Class 6

Welcome to Class 6!


Hello to all of the new children and families of Class 6.

14.07.17 weekly learning update 14.7.17

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07.07.17 Weekly Learning Update 07.07.17


Today we decorated our commemorative mugs to mark the first year of Urmston Primary School. The ladies from Purple Buttercup came into school to help the children paint little ladybirds or bumblebees onto their own little cup. They have now been taken away to be put in the kiln and will be returned in time for Open Day next week when you will be able to see them all on display. I am sure they are going to look fantastic!

IMG_2452 IMG_2454 IMG_2456 IMG_2457 IMG_2458 IMG_2459 IMG_2460 IMG_2461

This week, we have been learning to tell the time! We began with o’clock and progressed to half past. Some children who were more familiar with time even learned quarter past times and solved problems involving time.

IMG_2444 IMG_2445 IMG_2446

Some photos from a couple of weeks ago…

Team-building skills using the parachute. What a lot of fun!!

IMG_2319 IMG_2320 IMG_2321 IMG_2322 IMG_2323 IMG_2324

23.06.17 Weekly Learning Update 23.06.17

Class 6’s day at the farm…

IMG_2358 IMG_2359 IMG_2361 IMG_2362 IMG_2363 IMG_2364

IMG_2365 IMG_2367 IMG_2368 IMG_2369 IMG_2370 IMG_2371 IMG_2374 IMG_2375 IMG_2376 IMG_2377 IMG_2379 IMG_2382 IMG_2383 IMG_2385 IMG_2389 IMG_2390 IMG_2391 IMG_2392 IMG_2394 IMG_2397 IMG_2398 IMG_2401 IMG_2402 IMG_2404 IMG_2408 IMG_2409 IMG_2410 IMG_2413 IMG_2414 IMG_2415 IMG_2416 IMG_2417 IMG_2418 IMG_2419 IMG_2421 IMG_2422 IMG_2423 IMG_2424 IMG_2425 IMG_2427 IMG_2428 IMG_2429 IMG_2430 IMG_2432 IMG_2434 IMG_2435 IMG_2436 IMG_2439 IMG_2442


16.06.17 Weekly Learning Update 16.6.17


We have been learning about recycling this week. We all recycled an old container by decorating it and making it into a plant pot in which we have planted some sunflower seeds.

26.05.17 Weekly Learning Update 26.05.17 

What a beautiful week it has been! It was perfect weather for our outdoor sing-song on Tuesday, when all of the infant went over to the Grammar School field to sing the song ‘Go to the Park’ for the Greater Manchester Music Hub’s Singing Challenge 2017. Lots of other schools across Manchester were also singing the same song at the same time in parks and other outdoor spaces.


Well done to all of the children for taking part in our mini ‘Race for Life’. Thank you also to the parents who came along to support them on such a hot day!

I hope you all have a lovely 2 week break and I will look forward to seeing all of the little smiley faces again on Monday 12th June.

19.05.17 Weekly Learning Update 19.5.17

Mrs Gilbert’s Dad came to visit Class 6 this week to talk about what life was like 70 years ago when he was the same age as the children in Class 6. They found out that he had a toilet in the back yard, a bath in the bedroom, milk was delivered by a horse and cart and that at school they all had their own little blackboard to write on, amongst many other things! The children had so many questions to ask!


The children have also been busy planting mystery beans!


We’ve been solving sharing problems using beans too.

IMG_2215[1] IMG_2214[1] IMG_2212[1] IMG_2210[1] IMG_2209[1] IMG_2208[1] IMG_2211[1]

12.05.17 Weekly Learning Update 12.05.17

This week we had a visit from a local author, Amanda Ware, who read her book ‘Please put your shoes on’ to our class. The children sat and listened with interest and were keen to answer Amanda’s questions at the end.

IMG_0117 IMG_0118

We worked in groups to build new bridges to cross the stream so that the animals don’t need to cross the troll’s bridge anymore. There were some interesting designs with steps, slides, supports and decoration. It was great to see the children sharing ideas and listening to their friends’ ideas too!

IMG_0106 IMG_0105 IMG_0103 IMG_0102 IMG_0101 IMG_0100 IMG_0099


Today was Superhero Day and it was amazing!!!

The children were so well behaved whilst waiting for the superheroes to arrive-they must have had to attend to an emergency on the way as they were quite late! It was certainly worth the wait though as Batman arrived riding on top of a fire engine, followed by Optimus Prime and Lightning McQueen! The children loved it! Thank you to Key 103 for an amazing experience and thank you to you all for your kind donations to ‘Cash for Kids’.

IMG_2126 IMG_2123 IMG_2117 IMG_2115 IMG_2112 IMG_2110 IMG_2105 IMG_2108 IMG_2104

28.04.17 Weekly Learning Update 28.04.17

This week we learned how milk gets from the cow to the classroom and then made some delicious banana milkshakes using this milk. The children had to listen carefully to a set of verbal instructions before working In groups to make the milkshake. It was a lot if fun!

IMG_2007 IMG_2009 IMG_2010 IMG_2012 IMG_2014 IMG_2016 IMG_2017 IMG_2019 IMG_2027

21.04.17 Weekly Learning Update 21.4.17

Welcome to Urmston Primary School!!

All of the boys and girls enjoyed our celebratory first day back, starting with a special breakfast together, followed by our first ever whole school assembly. There were so many of us that we had to have our assembly in the playground! We were also joined by one of the CBBC Newsround presenters, Hayley Cutts, who carried out our first Urmston Primary School assembly along with Miss Bee.

As a special treat, all of the boys and girls had a playtime together across the two playgrounds. This was a lovely opportunity for the children to meet up with some of their older friends and family.






We we began a new topic all about the farm this week and kicked it off with some egg races. The children were ever so careful, although we did end up with a few cracked shells!






05.04.17 Happy Easter!!

I can’t believe we have reached the end of our second term already! Time flies when you’re having fun! We certainly had lots of fun during this short week at school. We made Easter baskets, had our Easter bonnet parade, made nest cakes, had our ‘End of Urmston Infant School’ picnic and had an Easter Egg hunt using all of the eggs we made magically appear in our ‘Magic Doubling Basket’.

Thank you to you all for your help in making our Easter bonnet parade a great success- the hat were amazing and we had a fantastic crowd to watch the children on the day. We hope you enjoyed it!

IMG_1865 IMG_1866 IMG_1867 IMG_1868 IMG_1869 IMG_1870 IMG_1871 IMG_1872 IMG_1883 IMG_1886 IMG_1891 IMG_1896 IMG_1902 IMG_1903 IMG_1908 IMG_1916

Just a little reminder that all of the children have books to read in their Active Learn folders on . If you have chance, please try to take a look over the holidays as there are some lovely books with appropriate levels of challenge for the children to read.

Enjoy your Easter break! See you all on Tuesday 18th April!

31.03.17 Weekly Learning Update 31.03.17

This week, the children have been busy learning about estimating and number bonds to 10 (all of the pairs of numbers which add up to 10). They have been estimating the number of objects in bowls and then checking to see if they are correct and have been using different coloured chocolate eggs to find all the different number bonds.


IMG_1785[1] IMG_1797[1] IMG_1768[1]

The children also looked closely at the differences and similarities between the wild animals and worked in pairs to sort them according to their own criteria.

IMG_1777[1] IMG_1778[1] IMG_1782[1]

23.03.17 Weekly learning update 24.3.17

This week we have been reading ‘Dear Zoo’ and have been using good describing words for the different zoo animals.

We also wrote to the zoo to ask for a class pet. In our e-mail we said that we would like a soft, cute, fluffy pet so that we could cuddle it and that we definitely did not want a tall giraffe because  it might bump its head on the ceiling. We were so excited to receive a special delivery from the zoo on Wednesday-it was a lion! Not a fierce one though! It was a small, cute, cuddly one and his name in Rory. I was a little worried about leaving Rory alone in the classroom at night time but then one of the children suggested that they could take it in turns to take him home and look after him. What a great idea! From now on, each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the children will take it in turns to bring Rory home along with his special scrapbook. Please can you support your child to write a couple of short sentences in this book about Rory’s time with you.


The children have also been enjoying board games this week. They have been challenging themselves by rolling 2 dice and adding the scores or by doubling their score. Some boys and girls have even had a go at making up their own board games in pairs and small groups, deciding and agreeing upon the game’s rules before playing it together.

IMG_1702 IMG_1703 IMG_1704

Look at the boys’ fantastic model of an army ship/star destroyer!


17.03.17 Weekly Learning Update 17.03.17

After the tiger came and messed up our role play area and ate all of our food last week, we decided we would invite him back to teach him some good manners and how to eat a healthy, balanced diet. We prepared all week by sorting food into ‘eat some’, ‘eat a little’ and ‘eat a lot’ and by discussing other ways in which we can keep our bodies healthy, such as plenty of exercise and keeping clean. The children also gathered ideas on using good manners and even learnt a little table etiquette!

When the rude and greedy tiger arrived at our tea party, the children were quick to teach him the correct way to behave. By the end of the lesson, we had a reformed tiger, all thanks to the boys and girls!

IMG_1687 IMG_1688 IMG_1689 IMG_1690 IMG_1691 IMG_1692 IMG_1693 IMG_1694 IMG_1695 IMG_1696 IMG_1698


Our making area was turned into a pick and mix paint factory this week. The children had to pick a colour from the colour charts and then experiment by mixing the different paints in order to try and mix the exact same colour.

IMG_1548[1] IMG_1552[1] IMG_1550[1] IMG_1555[1] IMG_1556[1]

3.03.17 Weekly Learning Update 03.03.17

We had a brilliant time on World Book Day this week! The boys and girls looked amazing in their costumes. Thank you so much for all of your efforts in dressing them up-it really made it an extra special day!


We had a visit from one of the Year 3 classes at the Juniors. We talked about our costumes and they read stories with us.




We also revealed all of our story boards in the hall this week, including our ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ board. Each class had the opportunity to take a close look at them and we had a class vote to see which of the other classes’ boards we liked the best by standing in front of our favourite.

IMG_1527[1] IMG_1528[1] IMG_1530[1] IMG_1533[1] IMG_1534[1]

24.02.17 Weekly Learning Update 24.2.17

We had a visit from the dental nurse this week. She taught the children how our teeth are made up of little hollow tubes and that when we brush our teeth, we want the toothpaste to fill these holes and work its magic. We mustn’t rinse after we brush as it washes away the magic!

IMG_1392 IMG_1394 IMG_1395


The boys and girls have been busy learning all about doubles. During ‘get busy’ time, the children have been challenging themselves to see how many different doubles they could make using the ladybirds.

IMG_1377 IMG_1378 IMG_1379 IMG_1380 IMG_1386 IMG_1389 IMG_1390 IMG_1411 IMG_1412 IMG_1414 IMG_1417 IMG_1422

10.02.17 Weekly Learning Update 10.2.17

I can’t believe how much we managed to squeeze into this week! We continued with our Chinese New Year celebrations by making up our own lion dances, making Chinese dragons and having our very own Chinese banquet. The boys and girls used ‘lucky money’ to make some given amounts and also wrote all about Chinese New Year celebrations.

IMG_1141 IMG_1144 IMG_1155 IMG_1156 IMG_1158 IMG_1159 IMG_1272 IMG_1274 IMG_1276 IMG_1277 IMG_1322 IMG_1323 IMG_1324 IMG_1325 IMG_1326 IMG_1328 IMG_1329 IMG_1331 IMG_1332

The boys and girls had a fantastic time on Storytelling Day and absolutely loved wearing their comfy PJs all day! If only we could wear them for school everyday! We were also so lucky to have a visit from some of the Junior children, who read the children a bedtime story.

IMG_1246 IMG_1248

03.02.17 Weekly Learning Update 3.02.17

It has been another busy week in Class 6!

We have started to make our sledges this week. Thank you so much for all of your box donations! The children have been so imaginative- we’ve had sledges with head lights, levers, seat belts, shelters, pedals and even televisions!

We began to learn a little about Chinese New Year and will continue to do so next week. We had lots of fun playing some traditional Chinese games in the hall too called ‘Cat Catching Mice’ and ‘Catch the Dragon’s Tail’.

IMG_1089 IMG_1090 IMG_1091 IMG_1092 IMG_1093 IMG_1094 IMG_1095 IMG_1096 IMG_1097 IMG_1098

The children bounced their socks off during our sponsored bounce- it was impossible to count how many jumps they did, although some of them did try!

IMG_1049 IMG_1050 IMG_1052 IMG_1054 IMG_1059

The boys and girls learned about non-standard measure, and all had a go at measuring some penguins, using ice cubes as their unit of measure, so that the penguins could buy themselves some new clothes.

IMG_1072 IMG_1073 IMG_1075 IMG_1076 IMG_1078 IMG_1079 IMG_1099 IMG_1101 IMG_1105

IMG_1080 IMG_1081 IMG_1083


On Thursday this week, we had a visit from our school nurse to teach us all how to wash our hands properly and about good hygiene. The nurse had a pot of glitter which we had to pretend were germs. She then pretended to sneeze and tipped out some of the glitter into her hands just like germs would do. She then shook hands with one child who shook hands with another child and so on. We were all amazed to see how far the glitter germs spread! Before we knew it, lots of children had glitter germs on their hands! This was a very important message to teach the children as we are often sending boys and girls back to wash their hands after visiting the toilets. Also with the cold weather, we have lots of dirty noses at the moment so it is important that the children understand the importance of keeping germs to themselves and throwing away their tissues when they have finished using them.


Our new magic snow was very popular in our mini South Pole! It felt so cold and soft-nobody could resist a feel!


We have all learnt so much about the amazing Emperor Penguins throughout this week and the children have been working hard to write down the facts they have been learning too.

On Thursday, the boys and girls pretended to be mummy and daddy penguins. The mummies had their egg (a beanbag) on their feet and had to carefully transfer it to their partner’s feet without letting it touch the ice. They then waddled off on their long journey to the sea to catch some fish, whilst the daddy penguins huddled together to keep warm, making sure they kept their eggs safely balanced on their feet. After the mummies had caught their fish in the sea, they waddled home, listening for their partner’s special call so that they could find them again. Finally, the daddies carefully transferred the beanbag (baby chick) back to mum and they waddled off for their turn in the sea, whilst the mummies bent over to feed their baby chicks. This really made the children appreciate what a difficult job the Emperor penguins have- it was so tricky to transfer the egg without using their hands!

IMG_0999 IMG_0997 IMG_0996 IMG_0995 IMG_0994 IMG_0993 IMG_1013 IMG_1011 IMG_1010 IMG_1009 IMG_1008 IMG_1007 IMG_1006 IMG_1005 IMG_1012 IMG_1004 IMG_1001

Excellent model building- a deluxe road sweeper!


Creative uses of the play dough!

IMG_0982 IMG_0981

20.01.17 Weekly Learning Update 20.01.17

The boys and girls are enjoying the new activities we have around the classroom.

IMG_0779 IMG_0798 IMG_0799 IMG_0800 IMG_0801 IMG_0844 IMG_0847

Our new motion sand off Father Christmas, snowy Pictures, jigsaws, Polar Explorers and snowflake subtraction. They have been learning how to make beautiful snowflakes too.

IMG_0805 IMG_0917 IMG_0920 IMG_0921 IMG_0923 IMG_0944

The children have been following instructions to make penguins too. I wanted to hang them up in the classroom but they have insisted on bring them home to show Mummy and Daddy.

IMG_0916 IMG_0924 IMG_0928 IMG_0929

For the first time this week, the children learnt how to safely move the apparatus in the hall for P.E. They then showcased their interesting moves…

IMG_0933 IMG_0934 IMG_0937 IMG_0938 IMG_0939

Weekly Learning Update 13.1.17

It was so lovely to see all of the boys and girls back in school after the Christmas break. It sounds like you all a wonderful time during the holidays. The children were bursting to share all of their news with each other, especially what presents Father Christmas brought them.

Over the next few weeks, we will be having a polar themed topic in Reception. The classroom is already looking like a little winter wonderland as the children have been busy making lots of paper snowflakes. We also have a new North Pole themed role play area as well as a South Pole themed small world. The children have been pretending to be polar explorers and have been hunting around the classroom for polar animals as well as hidden key words.

This week began with a message from some polar explorers telling us that a polar bear had gone missing from the North Pole. First of all we made some ‘Missing polar bear’ posters, describing what the polar bear looks like.  The following day we received a photo from the South Pole of a huddle of penguins and we were very surprised to see a polar bear in the background. Polar bears don’t live in the South Pole! We knew straight away that it must have been the missing polar bear. There was only one thing for it- a polar bear hunt! The boys and girls were fantastic at recalling the repeated refrain from the well known story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. We used this same refrain, adding our own descriptions of the things we might see and travel through in the South Pole. The children worked with their talking partners to come up with their own great ideas. We then used our imaginations to act out the polar bear hunt in the play garden. It was a very rainy day but our puddle suits kept us nice and dry and made us feel like real polar explorers!

IMG_0860 IMG_0880 IMG_0879 IMG_0861 IMG_0857 IMG_0886 IMG_0890 IMG_0895 IMG_0791 IMG_0789 IMG_0788 - Copy

21.12.16 Weekly Learning Update 21.12.17

We had great fun at our Christmas party yesterday. The children made the most fantastic party hats and worked together to make some lovely paper chains to decorate our tables with too. Father Christmas came to visit us too. He must have heard how hard Class 6 have been working as he brought them a brilliant Christmas present-Motion Sand with lots of different moulds!

Christmas dinner day

IMG_0536 - Copy IMG_0538 - Copy IMG_0541 - Copy IMG_0543 - Copy IMG_0532 - Copy

IMG_0684 - Copy IMG_0685 - Copy IMG_0702 - Copy IMG_0701 - Copy IMG_0703 - Copy IMG_0686 - Copy IMG_0723 - Copy IMG_0705 IMG_0704 - Copy IMG_0705 - Copy IMG_0699 - Copy IMG_0728 - Copy IMG_0730 - Copy

16.12.16 Weekly learning Update 16.12.16

Thank you to all of the grown ups who managed to come and watch our Nativity play, ‘The Sleepy Shepherd’. I’m sure you’ll all agree the children performed brilliantly. We were very proud of them! Here are some pictures of your little ones all dressed up…

IMG_0625 IMG_0622 IMG_0618 IMG_0610 IMG_0591 IMG_0597

9.12.16 Weekly Learning Update 9.12.16

What an extremely busy 2 weeks it has been! Christmas has arrived and we have 30 very excitable little boys and girls in Class 6 who, I think, have been even busier than Santa’s elves!

Our classroom is a sea of glitter as the children have been making their Christmas cards, we have paint splats all over the tables after making our calendars and we’re finding stuffing everywhere now that we are in the middle of making our christmas decorations. You are in for some treats next week!

Nativity practices are coming along well. Please check book bags for any notes relating to the narrators’ clothing. Our dress rehearsal is on Monday where we perform for the rest of the school- very exciting! We look forward to seeing you all in our audience either on Wednesday or Thursday, depending upon your ticket.

Take a look below at our Santa’s workshop, Christmas addition, tree decorating, Christmas list writing, Christmas subtraction and Christmas relay races.

IMG_0516[1] IMG_0524[1] IMG_0531[1] IMG_0528[1] IMG_0523[1] IMG_0505[1]

2.12.16 Weekly Learning Update 02.12.16

Mad Science assembly

IMG_0449[1] IMG_0439[1]

Making Space Rockets

IMG_0434[1] IMG_0429[1]

Our beautiful tree!

IMG_0484[1] IMG_0486[1] IMG_0489[1] IMG_0494[1] IMG_0495[1] IMG_0496[1]

25.11.16 Weekly Learning Update 25.11.16

This week has been a Meg and Mog themed week and there have been a lot of new continuous provision activities linked to this new topic. We have a potion’s lab as our new role play area, we’ve got numbered eyeballs floating in the witch’s brew, we have different sized broomsticks and cauldrons to order, we have been comparing and ordering quantities of liquids in potion bottles, we have spiders entangled in webs which the children have to pull out in less than 1 minute, there’s spell writing paper and witch themed pencil control activities in the writing area and cauldron addition where the children have been putting different quantities of ingredients into the cauldrons and finding the total number. These activities have certainly been keeping your little ones busy!  We have also had converstaions this week about ensuring we are challenging ourselves and never giving up when something seems tricky!

IMG_0400[1] IMG_0398[1] IMG_0320[1]

IMG_0351[1] IMG_0327[1] IMG_0317[1] IMG_0364[1]



18.11.16 Weekly Learning Update 18.11.16

Look at our brilliant diva candles! The children took such great care when decorating them. We were so impressed!

The children have learned how diva candles were used to light the way home for Rama and Sita in a special story associated with Diwali, the festival of light.

image image image image image

16.11.16 Super Hero Day

Today we all dressed as superheroes for Anti-bullying Day and the boys and girls learned about using the power of kindness towards each other.


11.11.16 Weekly Learning Update 11.11.16 (please click on the link)

08.11.16 Diwali Day

As part of our new 2 week topic about the Hindu festival of Diwali, we celebrated alongside the whole school today as we all took part in Diwali Day. We began the day with a Bollywood style dance workshop where we learned an Indian dance which we later performed in front of the school.





04.11.16 Weekly Learning Update 04.11.16

The children have all been very excited about Bonfire Night this week, and so to mark the occasion, we have been making firework paintings, performing firework dances, writing down firework describing words and making fruit rockets, but most importantly we have been learning how to stay safe on Bonfire Night. Hopefully the boys and girls have putting their learning into practice over the weekend.

In addition to this, the children have also been learning the names of some 3d shapes- cone, cylinder, cube, cuboid, pyramid and sphere. They then used this vocabulary to talk about the different shapes they wanted to use to make their own junk model rocket.







21.10.16 Weekly Learning Update 21.10.16 (Please click on this link)

Well it has been an action-packed end to an action-packed half term!

This week we have made bread, made musical instruments, performed our Harvest festival assembly and built a winter house for our teddy bear!

IMG_6225 - Copy IMG_6225 IMG_6229 IMG_6232 IMG_6234 IMG_6235 IMG_6239 IMG_6240 IMG_6245 IMG_6246 IMG_6248 IMG_6249 IMG_6250 IMG_6254 IMG_6255 IMG_6260 IMG_6262 IMG_6265 IMG_6274 IMG_6278 IMG_6279 IMG_6282

14.10.16 Weekly learning update 14.10.16 (Please click on this link)

IMG_6214 IMG_6223

Thank you to Lucas and Jaxon who brought in the biggest sunflower head I’ve ever seen! This was such a fantastic opportunity for the children to develop their pincer action by plucking the seeds from the head. We managed to fill three whole pots full!

IMG_6149 IMG_6151 IMG_6140

The children have had great fun making leaf necklaces and bracelets.

IMG_6196 IMG_6190 IMG_6186

We’ve been busy little writers this week too, labeling the characters from ‘The Little Red Hen’.

Thank you to those of you who have sent in some some veg for our Harvest Shop. Sainsburys also donated some fruit and veg too. The children have been having great fun weighing, counting and re-enacting their shopping experiences.

(Please excuse the formatting again-it has a mind of its own!)

IMG_6156 IMG_6172 IMG_6171 IMG_6157

07.10.16 Weekly learning update 07.10.16 (Please click on the link)

It’s been another fun week in Class 6, and it certainly feels like Autumn is here with all of the leaves, conkers and pine cones that have been arriving each day. This week we have been counting, snipping, dancing, sound talking, describing, singing, sorting, creating and collecting! We have also changed our role play area to a cafe, where the boys and girls have been doing a great job taking on the roles of the waiters and waitresses, the chef and the customers.

IMG_6077 IMG_6078 IMG_6081 IMG_6082IMG_6089IMG_6091 IMG_6092 IMG_6094 IMG_6097 IMG_6098 IMG_6104 IMG_6107 IMG_6108 IMG_6109 IMG_6116 IMG_6123 IMG_6133 IMG_6134 IMG_6135IMG_6139[1]

IMG_6086 IMG_6088


The boys and girls have begun to use whiteboards and pens during our phonics lessons this week. We have spent time teaching the children how to do this sensibly so that they do not get pen on their clothing or on anybody else’s (although little accidents are bound to happen!).

Here you can see how the children are beginning to spell some simple 3 letter words using the sounds they have been introduced to over the past 2 weeks.

IMG_5986 IMG_6066

Look at our lovely birthday balloon display. The children have decorated the balloons beautifully. The December balloon looks like it would struggle to take off!

In continuous provision, the children have been practising their scissor skills by cutting the play dough into pieces, they have been playing counting games together and have been enjoying our new autumnal small world area.

IMG_5988 IMG_6022 IMG_6009IMG_6038 IMG_6061

23.09.16 Weekly learning update 23.09.16 (Please click on the link)

It’s been another week of firsts for our busy boys and girls! This week, they went to their first assembly with the whole school and had their first P.E. lesson too.

Look how smartly Class 6 sat during our singing assembly.


We had our first wet playtime this week too, which meant we had to stay inside. Instead of getting active outside, we got active inside instead!


All of the children managed to change into their P.E. kits with hardly any help at all! Well done, boys and girls! They listened carefully to the important safety rules during P.E. and then showed me some of their brilliant moves.

IMG_5966 IMG_5975 IMG_5973 IMG_5974 IMG_5970

16.09.16 Weekly learning update 16.9.16 (Please click on the link)

What a big week it has been for all of the boys and girls! They have been so grown up and very quickly adapted to the new rules and routines of Class 6 and the rest of the school. I was particularly impressed by their behaviour in the dinner hall. They were so settled!

image image image image image image image

Here’s a little look at what your children have been up to during their first week at school…

(Please excuse the formatting-this website has a mind of its own!)imageimage


image image image image image image image image image image image image image imageimageimage image image image image

Well done to the children for their first few days in school. They have all been super stars!

09.09.16  Weekly learning update 09.09.16 (Please click on the link)

We thought that the boys and girls would like to show their grown ups where they are spending their days…

IMG_5565 IMG_5566 IMG_5567 IMG_5568 IMG_5569 IMG_5570 IMG_5571 IMG_5572 IMG_5573 IMG_5574 IMG_5575 IMG_5576 IMG_5577 IMG_5758 IMG_5759

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image imageOur role play area is starting off as a home corner.











Dinosaur small world









Our book corner, along with our class friend, Charlie, who helps us to learn throughout the year.










This is our fine motor area, where the children are able to develop their fine motor control. It will change regularly so that they can practise skills such as threading, cutting and the manipulation of small objects.



Our making area





Our sand and water areas have just been updated with lots of brand new resources.








Our Letters and Sounds area

The children have loved playing Silly Soup this week, where they have had to find different rhyming objects to be the ingredients for their soup.



Our Maths area

This changes on a regular basis so that the children can explore lots of different aspects of maths.




The boys and girls were so excited to be the first children to try out our new climbing frame.




Our classroom construction area






Our play dough area has been extremely popular this week. I have never seen so many beautiful birthday cakes!





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