parts of the world. They have discussed how the temperature is measured and have looked at lots of different types of thermometers.



Week beginning 15th June

Class three have been learning about repeating patterns this week. They have done repeating number, shape and colour patterns. They found it easy with two colour pegs but it got tricky once we added more and more coloured pegs to the repeating pattern.



Thursday 11th June

Today class three went outside and thought about the different types of weather that we experience in the UK. We also thought of the weather in different parts of the world. We then role played the activities we thought were suited to the weathers that we had thought of. Can you guess what activites we were role playing and which weather we thought it would be good for?



Friday 22nd May

Class three thoroughly enjoyed playing with construction toys today. They got very creative and made an array of different things. It was lovely to see them all playing so creatively and being so kind to one another.



This week class three have had great fun taking pictures to show different emotions through facial expression. They aren’t a shy class!! We had fun putting their pictures on the big screen and trying to guess the emotion they were trying to portray.

IMG_0032 IMG_0130

IMG_0126 IMG_0038


This week Class 3 have loved using dictionaries and other types of non-fiction books to find information. They used this information to make their own non-fiction book. The books they made included a contents page, facts and subheadings. Now they are the brilliant authors of their own books!!


Class three loved inviting their Grandparents to their school on such a lovely sunny day and were proud to show off their fantastic singing voices.


In our first week of the Summer term we have had a super exciting Science Week! We have done lots of research and made lots of things. Below is some pictures of us making bird feeders for the birds in our school garden


We have loved looking under logs and in the leaves for the mini beasts  that we have been learning about during Science week.


Class three showed off their dancing skills in a Street Dance workshop. The instructor was amazed by how talented all of the children in class three were. She said that they picked up the routine faster than any other school she has worked in…. WOW!!


On Tuesday the 17th March Year two took a trip to Urmston to look at all the things we might find in a town. We even got the chance to go to the Market where we bought some fruit and vegetables for us to look at as we are learning about these in Science!


This week we have had great fun looking at story books and dressing up as our favourite characters.