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0786Welcome to Class 3!
Here you will find regular updates which will give you an insight into life in our classroom! I hope that you and the children will find this page informative, interesting and, of course, fun!
Mr Lobodzinski :)

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26.05.16 Happy half term! I have sent a slip out today detailing reading and mathematics homework for the holiday – please log into Active Learn. Today we had our Race for Life…and it was hot! Thank you to all the adult helpers – your help was invaluable and very much appreciated! See you soon! Enjoy the sun! Mr L x

IMG_1024 IMG_1028 IMG_0990 IMG_1005 IMG_1014 IMG_1017

23.05.17 We have only just begun the week but already we have been very busy. We have enjoyed PE outdoors and have been making caterpillar kebabs in mathematics and then working out how much they would cost. The children then estimated the weight, checked the weighed and put them in order of weight. We have also found a black hole in our classroom which has inspired the children to write an adventure story about ‘what lies beneath…’

Today we went to the Urmston Grammar School field to sing our ‘Go to the Park’ and have our milk on picnic blankets. Many Trafford schools did this today so we were part of something big!

IMG_0957 IMG_0964 IMG_0965 IMG_0966 IMG_0970 IMG_0971 IMG_0977 IMG_0980

19.05.17 Over the past two weeks the children have been so grown up and worked incredibly hard on their very special jobs. They were so excited and motivated to do well because they knew that the magic worked with effort and spaghetti and meatballs would appear for my dinner as a result! Well here is a picture to prove it! Children – I am so proud of you and it gives me so much pleasure to see how far you have come since September! I really will miss you when you go to your next class! Let’s enjoy the rest of our time together in Class 3! Mr L x

cheesy-meatballs-with-spaghetti-23057-1 M-FS-S-FS-MS1545_1

10.05.17 The children have been working very hard this week on their extra special jobs. We have also had lots of fun, including a Judo assembly, violin lesson and also an author coming to our class to read us a story! Here are some pictures of the Judo assembly, where one girl particularly impressed us with her skills!

IMG_1542 IMG_0897 IMG_0901 IMG_0907

05.05.17 Thank you to all the grandparents who came to watch our special performance in the sun, complete with superhero outfits. We hope that you had as much fun as we did! Class 3 x

IMG_0860 IMG_0864 IMG_0876 IMG_0879

05.05.17 Happy Superhero Day! Thank you for the effort with all the costumes and your generous donations to such a fantastic charity – Make a Wish foundation. The children have had a great time meeting superheros and being superheros for the day! Here are some pictures!

IMG_0819 IMG_0820 IMG_0823 IMG_0837 IMG_0838 IMG_0842 IMG_0844 IMG_0847 IMG_0849 IMG_0853

28.04.17 This week the children enjoyed their first violin lesson from Mr Harding. We had such a great time and cannot wait until we learn more about playing the violin! Here are some pictures. Remember that we are not in school on Monday and Thursday next week. Have a fantastic Bank Holiday weekend and see you next week!

IMG_0761 IMG_0767 IMG_0777 IMG_0778

20.04.17 Hello everybody! What a fantastic first week back we are having as Urmston Primary School! I am sorry for lack of update so far – we have been very busy with amalgamation! We are also expecting a new website very shortly so this might be the last post on our class page! Here is a picture from our opening ceremony, hosted by Miss Bee and Newsround reporter Hayley Hassall. Tea party this afternoon, you lucky parents and carers! :)


04.04.17 What a lovely Easter Bonnet Parade we have had today. The weather was kind to us and the children had such a great time parading round the playground and singing to you all. I hope you had an enjoyable morning! Look out for my article in Small Talk about the parade. All that’s left to say is have a lovely, restful Easter break and we will see you all on Tuesday 18th April – the very first day of our new school – Urmston Primary School. Exciting times ahead! Mr L x

IMG_0696 IMG_0697 IMG_0700 IMG_0701 IMG_0702 IMG_0703 IMG_0704 IMG_0709 IMG_0712

30.03.17 After a long week of a lot of effort from the children with their special tasks, including extended writing; writing a letter; answering mathematics questions; and answering spelling, punctuation and grammar questions, the children had an exciting activity this afternoon to create an origami Easter bunny. Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. We were inspired by Kai who brought in some fantastic origami which he had done at home with daddy. The children carefully listened to instructions and produced fantastic bunnies! I am sure you will agree how great the finished results are!


24.03.17 Happy Red Nose Day!


23.03.17 The children have had another busy week. In maths they have been learning about multiplication and division. In PE the children have been playing Sticky Bodies and a hoop race – I was so impressed at their skills! Here are also some more Show and Tell pictures.

IMG_0609 IMG_0610 IMG_0612 IMG_0615 IMG_0635 IMG_0654 IMG_0656 IMG_0657 IMG_0658 IMG_0661 IMG_0662 IMG_0666

17.03.17 This week the children have been learning about statistics and data (creating and reading pictograms) and have been practising spelling, punctuation and grammar. In art the children have drawn very intricate Meerkats to add to their Kalahari Desert collages. Well done!

IMG_0608 IMG_0607 IMG_0606 IMG_0605

10.03.17 The children have had a very busy week this week! In PE we have been continuing with our dance work and also incorporated this with our team games work – playing a hoop game while acting as a Meerkat family! In art we have started to make collages of the Kalahari desert. We have been learning about times tables in mathematics and learnt how to make arrays to show them. Today for our golden time activity we got chance to use the outdoor sports equipment! Some more excellent show and tells too!

IMG_0484 IMG_0485 IMG_0486 IMG_0528 IMG_0529 IMG_0531 IMG_0570 IMG_0577 IMG_0581 IMG_0582 IMG_0583 IMG_0584 IMG_0585 IMG_0588 IMG_0589 IMG_0590 IMG_0591 IMG_0593 IMG_0594 IMG_0598 IMG_0599

02.03.17 Happy World Book Day everybody! The children are enjoying a fabulous fun-filled day. We have had a parade in the hall to see all the other classes in their costumes, we have looked at lots of World Book Day artwork and we have also had a class of year 5 children from the junior school come and share books with us! This afternoon Reverend Smith is coming to read to us and we are very excited! The children look fantastic, so much effort has gone into their costumes to show off their love of books – thank you! Mr Bogtrotter ;)

IMG_0497 IMG_0500 IMG_0501 IMG_0502 IMG_0503 IMG_0504 IMG_0505 IMG_0507

23.02.17 What a fun and busy week the children have had! In English we have been learning about instructions – the different features of them and how to give clear, effective instructions both in writing and verbally. We improved some unclear instructions on how to make pancakes in preparation for Pancake Day next week – get your children to tell you step by step instructions! We then wrote our own instructions on how to make a pancake face using fruit. The children made the pancake faces using someone else’s instructions and evaluated their effectiveness, before enjoying their fruity creations! Delicious!

IMG_0464 IMG_0465 IMG_0466 IMG_0468 IMG_0469 IMG_0473 IMG_0474 IMG_0477 IMG_0479 IMG_0482

10.02.17 Some more Show and Tell pictures. Here is also a picture of a special delivery which Class 3 has had this week! The children have been enthralled by the dinosaur egg and we will be learning more about dinosaurs after the half term. Have a lovely half term, see you all soon x

IMG_0409 IMG_0410 IMG_0411 IMG_0419 IMG_0420 IMG_0444 IMG_0448 IMG_0449 IMG_0451 IMG_0452

09.02.17 The children enjoyed our pyjama and storytelling day yesterday. Even the teachers came to school in their pyjamas! Some children from the junior school came to read with us in small groups too :)


01.02.17 Show and Tell has been extremely interesting thus far! Thank you for supporting your children to come up with some fabulous talks about interesting things. Here are some further Show and Tell pictures! This week the children are consolidating knowledge about 3D shape and time in mathematics; our English work compliments National Storytelling Week (more on that in the next post!) and we have started a new, exciting science topic too! I love it when children go home and apply what they have learnt. This demonstrates a true growth mindset! Here is a picture of Jake’s t-shirt which he designed all by himself, taking inspiration from our Great Fire of London topic! Fabulous Jake! :)

IMG_0400 IMG_0388 IMG_0392 IMG_0393 IMG_0395

25.01.17 The children have been stars this week in mathematics, learning how to find the ‘difference’ between two-digit numbers and also finding change from various amounts up to 20p, 50p and £1.50! We are continuing to enjoy our PE slots too. The children have been making some Great Fire of London art collages which will be completed this week…picture to follow soon! Our Show and Tell sessions have started – so far they have been absolutely fabulous! I cannot wait for more :)

IMG_0327 IMG_0333 IMG_0334 IMG_0337 IMG_0339 IMG_0342

17.01.17 This week the children have been enjoying poetry in our English lessons. They have shared and discussed poems, before performing them and having a go at writing one towards the end of the week. In mathematics the children have been adding and subtracting using number facts, e.g. using knowledge of 13 + 7 = 20 to solve 13 + 9 = 20 + two more; and 20 – 7 = 13, 20 – 13 = 7. We are also continuing to enjoy the football sessions from Man Utd. Today we tested our ‘schools’ and decided to make our own English weather, as it was neither windy or rainy! We found out that none of the materials were suitable for making a school out of because none were both windproof and waterproof. Best stick to bricks, eh?

IMG_0304 IMG_0305 IMG_0306 IMG_0307 IMG_0309 IMG_0318 IMG_0319 IMG_0320 IMG_0321 IMG_0322 IMG_0323 IMG_0324 IMG_0325 IMG_0326

12.01.17 We have had a very busy week! The children have been enjoying coaching from Manchester United. We have been completing lots of challenging maths work – some children have been learning how to use calculators, some have practised place value with money, some have been using computer programs to practise calculating and others have been using books to complete number investigations! All of the children worked in groups today to construct schools out of various materials: the afternoon was organised chaos but, as you can see from the finished products, the children did an amazing job! We will be testing them next week in the English weather…oh dear!

IMG_0267 IMG_0269 IMG_0275 IMG_0277 IMG_0278 IMG_0280 IMG_0282 IMG_0284 IMG_0293 IMG_0294 IMG_0295 IMG_0296 IMG_0297 IMG_0298 IMG_0299 IMG_0300

05.01.17 Happy New Year! This week we are learning about ‘growth mindset’ and how important it is to think positively to help our learning and progress. The children have embraced this idea very well today – we discussed what growth mindset means and sorted statements into different categories of mindset. The children then turned fixed mindset statements into growth mindset statements using their own ideas. We’ve also been practising some growth mindset singing – ask your child to tell you! Living for growth… ;) Children’s password is ‘mindset’.

IMG_0254 IMG_0255 IMG_0256 IMG_0258 IMG_0261 IMG_0262

Merry Christmas from all the children and staff of Class 3!


16.12.16 The Christmas performances were fabulous darling! ;-) Well done to all of the children and staff! Here are a few photographs from the day.

IMG_0157 IMG_0159 IMG_0166 IMG_0170 IMG_0180 IMG_0188 IMG_0192 IMG_0204 IMG_0209 IMG_0213 IMG_0221

Christmas jumper day


08.12.16 The children have been working so hard this week on their maths and English tasks and practising the Nativity – well done! You’ve all been superstars. To say sorry for being away at meetings this week I let the children play ‘spot Mr L’ on the BBC news! The children were amazed to see me on the screen! Today we also had Christmas lunch together which was lovely and festive. Happy Christmas, and Happy Christmas Jumper Day tomorrow! Oh, and children: the secret password this week is: festive.

IMG_0145 IMG_0148 IMG_0151 IMG_0152

It’s becoming a tradition to have a Christmas lunch selfie with Miss Bee! Cheese!


Class 3’s secret homework password is: Christmas pudding

02.12.16 Happy December! This week the children have decorated our class tree and the classroom is looking rather Christmasey! We have also finished our Christmas cards this week – except them soon! Here are some photos of our Christmas tree decorating – we all joined in and it looks fabulous and festive!

IMG_0136 IMG_0135 IMG_0133 IMG_0132 IMG_0134 IMG_0137


28.11.16 Happy 120th Birthday to Urmston Infant School! Class 3 celebrated our school’s history today by learning what school life would have been like 120 years ago at Urmston Infants! We looked at the building to see which were original features – including a special memorial stone outside our classroom – and those features which were added later. We all agreed that we were relieved to be at school now and not 120 years ago! We gathered together to make a giant ‘cake’ and held up 4 fingers each so that the cake had exactly 120 ‘candles’ on!

IMG_0086 IMG_0088 IMG_0089 IMG_0090 IMG_0091 teachers_desk


25.11.16 Thank you to all of the parents and carers who came to our Year 2 curriculum meeting last night. The children thought it would be a good idea to put some pictures on for any grown ups who couldn’t make it. We hope that you found all the ideas of how to help your children at home of use.

This week we have learnt how to write about feelings using the John Lewis advert ‘Man on the Moon’. The children have written some fantastic stories too! In mathematics we have been adding 2-digit numbers and also doubles/near doubles. The children also learnt how to add 3 single digit numbers using number facts to help. Laurie said that he was ‘amazed’ by it! Ask your child to show you how amazing and easy it is to solve: 7 + 6 + 3 = ? Magic – especially when you know number facts to help!

IMG_0075 IMG_0078 IMG_0081 IMG_0082

18.11.16  What a busy week we have had in class 3! This week we have been learning what facts are. We wrote facts about Neil Armstrong and used these facts to write non-chronological reports. In maths we have been learning about centimetres/metres and learning how to measure and compare distances. On Wednesday we had an anti-bullying day and dressed up as superheroes! Today was Children in Need day. Here are some pictures. Thank you Eve for my homemade Children in Need scarf!


IMG_0156 IMG_0162 IMG_0052 IMG_0054

11.11.16 We have had a lovely Remembrance Assembly today – well done Year 2! Everyone tried their very best, especially the children who read out information or their Remembrance poems. Great job! Our poppies which we made are now up in the classroom, a lovely field of poppies to remember all the brave soldiers.

IMG_0031 IMG_0037 IMG_0039 IMG_0047

09.11.16 What a fantastic Diwali Day we had yesterday! The children made some special sweets, a colourful lantern, a mendhi hand pattern and also did some special Diwali writing! We had a brilliant afternoon learning quite a challenging Indian dance and the children learnt it exceptionally well. They were then able to perform it in front of the rest of the school. Jai ho! जय हो

IMG_0031 IMG_0009 IMG_0028 IMG_0010 IMG_0023 IMG_0007 IMG_0020 IMG_0002 IMG_0013 IMG_0001

C3 Curriculum Newsletter Autumn 2

Today the class worked together to write the following poem about the weekend!

C3 Bonfire Night Acrostic poem

03.11.16 Today the children thought of some absolutely brilliant questions to ask Guy Fawkes. We then had some ‘hot seating’ of King James and Guy Fawkes. The children have been terrific with their knowledge and imagination. Some children have even been doing their own research at home – well done! ;-)

IMG_7731 IMG_7732 IMG_7733

02.11.16 The children have enjoyed the week so far. We have been practising ball skills in PE; in mathematics we have been learning about place value and ordinal numbers; and in English we have been learning about Guy Fawkes and newspapers. Yesterday the children went on a materials hunt in the school and playground – we had lots of fun and the children found lots of objects to match the materials!

IMG_7701 IMG_7702 IMG_7708 IMG_7709 IMG_7710 IMG_7715 IMG_7716 IMG_7724 IMG_7726 IMG_7729

20.10.16 “And when the sun comes down…we’ll share it all around…so let’s Harvest!” Thank you for coming to watch our Harvest Festival. The children worked so hard after having only a few practices – well done to all. We had excellent singers, thoughtful poets, tall letter-holders and a technical whizz! Have a lovely half-term break and I will see you all soon xx

IMG_7653 IMG_7654 IMG_7658 IMG_7660 IMG_7664 IMG_7665 IMG_7671

19.10.16 We’ve made it to the last week of this half term! I think we all need a well-deserved rest. The children have been in the playgarden with Mrs Jones harvesting lots of fruit and vegetables. In PE we have been practising lots of skills which we have learnt this half term. I hope that we see you tomorrow for our Harvest Festival at 2.45PM in the school hall! :)

IMG_3706 IMG_3711 IMG_7607 IMG_7611 IMG_7613 IMG_7614 IMG_7620 IMG_7627 IMG_7640 IMG_7641

13.10.16  The children have enjoyed lots this week. In maths the children have been learning about inequalities and using equal (=), greater than (>) and less than (<) signs to order and compare numbers. In English we have been learning about acrostic poems and writing our own harvest poems, editing them and then writing them up in neat ready for next week. Our geography has centred around the RNLI and we were lucky enough to have a special visitor to teach us lots of information. We have also finished our textured seaside pictures and, I am sure you will agree, they are looking absolutely fabulous!

IMG_7572 IMG_7587 IMG_7593 IMG_7595 IMG_7599

5.10.16 We are having a very busy week! We are learning all about instructions and have been using instructions for brushing our teeth as a stimulus. This has linked in nicely to our special science assembly on teeth delivered by Mr Crawford! After the assembly, the children worked in groups to write down all the things that they learnt, including the three main ways to look after our teeth (cleaning teeth properly, eating the correct foods and visiting the dentist). We also learnt the following parts of teeth: enamel, dentine and pulp.

IMG_7523 IMG_7530 IMG_7533 IMG_7538 IMG_7541 IMG_7542

29.09.16 Another update of mathematics and PE – the children learnt a seaside dance and performed it to the rest of the class!

IMG_7483 IMG_7484 IMG_7486 IMG_7487 IMG_7489 IMG_7490 IMG_7493 IMG_7495 IMG_7496 IMG_7498

27.09.16 The children have been up to lots since the last update! Thank you to all of the children and parents who have been sending homework and handwriting in promptly – this really does help! The children have been making textured seaside backgrounds and learning teamwork skills in PE. In mathematics we are consolidating doubling and number bonds, and using these to help solve trickier problems; in English we are working hard on our comprehension of texts that we read. A big well done to the children who have been doing ‘extra’ homework at home this week – all off their own backs! You have really impressed the other children and I :) Enjoy the rest of the week.

IMG_7458 IMG_7459 IMG_7465 IMG_7466 IMG_7467 IMG_7468 IMG_7469 IMG_7470 IMG_7471 IMG_7472 IMG_7475

20.09.16 Hello! This week we are continuing to do lots of learning! In mathematics we are practising and learning number bonds of 10, 20 and multiples of 10 bonds to 100; our English work this week is centred around ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ and we have been thinking about settings and how to ask relevant questions. Mrs Dunne kindly visited today and led our ‘hot seating’ lesson where the children asked their questions to the main character – Mr Grinling! I thought that I would also show you some areas in the classroom and the children’s work.

IMG_7429 IMG_7431 IMG_7433 IMG_7438 IMG_7439 IMG_7444 IMG_7452

IMG_7455IMG_7457 IMG_7432

13.09.16 We have been enjoying our second week in Class 3 and have begun more formal teaching sessions such as daily mathematics, phonics and English lessons. The children have been working very hard with their activities – well done. Today we have had a great Roald Dahl day which consisted of lots of activities, learning the song ‘Pure Imagination’, taking part in a quiz and watching the Penguin Live Event in the hall with the rest of the school!

IMG_7393 IMG_7395 IMG_7399 IMG_7403 IMG_7404 IMG_3593[1]

12.09.16 Class 3 Curriculum Newsletter Autumn 1 2016

09.09.16 What an extremely busy and first week we have had in our new class! Well done to all of the children for being superstars this week and getting stuck in with all the activities on offer. We have been painting self-portraits, writing about our summer holiday, creating book reviews, playing mathematics games, deciding on our own class rules and also thinking about our targets for this year. And how exciting the year will be! We ended on a high with a class game show which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

IMG_7365 IMG_7366 IMG_7368 IMG_7369 IMG_7370 IMG_7371 IMG_7375 IMG_7385 IMG_7387 IMG_7388 IMG_7389 IMG_7390 IMG_7391 IMG_7392

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