Friends of TED






The Friends of TED is Urmston Infants’ School Council. TED stands for Together Everyone Decides. We meet once a month to discuss ideas that we feel would improve our school. We also help out at school events and fairs throughout the year.

November 2016-

Congratulations to all of our new Friends of TED who will be helping Miss Bee and Mr Doherty with some important jobs this year. They have already been helping in our Grammar School garden and will be soon helping at the Christmas Fair on our Toy Stall.

Friends of Ted 2016

June 2016- Thank you to the Friends of Urmston who have very kindly donated some money to pay for some new Outdoor Sports equipment for Golden Time. We are having great fun with it!




















March 2016- Our Friends of TED joined forces with our Eco Club to do some gardening in the garden of Urmston Grammar School. We had a lovely afternoon planting some new vegetables that we hope to be ready for July when they will be entered into a competition at the Tatton Park Garden Show. Check our Eco Council page for even more photographs.

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February 2016-

The Friends of TED helped run a poster competition to raise the awareness of E-Safety throughout the school. Well Done to everyone who took part and congratulations to our winners.









November 2015-

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Friends of TED toy stall at the Christmas Fair. We had so many toys and teddies to sell and we raised lots of money for the Friends of Urmston. Thank you again!

October 2015- At our first meeting this year, we talked about ideas for making our dinner times a little bit quieter because the dinner hall can get very noisy when it is busy. We asked Miss Bee if we could get a Chatter Tracker to help keep the noise down in the hall.










We also asked for some new things for Golden Time and we have just received some WeDo Lego which we are very excited about using.

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