Class 7 Archive 2014-16

Welcome to Class 7!
Here you will find pictures, information and weekly learning updates which will give you an insight into life in the classroom. I hope that you and the children will find this page informative, interesting and, most importantly, fun! Mr Lobodzinski :)


27.07.16 What a lovely end to a lovely year. Look out for my article in Small Talk which is a nice summary of everything that we’ve been upto! Today we had so much fun – we’ve had a great Class 7’s Got Talent show and also an end of year party. The children also had a mini graduation and received a certificate and present. Thanks for all the hard work and fun children – we’ve had a great year. I am proud of each and every one of you. Good luck in Year 1! Lots of love – Mr Lobodzinski xxx


26.07.16 Having a lovely picnic in the playground!


22.07.16 We are having a great Pirate Day. We’ve had dancing, pirate food, activities and a DVD in the hall. We also went on a treasure hunt to find the pirates lost treasure! Ethan made us all pirate cakes and James put on a pirate puppet show for us! Arghhhh me hearties!


21.07.16 What a fabulous Sports Day we have had today. Well done everybody and thank you for coming. After all our hard work we enjoyed a well-deserved ice lolly to cool down!


15.07.16 Weekly Learning Update 15.07.16

08.07.16 Weekly Learning Update 08.07.16

08.07.16 What a wonderful Open Day – thank you to all the parents who visited the classroom this week and enjoyed the artwork exhibition. The children have been busy filling buckets this week to make other children feel happy – what great bucket fillers they have proven to be!


06.07.16 We are having another busy week this week. Here are some snapshots so far – including a Sports Day practice, using our imaginations to ‘see’ things inside Billy’s Bucket, and writing our own bucket adventure stories.


01.06.16 Weekly Learning Update 01.07.16

30.06.16 What a week! The children have been working hard this week writing postcards, practising their number work, finishing off their showcase artwork and also making a lovely card to say bye and good luck to our friend Charlie – good luck in your new school – we will miss you!


24.06.16 Weekly Learning Update 24.06.16

21.06.16 This week started with an amazing African drumming day! Each class had their own session and everyone got a turn on different African instruments and drums. Then at the end of the day we had a whole school performance – even the teachers got involved too!


17.06.16 Weekly Learning Update 17.06.16

17.06.16 Well what a busy first week we have had back after half term. The children have been trying their best to settle back down into the school routine. This week we have revisited weighing using multilink cubes as a non-standard measure. The children have also been busy writing down their holiday news and thinking about which friends they would like to be with in their new class in September. Our friend Emily has sent us an email from Paris telling us what she has been getting up to! We are looking forward to subsequent emails next week. Thank you for sending in photographs from holidays – the children have enjoyed showing these and talking about them. If you haven’t done so, please do!


27.05.16 Weekly Learning Update 27.05.16

27.05.16 I cannot believe how fast this term is going – half term already! This week the children have been making minibeast homes for ladybirds or butterflies by recycling bottles and cartons, learning new songs and doing some fabulous writing of the butterfly lifecycle. We ended the week on a lovely note with a lesson about what makes us special. It is mentioned in the news letter but any donations of shells etc would be appreciated after the holiday. Also please send in a holiday photo of your child for our beach area. Happy holidays!


20.05.16  Weekly Learning Update 20.05.16

18.05.16 The children are enjoying the minibeast topic this week. We have listened to minibeast stories and sorted minibeasts according to our own criteria. The children have also been learning to order the days of the week. Outdoors some children went on a minibeast hunt and this will be finished next week. Our beanstalks have grown a lot since last week!


13.05.16 Today the children learnt how to ‘hotseat’ – that is for one child to ‘become’ a character and answer questions asked by the other children. What thoughtful questions the children came up with – and the fairytale characters thought carefully to give detailed answers. Well done to you all!


13.05.16 Weekly Learning Update 13.05.16

12.05.16 The children have enjoyed the sun this week! We have been writing letters to the fairy godmother to help the fairytale characters. The children have also been using a computer program to make interactive storyboards. Some children went out to help Mrs Jones in the playgarden. The children even picked some rhubarb for me to cook with – aren’t I lucky! :)


06.05.16 Weekly Learning Update 06.05.16

04.05.16 This week we have been learning about Jack and the Beanstalk! We decided to plant our very own beanstalks too. We have been practising how to double and halve numbers – any practise at home would be really beneficial! If you promise to double their sweeties I am sure it will motivate them to learn :)


29.04.16  Today we were lucky enough to taste some goat’s cheese and goat’s milk which Old MacDonald sent to us! Most of the children agreed that it was very tasty and we thanked the goats who sent it to us!


29.04.16 Reception Learning Update 29.04.16

28.04.16 We have been learning the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. We have learnt actions to go with the story and used these story maps to help us – why not ask your child to tell you the story using the pictures to help.


27.04.16  Old MacDonald had a farm, EIEIO! The farm visited Urmston Infant School today and class 7 was lucky enough to get up close to the animals and learn lots about them!


22.04.16 Weekly Learning Update 22.04.16

20.04.16 We are having a fun filled week, including going on a magnetic hunt and also learning more about farms. We have been completing challenges to help Old MacDonald – including learning where milk comes from and how to make milkshakes! The children have also been using their own creativity to make collages of spring flowers.



15.04.16 Weekly learning update 15.04.16

13.04.16 Welcome back everyone – we’ve made it to the last term in Reception! We kicked off the week with a PE session with our Premier Sports coach. Please ensure that PE kits are returned to school ASAP as a few children didn’t have their kits with them. We have been enjoying our farm topic and also been practising the songs for Grandparents’ Afternoon next week. Today the children were introduced to meditating and learnt how to sit as still as possible, close their eyes, listen to their heart beating, take slow breaths and try to clear their minds. We listened to peaceful and relaxing music to help ‘get into the zone’. We will be meditating each week.


24.03.16 Weekly Learning Update 24.03.16

23.03.16 Happy Easter everybody. We are enjoying the Easter activities in school this week. The children have made Easter baskets and will make Easter Nest Cakes tomorrow to put inside the baskets. We have had a lovely assembly with Reverend Smith and also the Easter Bonnet Parade was a success. Thanks for all the effort which went into the bonnets – they were fabulous!


18.03.16 Weekly Learning Update 18.03.16

17.03.16 What a busy week the children have had. We have learnt about floating and sinking; wrote ‘Walking through the Jungle’ sentences, sorted animals according to our own criteria and continued to practise sharing. The children also learnt how to double numbers using ladybird spots to help!


11.03.16 Weekly-Learning-Update-11.03.16

11.03.16  This week we had a karate assembly! We also wrote to the zoo to send us a pet, and they sent us…Fluffy! Fluffy will be visiting your house soon. He has already been to Mr Lobodzinski’s house and had lots of fun! Children will have to write about their adventures – the aim being to give them a purpose for their writing. All the children will get a turn to take Fluffy home and names are chosen at random.


04.03.16  Reception Weekly Learning Update 04.03.16

04.03.16 What a fast week we have had. We enjoyed World Book Day and had children from the juniors, and also Mrs Crawford, read us some stories!


26.02.16 Weekly Learning Update 26.02.16

25.02.16 Today we have learnt how to jump and land safely. We also had a special visitor in the playground and learnt lots about his job!


23.02.16  Our topic this week is The Tiger who came to Tea. A tiger visited the classroom on Monday and ate all of our food, messing up our role play area! We have learnt what the tiger needed to do was share – we have been cutting up cakes into halves and some children have even managed quarters! Today a very cross zookeeper visited saying that his tiger is poorly due to lots of unhealthy food! We have decided to write some letters to apologise and invite the tiger back to school to teach him how to eat healthily and share food! Thank you for your time and effort in helping the children complete their technology homework – I’ve enjoyed reading through all the different technologies that the children use at home.


12.02.16 Weekly Learning Update 12.02.16

Using chopsticks for our Chinese banquet!


12.02.16 Half term is here again. We are all set for our Chinese banquet and disco today! This week we have been timing activities, making repeating patterns with coins and adding up bills in the Chinese restaurant. The nurses came in to teach us about germs too! Have a well-deserved break everybody.


05.02.16  Weekly Learning Update 05.02.16

04.02.16 We have enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year this week. The children have been writing about Chinese New Year, cutting and ordering Chinese lanterns, practising fine motor and math skills in our Chinese restaurant, learning about ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd…) and putting events in order! We also performed a lion dance in the hall.


29.01.16  Weekly Learning Update 29.01.16

28.01.16 This week we have learnt about measuring! We had a family of penguins visit us who needed measuring using ice cubes to find out who was the tallest. The children tested the sledges that they made and measured how far they travelled from the ramp using multilink. We also got ourselves into height order in groups to find the shortest and tallest person in the class!

Measuring the penguins…


Putting ourselves in height order to find the shortest and tallest people…


Working in teams to compare the North Pole and Urmston, before presenting our findings to the rest of the class to say why a polar bear couldn’t live in Urmston…


22.01.16  Weekly-Learning-Update-22.01.161

20.01.16  Thank you to all the children – you have been superstars this week. What a busy and fun week we are having! We started the week with a request for help from a polar explorer – a polar bear has gone missing! We made missing posters and have learnt lots of facts about polar bears. We even went on a polar bear hunt, after rewriting the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’, because we were so shocked when a message from a polar bear appeared next to some snowy footprints! We have also been thinking about ice and designing sledges and choosing the correct sized boxes for our teddies!


15.01.16 Weekly Learning Update 15.01.16

14.01.16 We have been learning all about penguins this week. The children have been writing down what they have learnt in sentences, and have each painted a penguin by closely looking at the penguin features. The children acted out a penguin story in drama, working in pairs as mummy and daddy penguins looking after their egg! We also made materials booklets, thinking of different words to describe materials.


Acting out the penguin story in the hall!


08.01.16 Weekly Learning Update 08.01.16

07.01.16 Happy New Year everybody and welcome back. This week we have been focusing on settling the children back into the school routine! We have thought about what we did over Christmas and come up with New Year wishes and things we would like to get better at this year. The children have also been learning how to find 1 less and subtracting 1 (sometimes more than 1!) from a number to 10 using penguins and baby seals! In PE we have practised transporting mats safely.



Christmas week We are having a fabulous Christmas week full of Christmas activities! We have been sewing stockings, finishing Christmas cards, and eating Christmas dinner with Mr Lobodzinski and Mrs Byrne!

Weekly Learning Update 18.12.15

Decorating Christmas biscuits!


Having our Christmas party and disco in the hall!


Making reindeer food…don’t forget to sprinkle in your garden on Christmas Eve to give the reindeer much needed energy!


Sewing and Christmas dinner with the teachers!







 Weekly Learning Update 11.12.15

10.12.15  We are having a lovely week, including making Christmas cards (shh, they’re a secret!) and writing our own letters to Father Christmas. We have finished our Christmas Nativity performances – well done to all the children for their fabulous efforts!








04.12.15  What a Christmas-filled first week of December we have had! We have been writing our present ideas for Baby Jesus and also practising our Nativity, Whoops-a-Daisy! Some children have been in Santa’s Workshop, designing toys, role playing making them as elves, wrapping them, and then writing gift tags!


04.12.15  Weekly Learning Update 04.12.15

27.11.15 Weekly Learning Update 27.11.15



Thank you to all of the parents who were able to make the Phonics evening last week. We hope you found it informative.

For more information on how Phonics is taught in school and how you can help at home, please click on the following link:

Letters and Sounds information for Parents

20.11.15 Weekly Learning Update 20.11.15

The children worked as a team to make a huge dinosaur jigsaw during Golden Time – fantastic team work guys! :)


20.11.15 Hello everybody, here is the weekly update. We have been busy this week writing down lists of what we would take to the moon, and made shadow puppets to experiment how we can make shadows bigger and smaller. Thank you to all the parents who came to our phonics evening – I hope you are more confident now in helping your child at home. Remember to say the sounds correctly – I have told the children to tell you off if you don’t ;) x


13.11.15 Weekly Learning Update 13.11.15

13.11.15 Happy 1st Birthday to Hayden’s kidney, and happy Children in Need Day!


12.11.15  Completing our Firework Dance and the next round of Forest Crowns; spelling CVC words with the remote controlled bug and ordering Diva Lamps!


10.11.15  This week we are learning about Diwali. We have performed a stick dance as a class using claves. Some children have made Diva Lamps using air-drying clay.


06.11.15  Weekly Learning Update 06.11.15

05.11.15 Yesterday I sent home a ‘Wow Moments’ sheet. This is a way for you to share your child’s achievements at home which we love to hear about and can use as part of our assessments. It is also a lovely opportunity for the children to share their out of school achievements with their friends. We certainly don’t expect for the sheet will be filled in all at once – it should just be used as and when wow moments happen and sent in when completed. If you require additional copies, you can download them here, or let me know if you require a paper copy. :)

Wow Moments Help Sheet
Wow Moments

03.11.15  Welcome back after half term everybody. This term we have lots of interesting topics including light and dark; Space; shapes; Bonfire Night; and Diwali to name a few! The children have enjoyed making rockets using junk modelling materials, creating ‘glitter names’ with glue and glitter; and exploring new effects during Outdoor Learning by throwing teabags dipped in fluorescent paint onto black paper to make fireworks! Here are some pictures of the week so far, including the new Continuous Provision areas of the classroom. We have learnt all of our Super Sounds from Phase 2 now – it would be Super if you practised at any available opportunity! ;)


22.10.15  Weekly Learning Update 22.10.15

22.10.15  What a lovely end to the half term. Yesterday we performed our Harvest Festival to the rest of the school, and today we had our Sponsored Bounce. Have a fantastic holiday and see you soon x


20.10.15  Yesterday the children made bread! They had a fantastic time going through a simple bread recipe and then following it. We talked about where the flour had come from and all agreed that the Little Red Hen must have worked so hard to make her own bread – starting from scratch with a seed! We were lucky enough to have some flour from the supermarket. The children tasted half of their bread roll (and we tried to come up with as many words that we could to describe the taste and texture) and took the other half home – yummy!



16.10.15  Weekly Learning Update 16.10.15

We have started to vote in class. This is important as it helps the children begin to understand British Values, specifically democracy and individual liberty. We can all have opinions and feel safe to express them because we are all important. We decided which DVD we were going to watch for our Golden Time. Some children thought they’d check Mr L’s counting skills by voting more than once! So we discussed the importance of having only one vote.


16.10.15  This week we have been learning about Harvest and the Little Red Hen. We have had lots of fun outdoors, in the Harvest Shop and making clay sculptures! The children have also investigated how to make a good shaker for our Harvest Festival next week.


09.10.15  This week the children have been continuing to learn about Autumn. We have counted out conkers for squirrels, finished our self-portraits, made faces using autumn objects on the laptops, and some children collected autumn objects and used them to make clay sculptures during our forest school outdoor learning! Next week we will be investigating weight and Harvest – if you can spare any vegetables for us to weigh and draw then we would be very grateful!

IMG_4786IMG_4790IMG_4792IMG_4793IMG_4807IMG_4808 IMG_4812IMG_4814 IMG_4847IMG_4852IMG_4855IMG_4860

05.10.15  Today we had a very special guest who visited to tell us lots of stories, including ‘Man on the Moon’! Our guest was Mrs Crawford – one of the school’s governors and also Class 7’s very own governor! We had such a lovely time listening to the stories and getting to know a bit about you – thank you Mrs Crawford! You’re always welcome back to see us!


02.10.15  Weekly Learning Update 02.10.15

30.09.15  Let’s go to the Dough Disco…with Tommy Thumb, Peter Pointer, Toby Tall, Ruby Ring, and Baby Small! Get those fingers moving…give them a chance, let them dance!


29.09.15  What a busy week we are having so far (sorry for always beginning like this…but it’s true!). The children have been sorting leaves depending on their own criteria, making repeating patterns using autumnal objects, making homes for the woodland animals, practising number and letter formation using scarves for gross motor skills and chalks for fine motor skills! Oh, and we are also painting our self-portraits!


25.09.15  Weekly Learning Update 25.09.15

21.09.15  We have been learning all about ourselves and our bodies. We drew the body shape and labelled it. This week we have also started to teach phonics. Look out for a sound pack towards the end of the week and a letter to give you ideas on how to help your child practise. We will also be having a phonics/curriculum meeting which will be very helpful (date TBC).


18.09.15  Weekly Learning Update 18.09.15

18.09.15  This week the children have continued to try hard learning the routines and getting used to a full day in school! We have been learning about ourselves and practising number work. We also had our first PE lesson – please make sure you practise dressing and undressing at home as this was tricky! Our new display showcases work which we are proud of – well done!


11.09.15  Weekly Learning Update 11.09.15

11.09.15  What a busy first week the children have had! They have been very brave and enjoyed learning all of the new routines. Well done on being super! Here are some snapshots of the week. Please can you send in a picture of your child as a baby as we are learning all about ourselves over the next couple of weeks. :)

IMG_4371IMG_4402IMG_4452IMG_4461IMG_4526IMG_4529IMG_4538  IMG_4548

02.09.15  Hello all – I hope you are excited to start school next week and I am looking forward to visiting some of you towards the end of this week. Here are some photographs of your new classroom!



28.07.15  The end is here! What a busy and exciting year the children have had – and how quick it went too! I’d like to say thank you to all my children for being so fantastic this year and to all the parents for your continued support. I will miss having you all in my class – but of course – will still see you around the school. Good luck for next year, you’ll all be great! Lots of love, Mr L xxx


28.07.15  Thank you and goodbye Mrs Meade – though I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of you ;-)


27.07.15  What a busy end to the year! It has been a fantastic year, well done to all of the children and thank you to the parents. Here are some snapshots from the past week, including using BeeBot, a lovely warm sports day and saying goodbye to Mrs Beck.






19.07.15 What a great Summer Fayre we had yesterday – thank you to everyone who visited and also everyone who helped! Much fun was had by all…hem hem…


17.07.15   Weekly Learning Update 17.7.15

16.07.15   Ahoy me hearties! What a fantastic Pirate Day we have had! The children loved dressing up as pirates and coming aboard Captain Lobodzinski’s Class 7 ship! We have had lots of pirate activities, including a treasure hunt, pirate dancing, making parrots and puppets, designing treasure maps, watching a pirate cartoon with a biscuit and drink, and even learnt about pirate time. Thank you for all of the effort that went into the costumes – we had a terrific day!

IMG_4149 IMG_4152 IMG_4154 IMG_4163 IMG_4204

10.07.15 ..Weekly Learning Update 10.07.15

10.07.15  This week the children have been learning all about pirates! What a fun and busy week. We have been writing messages for bottles and also making our own pirate ships out of junk material. Next week we will continue this theme and even have a pirate day – I will send out a letter about this!

IMG_4092 IMG_4096 IMG_4097 IMG_4100 IMG_4101 IMG_4105 IMG_4088 IMG_4053

06.07.15  Thank you to all of the parents who visited the school on Friday. It was fantastic having you in the classroom and the children certainly loved showing you all their wonderful work and giving you a tour of where they spend their days! I am sure that you will agree that the artwork exhibition was fantastic! The children were so thrilled to see their artwork professionally displayed, and the feeling of being a real artist!


03.07.15  Weekly Learning Update 03.07.15

01.07.15  Well we have reached the last month of Reception! I thought I’d show you something which we do quite regularly in class – meditate. The children know that they need to sit as still as possible, close their eyes, listen to their heart beating, take slow breaths and try to clear their minds. We listen to the same peaceful and relaxing music which helps them to ‘get into the zone’. As it was absolutely booooooooiling today we had an extra long meditating session to calm and cool us down.

IMG_4069 IMG_4072

30.06.15  I am feeling a pattern here when I say – what a busy (and HOT) week we are having! We have revisited weighing, using everyday talk to describe weight such as lighter, light, heavy, heaviest, balanced, and ordering seaside items according to weight. We have also been learning all about wind: what it is and how it can be useful. Today we read a story called ‘Have you filled a bucket today?’ which teaches us how to make other people feel happy and special through our words and actions. Some children were bucket fillers and wrote notes to other children to make them smile :) Here are some snapshots of the fun we’ve been having.

IMG_4024 IMG_4025 IMG_4035 IMG_4036 IMG_4037 IMG_4039 IMG_4041 IMG_4044 IMG_4046 IMG_4047 IMG_4052

26.06.15  Weekly Learning Update 26.06.15

24.06.15  Wow, what a busy and fun week we are having! We started the week by reading ‘Billy’s Bucket’, a story about a boy with a fantastic imagination and a love of buckets! The children have worked so hard to come up with their own ideas for buckets – what they look like and what things are inside them! We have started to write our own adventure stories and have even been recording our very own bucket adverts to convince Billy to buy us! The children had to be very brave in front of the camera, and have used their imaginations, speaking in full sentences. Here are some screenshots from the adverts!

IMG_3799 IMG_3810 IMG_3812 IMG_3820 IMG_3867 IMG_3868 IMG_3869 IMG_3871 IMG_3872 IMG_3873 IMG_3874 IMG_3875

18.06.15  We have been writing postcards this week as part of our beach topic. In PE we have been practising ball skills by having ‘over’ and ‘under’ relay races. We warmed our bodies up by performing ‘beach’ movements such as surfing, crawling like a crab, swimming in the sea and so on!

IMG_3689 IMG_3699 IMG_3720 IMG_3723

19.06.15   Weekly Learning Update 19.06.15

15.06.15  Today the children have been working hard on their showcase artwork. They have also started adding money together in the beach shop! This has proven quite challenging! Here are some snapshots of the day – some children adding money together; moving along to a ‘5 a day’ exercise programme; and consolidating our tricky word knowledge!

IMG_3648 IMG_3643 IMG_3628 IMG_3626

12.06.15  Weekly Learning Update 12.06.15

11.06.15  We have been enjoying the sun this week! Some children have been learning in the beach role play area outside. It was so warm today…phonics in the sun? Why not?! This week the children have been thinking about which children they like to work with and spend time with, both in our class and the other Reception classes. We have also been working hard on our showcase artwork!

IMG_3584 IMG_3554
IMG_3587 IMG_3582

09.06.15  Welcome back everybody, I hope that you had a fantastic half term. The children have had a great day today enjoying their new continuous provision areas. We have also been talking about what we did in the holidays using full sentences. Lots of the children brought in things they made at home during the holiday, such as writing, craftwork and handmade books! Thank you – it really does please me to see the children so proud of their accomplishments at home. Thank you also for the photographs and I was inundated with WOW moments this morning! Wow!

IMG_3543 IMG_3545 IMG_3548 IMG_3549

26.05.15   Hello children and parents! I do hope that you are enjoying the well deserved holiday from school, just as I am! Here is a sneak preview of what I have been up to! Our topic next half term will be the seaside! I know I have already asked, but please bring in a photo of your child on holiday (it can be any holiday they’ve ever had – even as a baby!) and seaside related objects, such as shells, if you happen to go to the seaside over the next two weeks. Happy Holidays! Let’s go to the beach, beach, lets go get a wave… Mr Lobodzinski ;) x

IMG_3521 IMG_3526

22.05.15  Weekly Learning Update 22.5.15

20.05.15  ‘Once there were three bears who lived together in a cosy, little cottage. Each morning, they made yummy-scrummy porridge for breakfast – it was the best meal of the day!’ (Golidilocks and the Three Bears). Today the children made their own porridge! It was a very fun activity and helped the children understand the need for a healthy diet. It also helped them understand how technology is used in everyday life, and allowed them to look closely at change (from milk and dry oats to yummy-scrummy porridge!). All of the children loved the porridge, and some even had seconds!

goldilocks-three-bears-yikes IMG_3476 IMG_3475 IMG_3489 IMG_3488 IMG_3477

15.05.15  This week we have started to assess the children’s progress with Phase 4 phonics with reading and blending assessments. Please can you practise the Phase 4 tricky and high frequency words which were sent home, especially there, were, when, what and said as these proved to be quite tricky! Here is a picture of our Musical Phonics today (reading the tricky words).


15.05.15  Weekly Learning Update 15.05.15

14.05.15  Here are some children creating their animations on 2 Create a Story. They demonstrated good click and drag skills and typed phonetically plausible sentences to match the pictures – well done! Today some children went on a fairytale quiz-hunt in the Playgarden!

IMG_3421 IMG_3422 IMG_3423 IMG_3424 IMG_3425 IMG_3427

14.05.15  What a busy week we are having. The children have been learning all about The Three Little Pigs and other fairytales. We have been practising 3D shapes in maths and some children have even been making their own fairytale animations using 2 Create a Story on the laptops and computers! Today we have been learning ball skills in PE, practising catching, throwing and bouncing.

IMG_3410 IMG_3392

11.05.15   Last week I sent home a ‘Wow Moment’ sheet. Whenever your child has a wow moment, please record it on the sheet! When it is full you can send it into school. Further copies are available here, including the help sheet if you have misplaced it. Let me know if you require a paper copy. Thank you – I look forward to reading all about your children’s wows!
Wow Moments
Wow Moments Help Sheet

08.05.15  Weekly Learning Update 08.05.15

06.05.15  The children have learnt about symmetry this week! They have been making beautiful symmetrical butterfly pictures using pencil crayons, and also creating symmetrical butterfly paintings! Have a look at our efforts!

05.05.15  I hope that you all had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend! Today we were greeted by a lovely surprise in the classroom – our beanstalks have had a sudden growth spurt over the weekend! We were very impressed – and we’ve even had to put in canes to support some of the taller ones! The children have been recording their observations in their Bean Diaries! IMG_3296

30.05.15  Weekly Learning Update 01.05.15

29.05.15  We have added to our log pile!

IMG_3272 IMG_3273

28.04.15  This week we are enjoying continuing learning all about garden wildlife and minibeasts! We have now made all of our items for the playgarden – the most recent being a shared log pile, frog homes and bird feeders! The children, and adults, have learnt so much about garden wildlife and enjoyed all the crafts! Why not make something similar for your garden at home? We are now in the process of making a large ‘floor’ book detailing all of our work!


24.04.15  Weekly Learning Update 24.04.15

23.04.15  What a fantastic Grandparents’ Day we had! The sun was shining and we were singing our hearts out to the songs! We hope that you all had a great time, because we certainly did! It must… be… spring!


22.04.15  Planting, bees, planting, butterflies, planting, ladybirds, planting! The children have loved planting their beanstalks and we have also now made a ladybird sanctuary!


21.04.15  Wow! We have been so busy during our first week back in school! We are having a science week and are completing lots of activities, including planting our own individual beanstalks and other plants, making observational pencil drawings, and even making homes for various garden wildlife. So far we have made a bee hotel and a butterfly home! Visit again towards the end of the week for more! :)


02.04.15  Weekly Learning Update 02.04.15

02.04.15  What a fantastic day for an Easter Bonnet Parade! The children all did a fantastic job of singing our Spring songs! The Bonnets looked fantastic too – well done to everyone for all the effort that went into making them! Even the weather was on our side – dry with some glimmer of sunshine! I hope that you all enjoyed it!


01.04.15   The children have been busy this week! They all made Easter baskets, making a design first, then carefully cutting out the template and sticking it together to make the basket shape. We also made Easter nest cakes with melted chocolate, shredded wheat and mini eggs – deeeeelish!


27.03.15  We have been learning number bonds to 10 using Easter Eggs! And here is a video of our Musical Phonics which we all love! Why not try it at home?


27.03.15  Weekly Learning Update 27.03.15

26.03.15  The high frequency words we have learnt this week are: were, there, little, one and the decodable word help. We have also begun to spell the tricky words they, all, are. Today the children went on the climbing frame again. They showed an understanding for the need of safety when using large apparatus, and many of the children were able to travel with skill and confidence over the frame.



25.03.15   We had a visit from the Birds of Prey today! We listened to all the information and learnt some of the interesting names including an Eurasian Eagle Owl and a White Faced Scops Owl.  Some children even got to hold the birds for a photo! The visit links nicely to our curriculum of Understanding the World – showing care and concern for animals, and making observations of animals. Miss Bee had fun too!


20.03.15  Weekly Learning Update 20.03.15

19.03.15  We had our ‘Sponsored Bounce’ today! The children raised lots of money for school funds and also had lots of fun bouncing away! Thank you to everyone involved.

IMG_2782 IMG_2783

18.03.15  Using iPads to practise phonics :). The tricky words we have learnt so far in Phase 4 are: so, said, some, like, come, have.


17.03.15  We have received a pet from the zoo! A perfect little dog called Fluffy. He has already been to Mr Lobodzinski’s house for the weekend and had lots of fun! He even helped me do the cleaning! Children will have to write about their adventures – the aim being to give them a purpose for their writing. All the children will get a turn to take Fluffy home and names are chosen at random. This week, the children are also writing their own ‘Walking through the Jungle’ sentences, learning about floating and sinking, and painting jungle animals!


13.03.15  Weekly Update 13.03.15

13.03.15  Thank you for all the kind donations for Children in Need, our class raised £36! The children looked fantastic! We also had a disco to say goodbye to one of our classmates – we will miss you lots! Good luck in your new school! xxx


12.03.15  The children have been making Mother’s Day cards to thank all the mummies for everything that they do! We wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday! We have also been enjoying our new soft carpet – thank you Miss Bee!


12.03.15  We had lots of fun today, the children went on the climbing frame for the first time! We also went on a pattern hunt in the Playgarden and completed wax crayon rubbings.


06.03.15  Weekly Learning Update 06.03.15

06.03.15  We had a healthy tea party and the tiger came back! We had to teach him table manners, how to share, and which foods were healthy!IMG_2532IMG_2535


05.03.15  World Book Day! The children looked fantastic – thank you to the parents and children for the effort that went into the costumes! We had a great fun-filled day: a parade, juniors reading to us in small groups, an exciting storybook quiz, and our class governor Mrs Crawford read us some stories at story time! What did you dress up as? Yours, as always, Professor Potter ;-)


04.03.15 We have continued our wild animal theme this week. The children have been using laptops to find answers to their own animal questions using a program called Simple City. They found out so much information and the majority could use the program independently. The children have been writing their own version of ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’, deciding on an animal that they would like to have to Tea! The writing was fantastic – the children worked so hard and I was very pleased with them all :-) We also learnt to order items by capacity, learning  the everyday language of full, half full and empty.

27.02.15    Weekly Learning Update 27.02.15

26.02.15  This week we read ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’ and were shocked to find out that the tiger had visited our classroom, eaten our food and made a mess! His visit was followed by that of a very cross zookeeper who told us that the tiger had eaten too much and was now ill. We wrote letters to say sorry and to invite the tiger back to learn some manners and how to share, which we learnt by cutting cakes in half and sharing food out equally.