Hello, and welcome to Urmston Infants Nursery. I am Mrs Coupe and I am the Nursery teacher. Mrs McGuirk is the Nursery Nurse teaching assistant. Together we are the Nursery team and we teach a morning class and an afternoon class.

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September and October 2016.

Our new children are settling in well and making new friends.

We are having fun and learning so much with all our activities.

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We are learning how to play in the shop. “Good Morning, please can I have some potatoes?”  “They cost 2 pennies.”

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November 2016

We loved the Gingerbread Man story and made up lots of new games.

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Instead of just “Run, Run as fast as you can” we tried lots of different ways for the Gingerbread Man to get away such as “hop, hop, jump, jump, walk, walk and skip, skip.”









We made a graph about our favourite vegetables.









We could count out 5 Woolly Sheep and 5 fences to make a pen for them like it is in our song.


December 2016

We used the very big bricks for the first time and made some super models.

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We are learning lots of new games and taking turns.





We are finding out about the nativity story and arranging the characters.



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We dressed up for Nativity role play.





We had a Christmas shop.



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We are learning skills on the Whiteboard.



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We are learning how to describe shapes and fit them together.


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We had lots of fun at our party playing games like Pass the Parcel and Musical Fish…..and look who visited us with a present!

January 2017

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We welcomed new children to Nursery.

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We made super models with the bricks.


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We loved finding out about Space and the planets.

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The sponsored bounce was great fun.


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Our  spaceship models are fantastic!



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We learned lovely winter songs and had a snowman band.

February and March 2016


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We had pancake races with our bats pretending to be pans. It’s quite tricky!

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Don’t we look great on World Book Day?


IMG_0563 IMG_0565 IMG_0585 IMG_0588 IMG_0590 IMG_0591 IMG_0604 IMG_0609









We had a shape hunt outside and found so many shapes we know.


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We’ve done lots of counting and recognising numerals.





We practised positional vocabulary.





We are learning to write our letters correctly.


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We enjoyed the Easter Bonnet Parade and the picnic at lunchtime.



April and May 2017


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We are making super models and talking about the shapes.

We have also talked about the Mayor of Trafford coming for afternoon tea because now we are Urmston Primary School so we made our own pretend cafe for afternoon tea.

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We made our own scones for our afternoon tea- Yummy!


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We’ve been describing shapes and sorting them into sets…pointy or curved. So clever!



We have been on a phonics card hunt, saying the letter sound and practising saying the sounds for a word on the back. Yippee! We’re starting to read!















September 2014. Our children are learning to be independent, changing their own books and putting their bags away. They are also learning to be helpful especially when it is their turn to be a “Busy Bee” helper and they can get the milk ready.


Nursery children loved having “pancake races”, tossing “pancakes” and eating pancakes!


Wow! What a fantastic effort on Red Nose Day. Nursery children made “red nose buns and raised £101.44p. Thank you so much children and all the parents who donated more and helped to sell the buns on the day .









Nursery children have loved all their activities about Fairy Tales.


“Who’s that going trip-trap over my bridge?”


Big Billy Goat Gruff pushed the troll off the bridge.

IMG_0151   IMG_0152

We had a puppet show about Goldilocks and the three bears.


We enjoyed making things to help garden animals during Science Week.

IMG_0162 IMG_0161



These children are making a ladybird sanctuary.





The children have made amazing structures with the big bricks.  IMG_0189

They have made up games travelling

along their bridges.




The children are developing great skills in baking.

These are Honey biscuits.                                    IMG_0283





They have been singing and dancing IMG_0280

in our Ugly Bugs Ball.




Look at this amazing model!

It was taller than the children.IMG_0284

They stood next to it to find out.







We love having Parent Helpers in

our Nursery.                              IMG_0285