Class 6 Archive 2014-16

27.07.16 Class 6’s Got Talent!

We ended our year with our very own little talent show. The children organised themselves so well! All acts got 5 yeses from our judging panel too!



Singing and dancing






Joke telling





Hoola-hooping and weight lifting




One of our presenters





Singing with instruments




Another presenter






Yo-yo skills





Ball skills






Magic tricks










More joke telling




Hoola-hooping to music











Ballet dancing
















Our third presenter






22.07.16 Weekly Learning Update 22.07.16 (Please click on this link)


15.07.16 Weekly Learning Update 15.07.16 (Please click on this link)

This week we started our ‘Pirates’ topic. The boys and girls have been having fun dressing as pirates and writing messages in bottles.








Pirate Pete needed our help this week as his sail had blown straight off his ship in a terrible storm. He sent a message in a bottle to ask if we could find a good material to make a new sail from. We tested out fabric, net, tissue paper and plastic. We were surprised to find that the net worked even with holes in it. The tissue paper worked well but the boys and girls thought that it would not be strong enough. The plastic was too rigid but the fabric was just perfect!





















We have been learning how to use non-standard measure to compare the size of our hands, feet and even compare our heights.The children then recorded the measurements on a chart.


08.07.16 Weekly Learning Update 08.07.16 (Please click on this link)

This week our learning centered around the story ‘Billy’s Bucket’. Here, the boys and girls are pretending to be buckets on the shelf at ‘Buckets R Us’. Every time I walked past a bucket, they had to call out “Pick me, pick me, I’m…” giving reasons why I should choose them. This got quite noisy in the end as I really couldn’t make my mind up-they were all very persuasive!

















We finally got to show off our animal masks at Open Day this week. Every child decided on their own animal and used materials of their choice to create these masterpieces. We think they look amazing!




01.07.16  Weekly learning update 01.07.16 (Please click on this link)

This week, the children have been buying 2 or 3 items from the beach shop and adding the prices together to see what the total cost would be using number lines.




24.06.16 Weekly Learning Update 24.06.16 (Please click on the link)

We had a brilliant time playing some African drums this week with Peter.

Peter introduced us to some very interesting instruments with even more interesting names! He taught us how to carry out a ‘rumble’ where everyone plays their instrument at the same time. We had to watch Peter’s arm movements carefully though to know whether we should play quietly or loudly. We tried to make the sounds of the African jungle, and then we closed our eyes to imagine we were really there.

I can only upload extremely short videos onto this website so I filmed some little snippets. Please click on the links to view them.

Drumming 1

Drumming 2

Drumming 3

(Apologies if you do not see your child on any of the videos- some of the footage I took was too big to upload.)








































17.06.16 Weekly Learning Update 17.06.16 (Please click on this link)

Well, here we are at the start of our very final half term, and what a busy one it is going to be! The boys and girls are all very excited about the prospect of becoming Year One children and as you can see here, they have been keen to show me that they are ready to move to the next year group with their very smart sitting!








We have changed our areas in the classroom ready for our new topic all about our holidays. In the role play area we have a beach and a beach shop, we have sea creatures in the water, we can build sand castles in the sand pit, we have an airport in our small world and have a new writing area all about Octonauts, as well as many other new and exciting activities.


Getting ready for the beach…

IMG_5327IMG_5326IMG_5339Here are two of our boys are mending one of the broken planes in the new airport.









Our new Octonauts writing area.


The children have written all about their holiday news, which can now be seen hanging from our washing lines ready for all of the grown ups to read on Open Day.














Look at our new Minibeast displays too. Just before the school holidays, the children learned all about symmetry and painted and decorated the most beautiful symmetrical butterflies. They also followed some instructions very carefully to make their own bugs completely independently, and chose all of their own materials from the making area too.





27.05.16 Weekly Learning Update 27.05.16 (Please click on this link)


Here are my green-fingered friends showing off their mystery beanstalks. Look how tall they had grown! We discovered that if the beans got too wet, they turned very mushy and wouldn’t grow at all so we had to plant some beans again, which explains the shorter beanstalks amongst the class. I hope that your beanstalks are still flourishing at home!


































The boys and girls have been learning all about recycling. We decided to do some recycling ourselves and turned old bottles, containers and even wellies into new plant pots. Here, the children are decorating their plant pots with stickers.

























Everyone planted a bulb in their pot, so hopefully these will start to grow soon.










Over the past few weeks, the children have been using some computer software called ‘2 create a story’ to make their own animated version of ‘Dear Fairy Godmother’. One page showed a problem and the other page showed the problem being solved.



















20.05.16 Weekly Learning Update 20.05.16

Here are our little bug hunters, trying out some bush shaking to see what creepy crawlies they could find.







Here, they are trying out some log rolling.











By gently tapping their feet on the ground, the children were hoping to charm some worms to the surface. Unfortunately, the worms were feeling a little shy today.

























We practised our correct and neat letter formations using giant paper. Some of the children were practising keeping their letters on the lines too.






























Here are some of the children’s letters to the Fairy Godmother. I was so pleased with every single child in the class. All of their writing was fantastic! They are working so hard!



13.05.16 Weekly Learning Update 13.05.16

The boys and girls have enjoyed another fairy tale themed week. We pretended to be different fairy tale characters, writing to the fairy godmother with our problems. The children’s ideas were fantastic! We also carried out a fairy tale quiz in the play garden.

IMG_5176 - CopyIMG_5177IMG_5178IMG_5179IMG_5180IMG_5181IMG_5182IMG_5183IMG_5185IMG_5186


06.05.16 Weekly Learning Update 6.05.16

This week, Class 6 have been growing mystery beans!

We will be watching them closely as they grow to decide who planted a broad bean, who planted a runner bean and who planted a french bean. The children were brilliant at planting their beans-all knowing that they needed soil, water and sunlight.


































The boys and girls used ‘magic beans’ to help solve some doubling and halving problems.





















29.04.16 Weekly Learning Update 29.04.16

27.04.16 What a fun day on the farm!

We were the first class to meet the animals this morning. Farmer David asked us all to stand in a big circle whilst he brought some of them out to meet us.








First of all he brought out his duck which Matilda carefully carried around for everyone to stroke.































He then asked Mrs Gilbert to catch it and put it back in its pen!










Next he brought out one of his lambs which was only 4 weeks old. This time it was Mrs Byrne’s job to catch it!








Finally, we met his alpaca called Albert. He was so lovely and soft.






Everyone then had the chance to visit the animals. Some children even gave them a little bit of food. We had to make sure we kept our hands very flat.







We got to see some real goats just like in our story ‘The 3 Billy Goats Gruff’. They weren’t billy goats though, they were nanny goats.









Farmer David then showed us how to milk a sheep. The milk was spraying everywhere! He gave us some of the sheep’s wool too.










Later in the day, we tasted some goat’s milk and some goat’s cheese. The boys and girls were divided as to whether it tasted nice or not. This reinforced some of our current learning on how we are all different and not everybody likes the same things.






22.04.16 Weekly learning update 22.04.16 (Please click on the link)




Premier Sports activities





































The boys and girls all carried out some problem solving in maths involving subtraction. They used counters to help work out the answers.



























The children followed a sequence of instructions to make banana milkshake and then had to tell the following group exactly how to do it, using instructional language.




























15.04.16 Weekly learning update 15.04.16 (Please click on the link)

The boys and girls have been busy drawing hyacinths and daffodils this week. Our daffodils were double headed which proved quite tricky but they all did a fantastic job!














IMG_5006[1]IMG_5005[1]IMG_5004[1]IMG_5003[1]IMG_5002[1]It has been quite a creative week all round. Here are some pictures of children getting creative during Continuous Provision.






























24.03.16 Weekly Learning Update 24.03.16 (Please click on the link)

Thank you so much for helping your children make their fantastic Easter bonnets. They were all amazing! Look how happy the children were!








The rest of the class wrote their ‘Walking through the Jungle’ writing which we used to complete our new display, along with some of the brilliant animal paintings the children have been working on.






















Don’t forget to log in to your child’s Active Learn account to see which book they have been allocated. We will be allocating a maths activity after the Easter holidays.

18.03.16 Weekly Learning Update 18.03.16 (Please click on the link)


This week we came up with our own sentences in the style of those from’Walking through the Jungle’.




Here are some of our ideas.

The children worked with very little support. As you can see, their writing is coming on really well! I will upload the rest of the writing next week when it is finished.


11.03.16 Weekly Learning Update 11.03.16 (Please click on link)



Two friends from our class were chosen to play a game during the Judo assembly. They did a great job!






In Continuous Provision, the children have been using the Lego to make correct sized pens for different animals at the zoo





They have also been very busy in the writing area, writing all about tigers.





This week we have been solving some sharing problems using animals and fruit and dogs and dog biscuits.



04.03.16 Weekly Learning Update 04.03.16 (Please click on the link)

What a fun week it’s been! Especially World Book Day. The children’s outfits were amazing! We all enjoyed parading around the hall to show them off as well as looking at our friends’ fantastic costumes too.



















We taught the tiger all about sharing, healthy eating and using good manners whilst having our own little tea party.
































Some of the Junior school children came over to share a story with us.

























We ended the day with a story book quiz.





































26.02.16 Weekly learning update 26.02.16 (Please click on this link)

Once again, we’ve been busy, busy, busy this week! Here’s just a little bit of what we’ve been up to…

Showing o’clock times as we read the story ‘The bad-tempered ladybird’



















Acting out ‘The tiger who came to tea’ in our new role play area










Sharing food equally










A visit from a very cross Zoo Keeper wanting to know why he had a sick tiger and what we could do about it



The children suggested that the tiger should come back next week so that they can teach him some good manners, including how to share, and how to eat healthily.



Pretending to be secret agents, rescuing the queen’s stolen jewels.




12.02.16 Weekly Learning Update 12.02.16 (Please click on the link)

We had lots of pancake fun on Shrove Tuesday. The children heard the story of ‘The Enormous Pancake’ and then had a go at acting it out themselves.








Pancake races were lots of fun!















































We found out that chocolate was the most popular pancake topping in Class 6 after collecting information on a pictogram and using tick charts.


























We learned all about the value of each coin this week and placed the coins in the correct order.



































We ended the week with a Chinese banquet and all had a go at using chopsticks. It was very tricky! Some of the children wowed us with their skills though!



05.02.16 Weekly Learning Update 05.02.16 (Please click on the link)



Here are the children learning how to perform a lion dance before having a go themselves. Some children provided music for the dance by playing the cymbals, drums and indian bells.

































29.01.16 Weekly Learning Update 29.01.16 (Please click on the link)

 Sledge making
















Penguin measuring

















      Travelling along benches















22.01.16 Weekly Learning Update 22.01.16 (Please click on the link)

We’ve had lots more polar fun this week!

Pretending to be penguins, carefully transferring the ‘egg’.

















Penguins huddle together to keep warm.


We have been trying to free the little people who are trapped in the ice, thinking about what we have learnt about freezing and melting.







We baked polar bear cub cakes cakes, learning how unlike ice, cake mix becomes spongy when it is heated. We followed instructions carefully to decorate them like a polar bear.
























We had some very proud children (and a very proud Mrs Gilbert) when they worked together to order numbers to 20 this week.



















15.01.16 Weekly Learning Update 15.01.16 (Please click on the link)

This week we have been making ‘That’s not my…’ books for Mrs Gilbert’s little boy. The children thought of great describing words for the materials they chose.



08.01.16 Weekly Learning Update 08.01.16 (Please click on the link)

We’re going on a polar bear hunt.

We’re going to catch a big one.

What a freezing day!

We’re not scared.



Uh oh, penguins, a huge huddle of penguins.

Squishy squashy, squishy squashy!





Uh oh, water! Freezing icy water!

Splish splash, splish splash!





Uh oh, snow! Soft fluffy snow!

Stamp stomp, stamp stomp!








Uh oh, a snow storm! A swirling whirling snow storm!

Hoo woo, hoo woo!





Uh oh, a mountain. A massive snow mountain!

Huff puff, huff puff!






Soft white fur, a black shiny nose, it’s a polar bear!






18.12.15 Weekly Learning Update 18.12.15 (Please click on the link)

There has been lots of Christmas fun in Class 6 this week. We finished all of our Christmas crafts which you should now have at home, the children followed verbal instructions to independently decorate their gingerbread decorations and together, we read a set of instructions teaching us how to assemble a parcel of reindeer food.














We had a lovely time eating our Christmas dinner together.





















The children made paper chains to decorate their tables for the Christmas party.











We had so much fun at the Christmas party!



























Father Christmas even paid us a visit!








He brought Class 6 some super hero capes and masks so that we can be Super Spellers in 2016!





11.12.15 Weekly Learning Update 11.12.15 (Please click on the link)

We hope that you were able to come and see all of our brilliant singers, actors and musicians in Class 6 perform this week in ‘Whoops a Daisy Angel’. They did us all proud!





















As well as performing our play to an audience three times this week, the children have also been very busy writing letters to Santa and carrying out some number activities (please read the newsletter for more information).



Addition using Christmas baubles





More addition with bows and chocolate coins





We even wrote some number sentences.













Number ordering




Here are a few samples of our letters to Santa. The children all thought they had been very good boys and girls this year!




4.12.15  Weekly Learning Update 04.12.15 (Please click on this link)

Father Christmas was in trouble with Mrs Christmas this week as he had mixed up all of the stockings! Oh no! Luckily, the boys and girls were here to help and together, they sorted the socks into the correct pairs and then hung them on the washing line in size order. They even counted the pairs of socks in 2s!



















We had great fun decorating our Christmas tree. I think it looks beautiful!




27.11.15  Weekly Learning Update 27.11.15 (Please click on this link)

This week, all of our learning has been based around the story ‘How to catch a Star’. We have been talking and writing about how we would catch a star, making star catchers and learning all about real stars too.

Here are some of the children’s ideas:














We had fun playing Bingo in phonics this week. The children even made their own bingo boards!









Thank you to all of the parents who were able to make the Phonics’ evening last week. We hope you found it informative.

For more information on how Phonics is taught in school and how you can help at home, please click on the following link:

Letters and Sounds information for Parents


20.11.15  Weekly Learning Update 20.11.15 (Please click on this link)

Parent helpers

On the lead up to Christmas, we have many different craft activities we would like to carry out with the children and would greatly appreciate some extra pairs of hands should any parents or grandparents wish to come and help in class. We are particularly looking for some help with sewing. If you are able to spare any of your time on a morning or afternoon, please come and let me know. Thank you!

This week, the children have explored light and dark, and have learnt how shadows are made. Look at our brilliant shadow puppets





























The children have been spelling out words using the remote control bug too. For those of you that attended our Phonics’evening this week, this is the activity that you saw in action.














13.11.15  Weekly Learning Update 13.11.15 (This is the link you click on to access the learning update.)

We have had lots of fun helping one of our friends in Class 6 to celebrate Diwali this week. Have a look at what we have done!







Diwali stick dancing





Diva lamps using play dough and sequins.







Diwali flower garlands







Rangoli patterns on the computer











Rangoli patterns in chalk.







Mendhi hand patterns



We have also been learning about symmetry too. You could ask your child whether a pattern is symmetrical this weekend and see if they can explain why/why not.













Wow moments

Hopefully you will have found the wow moments sheet we put into your child’s book bag. This is a way for you to share with us your child’s achievements at home which we love to hear about and can use to form part of our assessments. It is also a lovely opportunity for the children to share their out of school achievements with their friends. We certainly don’t expect for the sheet will be filled in all at once- it should just be used as and when wow moments happen. Should you require a second sheet, I have attached a copy for you to download.

Wow Moments (Please click on the link)

Wow Moments Help Sheet (Please click on the link)

06.11.15 Weekly Learning Update 06.11.15

This week we have had a ‘Bonfire Night’ theme. We have been tea bag splatting to create firework pictures, building rocket junk models, performing a firework dance and thinking of describing words for the sights and sounds of Bonfire Night. Most importantly, the children have learnt about bonfire safety too.

Our continuous provision areas have also changed. We now have a dark tent with torches and colour paddles to explore light and dark, we have moon sand, an emergency services small world and lots of shape activities too.



Tea bag splatting was lots of fun but very messy! The pictures we created made a really effective backdrop for the describing words we collected about Bonfire Night, which are now proudly displayed on our classroom wall.


22.10.15  Weekly Learning Update 22.10.15




Our Harvest performance





Our Sponsored Bounce





















Our completed mud sculptures






16.10.15  Weekly Learning Update 16.10.15 (Please click on the link)

We read a story this week called ‘Ferdie and the Falling Leaves’ about a fox who was desperately trying to stop the leaves from falling from the tree. No matter how hard he tried though, the wind just kept blowing them away. In our P.E. lesson, we pretended to be the leaves falling from the tree, twisting and turning our bodies at high, middle and low levels. We then performed our leaf dances with music.

























We have been doing lots of counting and weighing at the Harvest shop.














We have been making shakers to use in our Harvest assembly.















Here are some more of the boys and girls making their mud creatures during our Forest School session.


























09.10.15  Weekly Learning Update 09.10.15 (Please click on the link)

(Please excuse the formatting- this webpage seems to have a mind of its own!)



Team work and drama as the children pretend to be the animal from ‘After the Storm’ and work together to build new homes.







All set for building mud sculptures!




We all had a go at making an Autumn face on the laptops this week to practise our mouse control and clicking and dragging skills.





02.10.15  Weekly-Learning-Update-02.10.15 (Please click on the link)

Autumn has arrived in Class 6! Thank you so much for all of the lovely autumnal objects you have been collecting for us. They have been put to great use in our new small world area, in our investigation area, for making leaf necklaces, for making giant autumn collages and in our play dough. The conkers have been brilliant for helping with our counting work too! Please keep them coming in, as next week we are going to be making mud sculptures which we will be decorating with your findings.

Leaf necklaces





We’ve been making autumn collages.IMG_3548

Autumn object investigation!




Patterns and counting



Play dough fun!




Acting out ‘After the Storm’.




25.09.15    Weekly Learning Update 25.09.15  (Please click on the link)

Another busy week has passed and we’ve had lots of fun, especially when we made our Eid sweets. We found ourselves in a very sticky situation when our first batch turned into gloop in the children’s hot hands! We managed to rectify the problem by the third batch! Unfortunately all of our hands were so messy that we couldn’t get any photographs of our very funny disaster. The children were extremely patient though and really enjoyed the task, even if the sweets did not quite turn out as we had imagined!

18.09.15    Weekly Learning Update 18.09.15  (Please click on the link)

Well, the boys and girls did it! They survived their first full week at school and they have been brilliant! I’m so proud of the children for learning our new routines so quickly and for coming into school with great big smiles in the mornings. We even managed our first P.E. lesson with a full change into their P.E. kits.


We have been number ordering…


and making repeating patterns.


We used the individual whiteboards for the first time to practise and learn correct number formations. IMG_3417

In our outdoor learning, we introduced the big bricks, which the children used with care, following the safety precautions we had discussed beforehand.

Look at Solomon’s aeroplane! IMG_3412

We’ve also been making new friends and taking turns.


11.09.15   Weekly Learning Update 11.09.15

I can’t believe the children’s first week in school is over already! They truly have been super stars! They seem so confident and are already following many of the new routines independently. Quite a few of the boys and girls have been feeling tired by the end of their half days so be prepared for some very sleepy children next week!

Here is some of what has tired them out so much…

IMG_3289     IMG_3338IMG_3357IMG_3359IMG_3368IMG_3379IMG_3393























Here’s a sneaky peek at some of the areas in Class 6 for our new children’s first week at School.

Our reading corner


IMG_3210This area will change weekly and is aimed at helping children develop their fine motor skills.

Our small world area will begin with dinosaurs-always a firm favourite!IMG_3211

Our building area


Our phonics area


Our role play area will begin as a home corner.


Our sand area, which is just outside of our classroom.


Our maths area


Our water areaIMG_3218

The Class of 2014-2015


Dylan’s masterpiece








17.07.15   Weekly learning update 17.07.15








The boys and girls have been developing their programming skills by entering instructions into Beebot so that he could move around our new Treasure Island Beebot mat which was bought with the contributions you made at the last own-clothes day. The children also had fun building their own little courses for them to navigate Beebot through. We tried to stretch the children further this time by encouraging them to input a sequence of instructions rather than just one at a time. This meant that they had to think carefully about the route the Beebot would take and plan the steps that would be needed. This was then reinforced using the Beebot app we have on the ipads where they could use the same control pad to direct Beebot around the path on the screen.



















Pirate Day!











Ahoy there! This week we began our final topic of the year- Pirates!

IMG_2994Pirate Pete asked if we could help him as his sail was blown of his ship in a storm. We carried out an investigation to find good materials to use for a new sail.







The boys and girls have been measuring with non-standard units of their choice-duplo bricks, gold coins, lollipop sticks and much more. They particularly enjoyed drawing around themselves to find out who was the tallest.















10.07.15  Weekly Learning Update 10.07.15

3.07.15  Weekly Learning Update 03.07.15


We’ve been busy, busy, busy in Class 6! Over the past 2 weeks, our learning has been based around the story ‘Billy’s Bucket’ about a little boy who has a magic bucket. The boys and girls have been using their imaginations to design their own magic bucket. They then wrote an adventure story about jumping into their bucket and finally, they used the ipad to record T.V. adverts convincing people to buy their bucket. The children have been so enthusiastic during this topic and have worked their socks off!















We also began to learn about wind and just how useful it can be. Despite there not being very much wind outside this week, the boys and girls still had fun exploring our windy day box and found our electric handheld fans especially appealing! Some of the girls even made up a tornado dance!








We have also been busy builders…








And after all of our hard work, it was time for a rest…







26.06.15  Weekly Learning Update 26.06.15




18.06.15 Practising team games for Sport’s Day.

Here are some of the areas the children have been learning in recently.







IMG_2629[1] IMG_2631[1]







Our ‘We are Special’ display as promised a few weeks ago and our other new ‘Dear Fairy Godmother display’, which is show casing every child’s brilliant writing!








19.06.15   Weekly learning update 19.06.15


Class 6 are so excited to be artists, especially because they know their art is going to be displayed in our very own art exhibition! We have been very busy bees painting our backgrounds this week. A letter should be coming home soon to explain all about it. No photos of this I’m afraid as we want it to be a big surprise!!

As well as focusing on our art work, we have begun our Seaside theme and have lots of related activities going on around the classroom- a beach shop, airport small world, fishing for sea creatures and objects (and making a tally chart to record findings), doubling and sharing with shells, building sandcastles in wet sand and building mini sandcastles with sticky sand, cutting and sticking clothes into a suitcase and much more!








In order to attract some of the more reluctant writers, we have a new area- Super Spellers! This is where the children can dress up as super heroes and write speech bubbles for their favourite characters. This has proved to be very popular, especially with the boys which is lovely to see.



12.06.15 Weekly Learning Update 12.06.15


This week we read ‘Dear Fairy Godmother’ and then we pretended to be fairy tale characters too. Here, the children are asking Prince Charming, Little Red Riding Hood and one of the three pigs all about their problems.











Some of the children decided to make their own fairy tale puppets and performed a lovely puppet show for us.


Luckily, Goldilocks didn’t eat our porridge!

IMG_2535 IMG_2532




We played the mystery shape bag game this week too using 3D shapes. A little bit like pass the parcel but when the song stops, the person with the bag has to feel and describe the shape to the rest of the class for them to guess and show on their shape fans.IMG_2539

“Mystery bag, what’s inside?

What’s the shape you’re trying to hide?

Is it Cuboid, Cylinder, Pyramid or Sphere?IMG_2538

What’s the shape? Describe what’s here.”

(To the tune of ‘This old man’.)


22.05.15 Weekly learning update 22.5.15

15.05.15 What a lovely first week I have had with Class 6! The children have been so welcoming and hard-working so I’d like to say a big thank you to all the boys and girls.

What a busy week it has been too! We started the week by thinking about our similarities and differences and how it is our differences that make us so special. We really are a very special class! We’re going to be putting all of the children’s ideas up on the wall so I will upload the photo of the display as soon as it is complete.

Our main theme this week has been ‘The 3 Little Pigs’. The children have been comparing different versions, writing speech bubbles, writing out parts of the story and have even learned how to create an animated story on the computer using the software ‘2 Create a Story’. Not all of the boys and girls have had a chance to do this yet but they will all have a chance by the end of next week. The children are really enjoying learning about different fairy tales and acting them out in our role play area. Thank you to those who have been bringing in their own stories in from home to share with us- we especially enjoyed ‘The Jolly Postman’.


We even managed to squeeze in some 3d shape work when the Fairy Godmother (a.k.a. Mrs Gilbert) came to visit with some fairytale problems. See if your child can tell you about the magic spells they helped her perform!

Practising our ball skills!


If you need a new copy of the wow moments sheet, please click on the link below.

Wow Moments

Wow Moments Help Sheet

14.05.15 Weekly Learning Update 15.05.15

08.05.15  Weekly Learning Update 08.05.15

01.05.15  Weekly Learning Update 01.05.15

30.04.15  We continued with our science programme and the children’s beans have started to grow really well. The children have watered and looked after their beans and have been observing them and writing a bean diary. This week the children have made their own cresshead men! And the children are getting really excited waiting to see what happens.


24.04.15 Weekly Learning Update 24.04.15

24.04.15 The children have had a brilliant time during science week building homes for bees, birds, ladybirds, butterflies and frogs. They have also been planting beans, seeds and plants in the playgarden. We have learnt lots of interesting information about all of the creatures and plants and have had a fabulous time.


02.04.15  We all had a lovely time at our Easter Bonnet Parade. The children all looked wonderful and I would like to thank all the mums and dads for going to so much trouble making all their lovely creations.


02.04.15  Weekly Learning Update 02.04.15

27.03.15 Weekly Learning Update 27.03.15

25.03.15  This week the Reception children had a visit from the birds of prey. They were all excited and interested in the information and thoroughly enjoyed observing the birds. Amari and Lily got the opportunity to handle the birds and have their pictures taken with them.

IMG_2874 IMG_2876

20.03.15    Weekly Update 20.03.15  

19.03.15  Mrs Gilbert paid another visit to Class 6 today. The children demonstrated their phonics skills during the phonics lesson. We hope to see a lot more of Mrs Gilbert in the next few weeks so that she gets to know the children.


13.03.15 Weekly Update 13.03.15

12.03.15  The children had a great time moving up and down the climbing frame, learning safety rules and demonstrating some new skills.


06.03.15  Weekly Learning Update 06.03.15

We had such great fun on world Book Day. We all dressed up as our favourite book characters. We had a lovely day. Thank you for all your support.

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27.02.15 Weekly Learning Update 27.02.15

26.02.15 The children have been finding out information about different animals using Simple City on the school laptops and computer. They were independent and found lots of interesting facts!